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Archive for November 2008

How To Get Rid Off Bill Collectors In This Difficult Times

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If you are in a situation like mine, I have a US$17,000 credit card debt, with a US$1,500 salary per month from my day time job (which I wish some day soon will quit, when my online earnings are high enough to pay my debt and give me the way of living I want to support my family, currently My Wife and my 3 year old baby boy), then chances are, you have some bill collectors on your back, then you desperately need some way to be out of debt soon or at least buy some time from your creditors in order to keep supporting your family before you file into bankruptcy (which I am very close, hope to make it out of it).

Get Out of Debt

According to recent statistics, America´s consumer debt hovers around $2+ trillion. So if you too owe money, we are not alone. While our personal debts represent only a tiny fraction of that huge figure, they can still causes insomnia, stress and depression.

There are, however, ways to get out of debt and stay that way. With careful financial planning, you can even put money away for vacations, household treats like new furniture or remodeling and your retirement, without starving or depriving yourself or putting yourself deeper into credit card debt.

The rewards of a bad debt-free life are many. You will have peace of mind which I am looking for, extra dollars in your pocket, no bill collectors and a clean credit report.

Say No to Bill Collectors

There are many things that can lead to a backlog of bills: an accident, losing your job, a natural catastrophe or trouble with the IRS. These things are never planned for, but the outcome is the same, your savings are gone, your credit cards debt are getting sky high and the bank is knocking on your door for payment.

While many people consider filing bankruptcy, Benjamin Dover, author of Back Off! says, “You pay the price for taking the bankuptcy route for years to come, and contrary to what many “informed” attorneys tell you, a bankruptcy may buy you time with the IRS, but it won´t get rid of them in most cases!”.

Bankruptcy proceedings stay on your credit report for up to 10 years, making it hard to reestablish good credit. The following tips are for those people who are so far in hock (like me a few months ago, when for the first time in my life a rep from one of my credit cards called me asking if I had some financial problems, since I forgot to paid 1 month) that the bill collectors are telephoning in the middle of the night, making your life even more miserable.

The following tips may help you get the jackals off your back so you can go about repairing your credit:

Dont Pay The Collection Agency

Debt collector will prey on your fears. They know how to badger you until you send them a check, after all thats their job. You should repay ONLY the original creditor. Never repay the debt collector.

Dover says, “Debt collectors promise to delete all negative information from your credit report if you repay them”.

“They will intimidate you until you do.” But if you pay the debt collector, any of the following may happen:

  • You open yourself to repeated harassment.
  • You may still owe the original creditor even though you paid the bill collector.
  • You set yourself up for negative information on your credit report for 7 years after the debt is paid.

This is how that works: If you default on an account in 2007, it would be erased from your credit report in 2014. If, however, a bill collector comes after you in 2012 and you settle the account, the transaction will then stay on your credit report for 7 years from that point until 2019!.

Debt collectors sometimes go bankrupt, so you may have to pay the same money twice.

Do Not File Into Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy does not wipe the late clean. There are 2 types of bankruptcy:

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7

This chapter refers to “Straight Bankruptcy” or “Liquidation“. All assets and property are sold or liquidated and distributed to the creditors. It also means that you do not have to make any more payments from future income.

Chapter 13

This chapter refers to “Wage Earner Bankruptcy“. It allows the debtor to “adjust” their debts and work out a repayment schedule. The debtor is protected from lawsuits and other creditor actions and have 5 years to repay. The only catch is that the debtor must have a regular income, which disqualifies commission sales people. I guess Online Marketers then are also disqualified, something to bear in mind when I finally quit my job.

Chapter 13 bankruptcies are expensive since they must be administered by an attorney who is paid by YOU.

After you have filed bankruptcy, future creditors will focus on the fact that you once had no money, and that will show up on your credit report for 10 years. And your debts will remain on your credit report for 7 years after the last transaction.

There may be sometimes when filing bankruptcy is the only way to get out from under a crushing debt. But never file bankruptcy just to end all the disgusting calls from a bill collector.

Do Not Promise Anything

Bill collectors know all the tricks for finding you, even if you have moved or have an unlisted number. Once they contact you, usually by phone, their aim is to engage you in a conversation that will eventually lead to a promise to pay them.

Do not play their game. According to Benjamin Dover, here is what they may say and how you should react.

  • Debt collector: “You can´t pay the original creditor anymore. You must pay us now.”
  • You: Tell them you will only deal with the original creditor (department store, credit card company, car company, etc.)
  • Debt collector:“Send us 6 postdated checks, and we´ll stop bothering you and we´ll give you a 20% discount on the balance.”
  • You: Don´t do it. They may cash the checks before the date written. If your account is low, the checks will bounce, sticking you with an additional bank fee.
  • Debt collector: “Send us $50 by Western Union and I´ll see what I can do to help you.”
  • You: Hang up the phone. The minute they know they can get $50 from you, they´ll turn up the heat for more.
  • Debt collector: “If you don´t get the money to me, I´ll call your boss.”
  • You: It´s illegal for a debt collector to treaten you or to discuss the situation with your boss (or any third party). Hang up the phone, it may be sound a little rude, but it is your sanity we are talking about, so do it.

This were some tips to get bill collectors rid off your back, if you are in deep troubles check Benjamin Dover books.

My credit card bank offered me a loan with fixed interested for 3 years which I took it, since the interests of credit cards are rising after the recession start it. I will stay out of bankruptcy as long as I can, since I dont want to deal with all of those problems with my credit score. If I want to Make Money Online, then i will need my credit cards accepting the charges I may need to make to move my online business.

A faster way to get rid of my credit card debt is to find a good soul and Rich that may be reading this post and want it to buy me a US$17,000 cup of coffee, what a Big cup, but hey! dreaming cost me nothing 🙂 Yet.

Are you in debt? In huge financial problems? Did you had some tips to share to other readers?

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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Roboform PRO Black Friday Deal Ends Nov 30 2008

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If you already have Roboform the Free version then you cannot let it pass this great deal from Roboform, they have a Black Friday Deal for Roboform Pro a full 33% discount, even Roboform to Go have a 20 dlls discount off the regular 39.95.


After hitting the “Update Total” button you will see something like the next screenshot

In case you want as well the Roboform to Go just check the box and you will see the next screenshot, do not hit “Continue” yet.

Use the same code as before ” BLACKwithout “”, and then hit “Update Total” then you will be able to see the following screenshot:

That´s the price for both Roboform Pro and Roboform2Go for 1 single license. The only Catch is that those prices will be there until Nov /30 /2008, so if you want to upgrade this is your best shot with the best value for us or download the free version if you dont have Roboform and then ugrade if you like it but before Nov 30, 2008 to get this Black Friday Deal.

If you dont know what is Roboform or what benefits you will get with this tool then go here to read all about it in this post inside of MBR dot Com , If you have any more questions about it feel free to leave a comment and I will help you.

Is this a Good Bargain? What did you think Robofrom should offer as a Black Friday Deal?

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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Did The Spam Comment Filter Akismet Really Works?

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Comment spam is one of the biggest blights on the Internet. As far as I’m concerned, comment spam is the single most despicable and destructive activity on the Internet today. Comment spam is a serious problem.

There are 4 basic defences against spam comment:

  1. Captcha (proactive)
  2. Filters like Akismet (reactive)
  3. Admin moderation (reactive)
  4. Reader flagging (reactive) “Comments with advertisements will be removed”

I had been using Akismet all the time except for the last 2 months, just as a personal test, I deactivate Aksimet.

The Test consisted in a single easy task “Deactivate Akismet“, I still have my Askimet deactivated, you may think I am crazy but my first intention were to do it just for one single day, but nothing happened, I mean I didnt get flooded with spam comments as I tought I would be, since Akismet told me everyday from my WordPress panel “I stopped 50, 150, 80 Spam comments and so on” but It didnt really showed me the comments to moderate them.

I just got 1 comment to moderate, that according to Akismet it was a Spam Comment, that actually turns out to be a Real Good Comment from a known guy to me. I am not saing Akismet does not work, I am saying it maybe my Akismet it is not working as it should.

Or Could the statistics be a little inflated?, have you ever counted all of your Spam Comments stopped by Akismet? I didnt had the opportunity, since I found out something I didnt were actually looking for. What I were looking for, it was just to see How Hard could it be (at the present time when I had deactivate Akismet) to moderate so many comments and see if they really could harm my blog.

I know maybe a little nuts of me, but I just had to give it a try, and I just had to delete at the most 4 real Spam Comments these last 2 months, and I still have my Akismet deactivated, I not saying this so you can exploit this right now and spam me, it may seem I am looking for trouble with spammers, but it feels odd loosing all that popularity with comment spammers, after seeing hundreds of comments per day, now I just have to moderate about a few tens of them and basically they all are real ones.

What happened?, what it is still happening right now?

Where did my popularity gone? with spammers of course.

At least this is ok, I prefer not need to deal with spammers, but, Did you ever had this kind of problems?

Still looking for answers, Would you please leave your Spa.. err mean comment about it and help me to clarify my problem.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Entrecard Top Dropers

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Thanks to my top Entrecard dropers. Please visit this sites, I know them, since I have drop on them too. I fully recommend them.

Everyday Living 29
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Did You want to advertise on my Entrecard Widget in this Blog?

Advertise Here!!!!

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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The Benefit of Guest Blogging

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By Ian – http://smallwebsitehost.com

Hi this is Ian from smallwebsitehost.com. This is my first post here as a guest blogger. Guest blogging is writing posts for other bloggers to publish on their blogs. Guest blogging is usefull for traffic building and networking tool.

The blogger who writes will gain new readers to his blog, if he can prove himself a good writer and expert in his field. You can also earn backlinks to your blog. The blogger who owns the blog will have more time to do other activity.

When doing guest blogging, there are things you should remember:

  • Only write post to blogs which have the same topic as yours. This way, you can get targeted traffic from other people blog and they might become a loyal reader for your blog.
  • Always create high quality content that will invite users to read your own blog.
  • Put your name, link, and maybe your photo if the blog owner allow it. Your name and link should be mentioned at the top of the post to get people’s attention.
  • You can put your content to your own blog if the author allow it. Don’t worry about duplicate content issues with search engines. It is just a myth. See this. http://smallwebsitehost.com/google-myth/seo/ If the blog owner allow it, you can post it to your own blog in one month time after your post to other blog. You don’t want people from other blog reach your blog and find out that you have the same article as the other blog.
  • Reply comments on your post. This wil help you build your community and credibility.

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How To Automate Your Twitter Account With TweetLater dot Com

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TwitterCounter for @LuisTorres

I found this site tweetlater.com where you can automate your tweets by Time Stamping them in a way similar to the feature in wordpress for your posts.

If you know that you will not be able to tweet for any reason, lets say you need to travel, go on vacation or anything that will stop your tweets, then this is the solution to stay tweeting regularly even if you are away.

This is useful feature will allow you to time stamp a bunch of tweets in advance and then release them to go live at a predetermined time, same as wordpress with posts.

You can add more than one account and automate them all. Below it is an actual screenshot from my account panel.

Send Direct-Messages or Public-tweets to Your New Followers in Autopilot

This feature alone will save you a lot of time, you just include a 120 character message to be send to every new follower automatically as a direct message or you can choose to send a public tweet.

Follow Your New Followers Automatically

You may also return the favor automatically by checking a box to follow your new “followers”.

TwitterCounter for @LuisTorres

You may Follow Me by clicking the counter or the link, I have the feature checked in TweetLater.com, so I will follow you back automatically, please help me to test this new feature, Thank You.

You can too check

to publish a tweet that welcomes new followers, better follow the warning in case you are very popular, next is as stated on the site:

Do not use this option if you get many new followers every day. The TweetLater system will publish a tweet on your behalf that reads, “Welcome new followers: @username, @username, @username, etc.” It will include as many new followers as can fit into the 140 character limit. If not all the new followers fit into 140 characters, it will create a second tweet, and a third, etc., until all your new followers have been welcomed. The system will check for new followers and send the digest tweet once every few hours.

You can also get your replies in a digest email if you dont have the time to check your replies in twitter.

I forgot, This site is FREE in case you wonder.

Dont You Agree with me, that This SIte is Really Cool, please tell me your point of view.

Did you think this site´s features can be very useful?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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How To Become a Blogger

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If you are a begginer in the blogging world or want to become one then I have found this FREE first video from a series of 10 that will be very useful to you.

If you are a very experimented Blogger or even an intermediate then this videos may seem pretty basic, well they are.

Those videos are for begginers, but Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick will release a New Free report on December 1st,Roadmap to Become a Blogger” that maybe interesting to check out, they have an early notification list in case you are interested, well, I am.

So I will post whenever it becomes Live to let all the readers/visitors know, in case anyone wants to download it for FREE.

The 10 FREE videos are:

Video 1 – Why You Should Use WordPress (This is the one below)
Video 2 – How To Get Your Own Domain Name
Video 3 – How To Get A Web Host
Video 4 – How To Install WordPress
Video 5 – How To Upload Files To Your Webhost Using FTP
Video 6 – Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your New Blog
Video 7 – How To Install And Use WordPress Plugins
Video 8 – How To Create Your First Blog Post And Blog Page
Video 9 – What RSS Is And Why You Need It
Video 10 – How To Use Feedburner For Supercharging Your RSS Capabilities

Go ahead watch the next video!!!

“Why You Should Use WordPress” Video #1

If you want to watch all the videos visit Yaro and Gideon´s site Become a Blogger

The only missing as I see it, is they havent talk too much about Traffic , they may talk something more about it in the RoadMap Report, who knows.

I do think you cannot become successful without Traffic and there is no such a thing as enough Traffic, there always be better to have more than less even with the associated problems with too much traffic as server crashes or pretty high bills from your webhosting provider due to excess of bandwidth.

Did this videos had been helpful to you? Did you think they are too Basic?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Guest Bloggers Wanted

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I´m looking for Guest Bloggers to write in this blog that wants to get a link in a PR2 site with an Alexa Ranking 256,415 at the time of this post.

PageRank Checking Icon

How To Become a Guest Blogger

  • Need to have some basic writing skills.
  • Need to know about your own area of expertise.
  • Need to write 1-3 posts per week with content with real value (NO PLR).
  • Links to your site shall be according to the article content (No Gambling, Porn, Hatred sites nor anything Illegal).
  • Your site need to be related to the Make Money Online niche or anything that may be useful to make more money online such as WordPress plugins, SEO, Web 2.0 Tactics, Blogging Tips, Anything related to Traffic, etc.

The only I need is to check any article wrote it by You and I will reserve the right to publish it or reject it, should be unique articles not a copy of your own articles from any of your existent blogs.

Once Published, Marketing Business Review will own all the rights upon the articles. The links to your site will remain untouched as permanent backlinks from a PR2 Blog or higher.

How To Apply For This Opportunity

It is easy, just leave a comment stating that you want to apply, you may leave a link to your site included in your comment to check the quality of your writing or leave the Comment Luv plugin do its job, if that is the site you want me to check of course, otherwise, do the above mentioned.

I will contact you via email, I will use the email you give to post your comment, then we can discuss any issue you would like to clarify.

You will get as a gift one 125×125 Ad spot on the MBR dot Com Sponsors right side bar widget for as long you remain a Guest Blogger.

You should just give me an html or javascript code for a 125×125 banner.

Does not need to be your site, you may even give me an affiliate code to display on my widget, as long there is no conflict with my existent sponsors.

I ´m open to any ideas to improve this deal, so if you do not need or want to apply, you may leave your comments if you want to give some tips to make a better offer, Thank You.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Lets Win this Contest Together – Season 2

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Shanker Bakshi it is having a huge contest Lets Win this Contest Together – Season 2

This contest it is made from contributor alone, thats also why it is HUGE, there will be 77 posible winners for winning prizes amounting to US$ 1442.99.***

Here are the Prizes to be WON

Themes Logo/Banner/Design (Total 8 Prizes worth $533)

  1. Two Custom Banner Design from Buy Templates worth $99
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  3. Premium WordPress Theme plus Bonus Make Money Online Theme from Neil Duckett dot Com worth $75
  4. Two WordPress Template Design from Buy Templates worth $60
  5. One logo Design from Mr Javo worth $50
  6. One Professional Header Design from worth Graphics Design by Nilo $50
  7. One professional Header Design from Mohit Aneja worth $50
  8. One professional Logo Design from Photoshop World worth $50

Some More Prizes (Total 8 Prizes worth $189.99)

  1. One copy of WP Auctions Gold V.2.0 from Sponsorview worth $24.99
  2. One Free Review from WebTrafficROI worth $25
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  5. Cash $20 via PayPal. From JoeTech
  6. One 468×60 banner for one month from Submityourcontest worth $10
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125 x 125 Square Ads (Total 13 prizes worth $ 173)

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Entrecard Ad Spot Sponsors (Total 33 Prizes of 65000 Credits worth $390)

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How To Participate

Blog about this contest -You must include in your post Links of contest contributors and link back to this post. Give your blog post link in comments below. [This will give you 2 Ticket of participation]


Subscribe Shanker Bakshi dot Com by e-mail

Only those who subscribe by e-mail during contest period (i.e. 1st November 2008 to 30th November 2008) will be consider for lucky draw. [This will give you 1 Ticket of participation]

Thats It!!!!

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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The Money is in the List Statement-Is It True?

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The Statement “The Money is in the List” we could say for a short answer “YES it is TRUE”.

The problem it is to have a huge list to really make money from those subscribers. As a rule (or maybe as a make believe wish) between some marketers it is that you can grab $1.00 US dlls in average per subscriber, this does not mean you will actually get 1 dlls from each, but maybe you will get $20 dlls from some subscribers, $150 dlls from another and so on, but in the average should be around that figure of $1 dlls per subscriber.

Therefore, If you want to earn $1,000 dlls then you will need at least 1000 subscribers, from this, it is easy to know how many subscribers you will need if you want $10,000 dlls per month, just get 10,000 subscribers, easy said than done and maybe even quite expensive, depending on the methods you use to bring traffic to your site.

There is another problem, How responsive it is your list to you. You first need to Sell Yourself to them and they need to BUY You before they trust enough to open their wallets to give you any money. That´s why they need to get FREE stuffs from you, so they can check the quality of your product or affilliate products you choose to offer them, once they see you are trustworthy, then and only then they may buy from you.

Trust it is everything in the internet world, since internet it is not personal, it is somewhat cold and people like to talk to people not to sites they dont know anything about.

That´s why it is very important to use some strategies to make people trust on you. You will need to add one actual picture of you, so they can see how did you look like, this makes people feel they are dealing with a human and not with a cold site in front of their eyes.

As well of some way to contact you, if you do this, you will need to really answer as fast as you can, one way to do this, could be with an autorresponder like Aweber where you can setup a message stating that you will answer as soon as posible or give a span of time like “in less than 24 hours” or something like it.

Of course other way to make people trust you, is DO NOT EVER, EVER LIE, if you do, well you know the consequences, they will never trust you again, and maybe worst since this is “Internet”, the BAD NEWS get spread as fast as wildfire or faster, then you will get all the exposure you always wanted but NOT the Way you wanted. Try to do the same with a post or something you want to promote and bring traffic to your site and you will see the difference, its not as easy as with BAD NEWS.

To increase your subscribers you may need to bribe them with some gifts like a FREE ebook or Software, this will help to increase your sign-ups.

By the Way I have some FREE software and some ebooks if you sign-up in my Newsletter opt-in list, after confirming your subscription you will get the password to unlock the downloading area right away.

PLease leave your comments.

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