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Archive for July 2008

Make Money Online with VoIP Conferencing Software named HotConference

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This review it is about a software wich name is HotConference, and is truly a one of a kind opportunity to make money online with his affiliate program. The owner of this site is Joel Therien a canadian guy, but now its moving into San Antonio Texas due his business. The Software reaches all corners of the Online and Offline community, this program is made to sell in large numbers. HotConference is a feature-rich application that makes your conferencing experience productive, satisfying, and rewarding.

HotConference is a tool that uses VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, a revolutionary technological innovation that makes it possible to use an Internet connection to talk to anyone, anywhere even overseas. You may think of this software as the Skype but for Conferencing. This will change the way you think about and pay for long-distance phone service.

HotConference has a built in audio, text chat, webcam, browser, whiteboard and a co-browsing feature that lets you browse web pages with your attendees. The instant messaging feature allows private one-on-one communication for private discussions.

Screen Shot of my Own Actual Conference Room

Use it to enhance your business and increase your bottom file by reducing travel costs and eliminate long-distance charges and also:

  • Automate your support for your client base by using the software
  • Run a variety of daily live seminars covering topics of your choice to an audience in real-time, audio and video
  • Customer support/service
  • Live presales
  • Promotions or fire sales
  • Live chat room: ability for your customers to network
  • No more long distance charges

There are 5 ways that you can make money online from joining HotConference:

  1. Use the software to enhance your existing web presence, increase customer sales and increase customer retention.
  2. Refer the software and earn up to 25% per month, every month for each of those sales, so, with only 4 referrals the software its Free for you.
  3. Private label your software and resell the rooms.
  4. If you know someone or a company who would like to private label the software, and you refer them to HotConference. You would collect a 5% commission on all of their sales.
  5. HotConference offer the possibilty to insert banners on the software interface. Sell this advertising space to make profits too.

Affiliate Program

The total company payout to the affiliates is over 90%. They say this high percentage is to incentivate us to promote HotConference. I guess they have to say that, but still a very good deal for you, and me.

They use a 4 X 10 forced matrix plan, you get 25% commission on your first level, and 5% for the next 9 levels. And you also get a 20% bonus on every direct referral for levels 2 all the way to 10.

Forced matrix means it will create spill over. Let’s say that your sponsor filled his first level and you are in his front line. If he signs up another member, that new member goes down his line to fill his other levels. That means that your sponsor is filling your levels for you, he will be glad to give you signup members since he will earn a total of 25% on those sales. He will gets 5% for the second level signup, plus a 20% bonus for the direct referral.

This plan has a very good potential since you can easily have a matrix that puts out 25% first level commissions and 25% commissions the rest of the way down. And, the forced matrix makes sure that everyone involved has the chance to build a downline.

The room cost is $44.99 US dollards per month for 1 single room, if you do the math, with a 25% of comission and if you fill the whole 10 level of the matrix you can end-up earning above $2,000,000.00 , yeah its 2 million dollards every month. Of course its not an easy task, a more reasonable amount in a lot less time with less effort could be a steady $5k to 8k per month that is just after the fifth level.

This could be an steadier income than just been an affiliate and rely only in the commision sales unless it is a membership site like HotConference.

You can find all the features of the conferencing room like the administration panel and the conference software interface just follow the link. You can actually start with only $1.00 dlls by visiting HotConference clicking in this link.

If you do have a network marketing business this deal its perfect to inform, train or giving your downline a whole different experience live and free, since they do not have to make any long distance calls and they even can signup under you so they can do the same with their own downline, its a win-win situation, no matter where you look at.

If you have any question or like or dislike any of this information please leave a comment and I´ll be glad to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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John Chow Make Money Online the Root of All Evil or Just a Google´s Patsy

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First of all, is John Chow relevant with his own name? Well I think that is easy to answer, Am I not relevant to my own name? I hope I am relevant to my own name, at least was what I thought yesterday and all the days before that, but I better ask Google, I may had lost my name without knowing it or maybe they already did to me a little handy work like they apparently did with John Chow´s name.

John Chow is an expert blogger when in comes to making money online! He shows people some “evil” methods of making money online. John Chow is the founder of The Tech Zone, a site for tech reviews, news and articles. He is also a well known and widely respected marketer who began blogging with no intention to make money. He very quickly gained a lot of readers and daily traffic which inevitably led the idea of monetizing his blog. John Chow is even willing to share the wealth a bit with those who wroted reviews of his John Chow Dot Com Blog. He used to post the name of the reviewers blog and more importantly link to the reviewers blog. John Chow is no where on page one, since Google slap him in a more personal way than they do with the rest of us.

John Chow Key Words Search at the time of this post

Make Money Online Key Words Search at the time of this post

Evil doings

John used his link back campaign to rank for terms for which his site is very relevant. He is actually helping Google’s results become more valuable because his is providing information that people searching for his keywords are actually looking for. He managed to get 870 links from various sites as a direct result of the campaign. This turned out to be very successful for him as in just two months from the beginning of the campaign his revenue has almost trippled

John Chow´s blog has grown to 27,415 subscribers (at the time of this post) so there is no way his traffic has decreased since the start of the year, I have no doubt that his traffic has increased.

His whole top right section is just ads and it really doesn’t seem to affect the user experience on that blog. His new design is really nice too and the ads are blended well. John has been one of the first bloggers to become a cult-symbol with a status comparable to what paparazzi-hunted celebrities experience. John has been posting daily to his blog for almost a year by then. And with all the link love coming in, search engines started ranking many of John’s posts pretty well.

John Chow Site as it is Today

That “review me and I’ll post a link back to your blog” has actually backfired, but why? did you really think that Google or any of the internet giants, haven’t done something similar in their own humble beginnings? What is the difference between having unsolicited back links from people that you don’t even know and just talk out loud “link me and I link back at you” like we all do at Twitter?

I couldn’t be more agreed with Google If the key words used weren’t relevant at all to your site, but “Make Money Online” key words couldn’t be more relevant to John Chow´s Blog. All the blog it´s about making money online, just check it out for yourself. But now Google seems not to be very relevant since the removal of these key words “John Chow and Make Money Online” from Google search, at least from the first page.

So what was the mistake of John Chow, I guess it was to Speak it out loud, so Google feel the need to make a Mobs-like public execution to quiet down his followers and avoid a mass rebellion. I do not think Google want it to penalize so hard JC, since if they really thought that those evil linkings were so bad, then why they did not did anything about it earlier, why they wait for so long to penalize him, could it be that they were making money online from John Chow´s blog itself with adsense? I guess we will never know for sure, but that is a little mysterious, don’t you think?

In fact, his attempts at gaming the systems have gotten him banned from Digg and Technorati not just from Google.

So what did you think? Is John Chow "The Root of All Evil" or just a "Google´s Patsy" thanks to leave your comments.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres






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Instant Article Wizard Pro 2.0 Makes Writing a Whole Lot Easier Just Become your Own Editor

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Before I even start with this review, I want to quickly advise that the new Pro version, Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 , has been relaunched in April 8, 2008. Before I continue writing this complete review of Instant Article Wizard Pro 2, I ‘ll just say that the new version 2 Pro is much more powerful, even easier to use, and I’m pleased to say, available as a relaunch super-special for only $7 for the 1st Month.

Instant Article Wizard Pro is an amazing tool for article research. I just learned about this tool this week, and have used it a few times with incredible results. Instant Article Wizard Pro also has a desktop portion, but it uses an online “engine” to do the content searches. Overall, it “looks” like the desktop version.

Instant Article Wizard Pro has a random factor in the complex algorithm that extracts relevant pieces of research from a huge database of more than 250,000 articles based on keywords you provide. The algorithm prevents the same research from being gathered for the same keywords each time they are run. I predict that Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 will quickly become a killer application which significantly influences an entire niche.

Even that the Instant Article Wizard Pro is a recently launched tool, it makes article writing incredibly easy and fast for every article marketer, whether or not English is their primary language. The quality is absolutely wonderful, and the articles have a very natural flow in them. From the beginning you just need little modifications required to finish the article off. I get the impression that Instant Article Wizard Pro would be the easiest to develop a lot of pages quickly.

I’m a huge advocate of article marketing, and Instant Article Wizard Pro makes anybody an expert on any subject!

Instant Article Wizard Pro is also a great product for people who blog (like me, of course), this is one of those tools that gathers up the research for you based on keywords and practically writes the whole thing for you. Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 makes the task an incredibly easy and quick one which is going to fundamentally make a huge difference in the end result. You may still need to edit a little the info you dont like or it seems already duplicated on your own article.

Getting domain registration is more important than the name of web hosting, as long as you are getting dedicated servers, as most of the seo gurus claim.

Well researched and relevant content is crucial to your online success and Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 dramatically reduces the time necessary on writing and researching articles reducing what could have taken 2-3 hours to 10-15 minutes. Plus, the information it gathers is highly targeted, automatically subdividing the gathered information into sub-topics as well as introductions and conclusions.

The software is very easy to use. It enables you to create unlimited niche articles to post to your blogs and websites. Instant Article Wizard Pro has really made article writing a whole lot easier for me. If you decide to take the plunge, let me know what you think.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


PS: Let me tell you about Just one little dirty secret, just as an experiment I use Instant Article Wizard Pro to write about 99 % of this post. Cool!, dont you think, review made with their own product, so better be good software, I practically were a mere editor, I love it. 🙂

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The Marketer Review from Tali Shapiro has it Last Post Ever on June 11 2008

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Tali Shapiro

This is Tali Shapiro a great Blogger and writer, besides been Hot, she is a remarkably smart woman and good marketer reviewer, I can tell by reading her Blog The Marketer Reviewer, that I actually enjoy her way of putting things out.

Now she´s changing her focus on a very different topic, seems that no more marketing writing can fulfill this young Blogger, so now she´s moving into her passion that is ThePinupBlog.com, you can paid a visit to this site and you will see how different topic.

But as she stated on her blog The Marketer Reviewer

Marketing is only a tool to make your dreams come true and to keep your passions burning

She also left a book that you can dowload for free no strings attached as she just stated

Help yourself to a copy of my e-book,Tali’s Uncensored Guide to the Long Copy Sales Letter.

I read it and it is quite good, you may give me your comments on this ebook, I´ll be very glad to know what did you think about it.

Its a shame she´s retired from the marketing, cause it is My real passion or at least still one of my biggest passions, another it is my 3 year old Baby Boy.

Since I´m getting sentimental, lol, I better let you browse this Titanic of Marketing Reviews, just unmovable down there waiting for others to admire and learn from what she had learned.

Thank You Tali, I will miss you on as a Reviewer.

Visit The Marketer Review for a better look and Enjoy.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


PS: I forget to remind you, download her ebook and read it and then, please come back and leave me your comments about it.

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Twitter in Plain English Video

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If you dont understand what Twitter is all about, then you should watch this video, it really make you understand in easy words all the fuzz around this site. If you are really serious about Social Networking and want to increase your exposure of you and your Blog or Sites, then this is the site to be in.

Most of the major “Gurus” are inside, people like Brad Fallon, Don Crowthers, Ed Dale, Joel Comm, Jeff “Launch Formula” Walker and others. I really think there is a lot more Gurus to come in, same as Facebook.

Twitter its climbing really fast the ladder of popularity, just check their alexa ranking its 933, Wow, I really want that kind of popularity for any of my sites or blogs, thats a lot of traffic.

Watch the Video and please tell me what did you think? Just leave a comment and make me happy, Enjoy Video.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres

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Is Your Blog Full Of Gaping Comment Holes?

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By Monika Mundell

It’s been another day of blogging for you. You studiously posted your latest entry, hoping to hit the jackpot this time. You go to bed feeling great. After all, you accomplished something haven’t you. The next morning you get up only to find that your blog is eerily quiet.

No comments!

You grab your head, tear your hair out and shout “What the f#$@ just happened? Why are people not storming my blog. What is it I’m doing wrong?”

Here is the thing. Probably nothing. You are doing nothing wrong except…

…not taking action.

If you are anything like my husband (who by the way is a great blogger) and feel like writing a post once every week and then sit back and wait for the action to start, you will be disappointed just like him. See, you can’t expect an avalanche out of nothing. Posting a great blog entry doesn’t necessarily mean that the troops will storm your castle at the first opportunity.

They will first have to know where your castle is!

Aha. Do I hear a common breath of relieve just now? Bloggers don’t get discovered miraculously. They too have to work for recognition from their peers.

I’ve been trying to explain that to my husband too and while he totally understands were I’m coming from, he still doesn’t spend time to network. So his blog stays quiet. The sad thing is that he has so much potential for greatness like so many of you who blog in the darkness.

Eventually you just give up. I can see this gradually evolving and many of my former blogging buddies have since bit the dust, so to speak.

The first signs were infrequent posts, then came the long periods of no action followed by sudden death.

This saddens me, as so much effort goes into a blog when we first start out. We feel like we can embrace the world, only to crash to the floor in full speed.

Do you feel like that? Do you feel lonely on your blog? If you do, what have you tried to clean away the cobwebs?

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Being A Successful Affiliate Marketer

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By Kevin C. Nair

Ever wonder why some affiliates are more successful than the others? And why there are affiliates who made more than ten thousand US dollars monthly while some are still struggling to get their first dollar? Well, the following pointers may be some of the reasons.

  1. Purchase the product – Purchasing the merchant’s products would be the first and foremost action that you as an affiliate should take. By using the products, you will then experience their benefits. How can you sell the products and convince the others to buy when you yourself have not? By experiencing the products, your faith and belief in the product will grow sincerely. With this nurtured faith, you can sell the product better.
  2. Treat the affiliate products as if they were your own – If you do not advertise the affiliate products in your own website or newsletters, how can you sell them well? Take time to understand the products very well. Treat selling the affiliate products as if you are selling your own products. Be proud of them.
  3. Personal recommendation – When you refer the affiliate products to others, you should have the faith to even give your personal recommendations. As you have used the product yourself, you can inform the prospects of all the benefits of the products. Tell them what is in for them once they start using the products. As you are giving your personal recommendations, many of the prospective buyers will get convinced by your confidence and belief for the product, especially when they see that you are placing your reputation into your marketing effort. Good faith spreads fast.
  4. Use different advertising methods – As an affiliate, you have to constantly test and retest different advertisement types to find out the advertisement formats on your site that will bring about the highest conversion rate. Track each advert type to find out which of them would deliver the most clickthrough. Adjusting the adverts frequently is the key to converting the targeted traffic to sales. Out of the many types of advertisements, those with text are amongst those with higher conversion rates. The text ought to include your sales pitch, personal recommendations and testimonials.
  5. Get to know the merchants – It will help a lot if you make a conscious effort to know the merchants personally. To the merchants, getting to know the affiliates personally may not be of high priority for them. Therefore, please be understanding if they seem to be very busy. Nevertheless, try to know the merchants by taking the initiative to introduce yourself. Allow the merchant to know you by name and not just recognize you as an affiliate number. You may have questions that the merchant can answer. Furthermore, you can use the additional information which the merchants pass to you in your affiliate marketing advertisements and recommendations.
  6. Answer all emails and help provide support – To the sales prospects and clients, make a sincere and conscious effort to answer their emails. You may ask why they email you instead of the merchants. Well, you are doing the marketing and the sales prospects and clients have learnt to trust you. It is therefore natural that clients turn to you despite the merchants providing the pre-sales and after-sales support. By making the effort to answer your prospects’ and clients’ questions, you will realize that it helps to increase sales. Only in the event that you are not able to answer certain questions, you then turn to the merchants for answers. Forward the question to the merchants and let the merchants know that you are not able to answer the question. The merchants will be glad to answer the question for you.
  7. Lead your sub-affiliates – For multi-tiered affiliate programs, you can recruit other affiliates to be part of your affiliate downline marketing team. For every sale they make, the affiliate program will pay you a pre-agreed percentage of the sales price. Therefore, it’s important to your passive income that your team of sub-affiliates perform. Despite the fact that most merchants will play the role of the leader to nurture and train the entire marketing team, you should not just depend on this. You should also take the initiative to lead your sub-affiliates. Some affiliate programs send your sub-affiliates’ email addresses to you, as you recruit them. Convert this information to your advantage. You can email your newly recruited sub-affiliates. Send them a welcome email and give them the assurance that they have joined a strong and leading affiliate program. Let them know the ways you have advertised the products and the strategies that you use to have reached your level of success. Finally, remember to be friendly and let them know that you can be reached if they have any questions.

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Private Label Internet Empire with Jason Oickle Completely Free!!

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Today I want to tell you about a new site that I just came across. It’s called Private Label Club and it’s brought to you by Jason Oickle.

Jason Oickle is offering a lot of articles and professional banners to free members and every month its a different niche of full articles and banners you can use for your blogs; really good content for Free.

This is one of the very few sites that I have found that is literally giving away so much value to free members!

There really should be a monthly price tag on just the free membership alone!

Go see what I mean:

What I love the most about Private Label Club is the powerful elite membership.

I mean, on top of the free content, as an elite member you’ll also get 300 plr articles, 24 headers, 12 adsense sites and 3 private label ebooks. And you’re going to get all that every single month like clockwork.

This is not just any old crappy content either!,you can actually use it with some minor changes so you will ended up with unique content for your site.

Jason has a team of people to make sure you get only the highest quality possible. It truly is superb, this is the one of the best plr membership sites you will find.

So dont believe me, just go to the site and subscribe for FREE don’t want to waste any more of your time so I urge you to click the link below and secure you’re free membership before Jason decides to lock the doors forever.

Don’t let someone else take away your spot!

Go now:

Thank you for your time reading this review and I will look forward to see you in the Free members area.

To Your Success,
Luis Torres


PS: I´ve just forgot to tell you, as a Free member you can become Gold Member for Free if you refer only 30 Free members, thats gotta be easy, since its entirely Free, you are really not selling anything, just giving away Free High Quality Content to others, its that simple.


Please tell me what did you think about the PLR site and leave here a comment, Thank You.

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