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Archive for October 2008

Get a FREE Banner or Logo Design for your Blog or Website

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I found this Christmas deal when I were droping, it has been a lot of requests asking for banner or logo designs to Ben Pei (owner of www.peiprofit.com). If you want to get your design you better hurry.

Ben has created all of the banners in his site www.peiprofit.com, so you can have a good idea of how it may look your final design.

He will take orders from now and until Christmas, but this is a First come First serve! basis deal, thats why you have to go now before it is too many people asking for designs.

What you can get. (You have to choose only one)

1. Banner Ad Of Any Size (468×60, 125×125, etc…)
2. RSS Icons (Round And Square)
3. Buttons
4. Logo For Your Blog

How to Ask for It.

Very easy indeed, you only need to leave a comment in Ben´s Post with the following information:

1. Size
2. Your URL
3. Words you want on your banner
4. Color Theme (If any…)
5. Any other special request (Please be kind =D)

As I told you this is a FREE Christmas Deal but Ben Ask for a lil Favour.

He only ask you to link to his site or to post about his Christmas Deal in your blog, I think he really deserve it, after all he is going to give us a FREE service, this is your chance to get your design done and save 100´s of dollars.

Did you like this Christmas Giveaway deal? What did you think it is a better deal, a Banner or a Logo design? Please leave your comments.

(I have the comment love activated and the top commenter widget, come and get your love link)

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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Thanks To My Top Entrecard Dropers

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Please visit this great sites, I know them since I also drop on them. Thank You Entrecard Dropers.

Dropper # of drops
Everyday Living
Generate free money and traffic for your Blog 26
Beyond Feron 25


Politics 2000


Up All Night – The non-clan clan 17




The Long Journey of My Life




To your Success,

Luis Torres


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Make your Blog DoFollow and Give Some Love To Your Readers/Commenters

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I have just found a WordPress DoFollow plugin, with this plugin you can actually change the links on your comments and/or post to DoFollow. WordPress often by default make all of your links NoFollow. With this plugin you can change that and share some PR with the blogging community.

Some people are afraid of doing this (turn their blogs into DoFollow) since they believe search engines like Google will ban them believing they are Link Farms. The attribute Nofollow it is suppose to help fight comment spam, but look at what an annonymous link spammer said in an interview about this activity. By his comments seems they do not care much about if the blog it is DoFollow or NoFollow.

You may need to choose between your readers/visitors/commenters and search engines, some people already done so, like John Chow he was penalized, but he continued with his traffic and success, so, what did you prefer High PR with none or minor success or low PR with a lot of subscribers and making money online with a succesful site. Maybe it is a hard choice, but I have already giving it a try, my Entrecard widget “Recent Entrecard Dropers” is DoFollow, therefore all of my dropers are getting the benefit of a backlink. Now with this FREE DoFollow plugin, you can make your blog more interesting to leave a comment.

If you have the intention of selling or accepting text-links the best choice it is to make them “NoFollow“, since Google do not like this kind of transactions and may punish you, since you may help to influence the serps results and profiting from it.

Right now Im testing Neurolinker, this suppose to help you with your backlinks, I will post about this later, after I get some Hard Data.

What are your experiences with DoFollow and NoFollow? How dangerous did you think it could be this?

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New Contest Zero to 100 Million Dollar Challenge from Russell Brunson

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I just found an easy way to make money online for FREE, its about a New Contest from Russell Brunson. He will actually pay you 1 dlls for every referral that sign-up into the contest for FREE and you will also receive commision for the referrals of your referrals, this is a 2 tiers scheme.

In this contest you get training at no cost…and you can win a New Corvette! As stated in the contest rules.

CONTEST begins at 12:01 pm (Mountain Time) on October 2, 2008, AND ends at 11:59 PM (Mountain Time) on February 3, 2009. This contest challenges entrants to use online business strategies to achieve total web based revenues from all entrants of $100,000,000. Contest winner will beawarded one 2009 GM Corvette.

This Contest It’s called the $100 Million Dollar Challenge, since Russell’s going to personally train you to make money online, and he wants everyone to make a collective $100 Million Dollars.

Not every security training is recognized globally. This is why being an mcp, and especially an mcdst is much better than getting comptia certification or even ccda.

You only need to fill the form found on:


including name, email, user name and password. When your done just follow the following steps if you want to get into the 100 Million Dollar Challenge besides of the 1 dollar for every referral to the contest.

1) Watch the videos and complete each of the four (4) assignments
associated with the each of the six (6) contest phases
2) Post “before” photos displaying your prior car, television, home, bank
account balance, significant other, life, etc. at the start of the contest
3) Continue to master the techniques taught by Russell Brunson for the
remainder of the $100,000,000 Challenge
4) Post “after” photos displaying your current car, television, home, bank
account balance, significant other, life, etc. you have obtained as a
direct result of utilizing the strategies taught by Russell Brunson.
5) Gather additional support material(s), including, but not limited to,
written or video testimonials from customers, vendors, friends or
family; merchant account information; website analytics; etc.
6) Record inner-transformations of what, outside of monetary gain, you
have received as a result of participating in the $100,000,000

If you are struggling to Make Money Online, then this could be our chance to change the results of our businesses online, with Russell´s help. You will find a very interesting video from Russell, watch it, you will be glad you did.

I hope you will join me, lets change our way of living once and for all.

If you found this information interesting please let me know, leave your comments they always will be appreciate it.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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My Entrecard Top Dropers of the Week

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This post it is only to say “Thank You” to all of my dropers.

Here are the links, please visit them, they have great sites and when you get there, drop on them, Im sure they will drop back on you.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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How to Increase Your Affiliate Income By Stoping Commission Theft Easily and FREE

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The easy and fast answer about how to increase your affiliate commissions it is:

Cloaking your Affiliate Links

There are many guys out there that like to take your affiliate link and just switching it with their own or they just delete your affiliate ID to go straight to the company and not through your affiliate link, therefore all of your effort and money invested, will be going down the drain.

I don’t know what motivates these people, but maybe they do not understand that they are not actually losing anything buying from you, if they buy directly from the company they will pay the same, they just don’t want to share anything with you. But there is no problem if you just cloak your affiliate link with your ID in it.

So, instead of giving your affiliate link that may look like this:


as you see it is very easy to just delete “?=yourid” and go directly to the company and you lose your commission. A better looking and professional link will be:

1. http://www.yourowndomain.com/recommends/thecompany/ or

2. http://www.thecompany.yourowndomain.com

This helps in 2 ways, first as I already said you just stop the commission thief, since your affiliate ID is no longer showing and cannot be deleted and a second benefit of doing this is that the potential customer will think you are promoting one of your own products, since he will see your own domain in the link and not another affiliate link, this may boost your sales easily.

How to Cloak

Let me explain first of all, there is a big difference from link 1. and link 2. from above. The first one it can be obtain with a simple php code and the second one you have to create a subdomain and redirect this subdomain to your affiliate link.

To implement the first link, here are the steps to follow:

1.- You need to get into your hosting and create the folder “recommends” and inside of it “the company”, of course you can use whatever the name you want to use for your campaign, this is just an example.

2.- Go to any basic text editor such as Notepad and paste the following php code:


header( ‘Location: http://www.thecompany.com/?=yourid’ ) ;


Of course you need to replace “http://www.thecompany.com/?=yourid” with your own affiliate link. Now you need to save it as “index.php”.

3.- Now you only need to upload this file to your hosting and place it inside of the folder we create in the first step. For this example it will be inside of “thecompany” folder or whatever the name you use it.

Now you have to promote your own link:


The link above has the index.php inside of “the company” folder.

That’s it you have successfully created a better link to promote and will help to increase your affiliate income.

To implement the second link you only need to go to your own hosting and click on subdomains and simply create one, this process may vary depending on the hosting company you are using, (in my case it is HostGator ) after done this you need to go to Manage redirections and input your affiliate link and save it, thats it you just have now a subdomain redirected to your affiliate link.

If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing just check it out here

You can apply this cloaking affiliate tip to the system that Tom Mansell wrote about in his new FREE Report Resource Profits, read the info here.

Now you can apply it and increase your affiliate commissions. Don’t be a lazy Marketer and just cloak all of your links, you will never regret it.

Did you were cloaking your affiliate links?

I hope you Enjoy the info, please leave a comment and tell us your insight.

To your Success,
Luis Torres


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How to Show Some Love to Your Entrecard Dropers With EntreDropers Free PlugIn

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Today I found a cool FREE plug-in “EntreDropers”, you can see it in my right hand side bar below the Entrecard Widget.

This plug-in will show your last dropers taken from the RSS feed at Entrecard. You have the option to make the links “DoFollow” or “NoFollow”, I just choose to use “DoFollow” so you will get a real back link to your site, the more you drop on me, the more chances you have to keep in the first 5 Top dropers (you can also choose how many dropers to show, I just choose to show my first 5), therefore your site will be showing on the widget.

I also selected to show the description of your blog, this is just to Thanks all of my Dropers. Do the same, download the FREE plugin “EntreDropers” and show some love to your daily dropers, reward them, it may help you to make them come back for more love from you :-).

If you have any doubt on how to install this plugin just visit here to download and for the full information from his developer Owen Cutajar.

There are some other cool FREE plugins in this site.


I hope you will want to drop on me more often than before with this new plugin :-).

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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Resource Report Profits System from Tom Mansell for FREE Limited Time

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One of the best ways to make money online is via affiliate marketing.

The affiliate is given an opportunity to earn money via promoting their link (cost effective yet highly rewarding), whereas the publisher is given a way to advertise their site for free.

If carried out correctly, affiliate marketing can be highly profitable for the affiliate. We see many sites on the internet nowadays detailing how to make substantial profits from affiliate marketing.

But we have to ask ourselves, do the proposed methods work?

I have found a system that does work, and for a very limited period it is free.


I have just spoken to a friend of mine called Tom Mansell and he has been telling me all about his NEW site Resource Report Profits.

Tom has created a FANTASTIC 47 page eBook that reveals his secret system that generates him $5,000 on complete autopilot!

Tom has given me permission to invite you to the secret member’s area where you can download this report for FREE! Limited time only!

Go there now – http://www.resourcereportprofits.marketing-business-review.com

You can also download for FREE the first chapter from here!


This link is one of the pages of Marketing Business Review Blog.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Top Entrecard Dropers of the Last Thirty Days

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This post it is only to thank to all my top dropers, I hope you continue droping on me and I will continue to follow every drop, whenever I can.

I want to give a Special Thanks to My Most Recurrent Advertiser

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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How to Get Traffic from Expired Domains

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This method may bring you good amounts of traffic on the cheap. It can still be effective today, but there’re more “gotchas” to take into consideration, so before you buy that expired domain name let me explain why.

First let’s talk about the method itself…

Webmasters sometimes allow their domains to expire for a variety of different reasons – but what is important for you is just how much work that webmaster already did to get his site ranked in the search engines, build up incoming links, etc.

What happens is this:

Somebody just starts a site and begins getting traffic based on the keywords they’ve ranked on, the incoming link relationships they’ve built, any articles they’ve written with their domain in the byline, etc.

But if the domain is allowed to expire – and no one else take it – there’s going to be a window of time where the site is still getting traffic from those old links and listings.

The traffic that arrives via outdated links will click away unless someone takes over that domain and puts something there worthy of looking at.

But, if you take over that domain, that traffic is yours to direct as you wish.

But you have to do this:

a) You need to be fast on the draw in order to snatch up really good expired domains, and…

b) You need to put some quality content on the site, rather than just redirecting some irrelevant links.

You want to capitalize on the existing targeted traffic rather than send them clicking away again.

If you do intend to use this method for redirecting pages (to an affiliate program, for example), just make sure what you’re redirecting to is relevant and targeted.

Getting the Most of Expired Domains:

If you grab a domain with good ranking in one of the search engines, particularly Google, you might want to see if there is a cached version of the page available.

You’ll be able to take that page and analyze it to determine some of the ranking factors and possibly expand or build on them in order to maintain or even boost your search engine ranking.

BUT, you need to work as Fast as possible, and understand that the domain might lose some of its value as the search engines and other webmasters discover a brand new site has taken its place.

The ideal tactic here, is to use the domain to feed traffic into your opt-in list, and then redirect those new subscribers to your primary site once you’ve got their address.

No matter what you decide to put on one of these domains, but it’s crucial that you have lead capture in place; otherwise, you won’t be making the most of your new traffic and may loose some of it.

Looking and Buying Expired Domains:

There are software programs to do this work for you, as well as live auction sites where webmasters put their expiring domains up for sale.

Did you know you can also backorder domains?

When you backorder a domain, you’re putting yourself into the waiting list for a domain that has a pending expiration date. There’s a window of time where, unless the webmaster renews fast or has his domain ‘locked’, then the domain will be released and it will be available for you to get it.

This can be hit or miss, but when it works, you can come away with some real Free Traffic from other people efforts.

You can search for expired domains here:


This technique may not be Free to try and sometimes a Domains could be very expensive, but you may find some Domains related to your niche with the right keywords already built-it in.

This also make you to think about your own domains, you better be aware of renewing every year or somebody using this techniques may be getting your own site before you.

Did you have used this way of Traffic before? If so what are your experiences, we will be glad to here from you in the comments.

To your Success,

Luis Torres



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