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Archive for February 2009

Top Entrecard Dropers of February

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This post it is to thank my more consistent dropers, I fully recommend their blogs. You should paid a visit to this fine bloggers.

Dropper # of drops
Warcraft Blog 30
Online Social Networking 29
Earning As An Affiliate 28
Toys For Kids 19
attract wealth 18
Step by step computer tips 15
A Journey For Life 13
Online How To 12
Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My! 10
Learning How To Make Money Online 9

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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How To Be Able Again To Follow At Twitter When You Had Reached Your Following Limit

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 I just recently reach my limit at Twitter, I could not follow my new followers back and that is an atrocity, but what can I do?

 I asked some people and found out that Shanker Bakshi already had the same problem and got the answer from Twitter and he also got some responses from his followers. 

We reveal some limits only when you reach them, and tell you about others in advance. Twitter currently applies limits to any person who reaches: 

1. 1,000 total updates per day, on any and all devices through web, mobile web, phone, API, etc.

2. 1,000 total direct messages per day, on any and all devices.

3. 100 API requests per hour. 

We’ve also placed limits on the number of people you can follow. The number is different for everyone, and is based on a ratio that changes as the account changes. If you hit a follow limit, you must balance your follower/following ratio in order to follow more people- basically, you can’t follow 50,000 people if only 23 people follow you. Based on current behavior in the Twitter community, we’ve concluded that this is both fair and reasonable.

Based on the above mentioned, I knew then what was my problem but now, how can I solve it?

Harsh Easy Solution.

I just needed to go into my Twitter account and head to my “following” tab and check one by one in an ordered way so I will not get lost. After clicking on the first people I am following (and landed on his/her profile twitter page).

I will need to go and check the “followers” tab and now just see each of the people there and look for me, if I am there, then it means, they are following me, if not, well I think then I am not been follow.


 As you see this “advance technique” will be a little too time consuming. It may be no much problem if the guy you check has only 10 or 50 followers but what if there is 1324 followers (like the ones I have, in case you have not see the snapshot J ) to be revise, that would be a real Hell.

But hey, such is life.

Oh! You still here, may I think you want a better and not so dumb solution? Guess so, ok, keep reading then.

 A lot Better Solution


 This one, actually John Chow itself told me about it in a comment in his site. The name of this Free tool is “Friend or Follow”.

 It is very easy to use, type in your Twitter Username and click submit, that´s it (BTW, the name in the image it is my Twitter Username, just in case you want to follow me ) you will get the next screen image.


 The following tab is the really “Mean and Ugly” people that does not return the favor, which ones are not allowing you to follow all your followers.

Now just click (Tip: Use the right click and open link in new tab so you can return to the page to open as many as you can. Why, because they do not use – target="_blank" – you don’t want to reload the page every time you want to go for the next guy) to open the profile Twitter page, you will need to login at your twitter account and now just “unfollow” them one by one.

 I still got 693 people to unfollow, even if this seems very time consuming (It is, believe me) there are new features to come and one is “Add some (mass) follow-nofollow buttons to the user icons”. This one alone will do the work terribly easier.


 In case you still wondering why to unfollow, very easy, this is the fastest way to begin to follow my old followers and my new ones.


 In the second tab there are the “Best Kind of People” (BKP for short, if you are one of them don´t despair I will follow you soon) you can find, the ones that I am not been able to follow because the “Mean and Ugly” people from the first tab didn´t return my favor, but thanks to this site I will be able to do so again. And the last but not the least tab is “Friends”, this word say it all, this is the people that truly are committed to success and the ones that I truly love (If you are one of them, please say hello and leave me a comment).


 Since I am using Tweetlater to automate the process, if you follow me I will follow you back in autopilot. Now there is a new feature to unfollow anyone that unfollows you, so with these both tools you will be able to give a full maintenance to your Twitter account.

My Twitter Policy will be now:  Follow me and I will Follow you as long as you keep Following me, simple.

I can do this automatically with the tools mentioned. Even if someone tells you that is following you, just come and check it for yourself here DoesFollow.com and know if is true, if not it is after you to follow them or not.

 I have resolve my Twitter problem, I hope yours too, if not tell me I may help you.

 If you are not following me, please do it and I will return the favor now


Have you this problem? Let me know, just leave your kind comment.

 To Your Success,

 Luis Torres 


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Did a Recesion and a Crisis Actually Exist?

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Yesterday I went to the supermarket for groceries with my wife and my 3 year old baby boy and when we finally arrive to the parking lot (of course after struggling and cursing between the traffic in the rush hour) we realize that it was completely full, there were not a single spot left. 

Then we began driving around, looking for a spot to park the car, but I found there were others like me looking for a spot for themselves. Then a sudden transformation seems to happen in all of us and we became “Spoters” (People looking for a spot, I invented that meaning for that word ok) and a cruel battle just begun.

Suddenly I saw some white lights, meaning, someone it is having the reverse, they may leave and I could get that spot for myself. Then I look back and I was able to see a “Spoter”, oh no! this guy wants to play hard on me, he is trying to pass me and win the empty spot. But I will never leave him to do that, I just put the car in the middle of the lane, so he cannot move until I get the spot. I won, but he tell me some “F´s” words and others that cannot be wrote it for “General Audiences”, but I don’t care I got the spot and now we are heading to the store.

That does not stop there, the store were crowded and when we finally get to the cashiers after getting all we need and even what do not need, there were about 30 people in every cashier waiting to pay their groceries.

That’s when I start to wonder:

How all this people are going to pay, aren’t we in a Recession?

Is not pay day, so where is the money coming from. Seems it is not “Everybody” in a Recession or maybe nobody told them they should not have money to spend since they are in a Recession.

I guess they do not have a TV set or does not like to watch the latest news about the BIG Crisis.

This actually happened in Wal-Mart, HEB and Price Costco, three different places with the same problem, too much crowd. Even us, we bought stuff in all of them. Then, how did we did it?

All this makes me realize “Recession and Crisis” it’s a personal state of mind. I am not denying there is a Crisis but not everyone it´s been affected so badly.

The Middle class got the major impact, but still the way they think what keeps them in a Crisis, just waiting for Mr. President to come to the rescue. Why not working harder to make money online, instead of looking for someone else to do the job.

I am no longer care about that negative kind of news, I prefer to employ my time in my businesses than wasting the very few time I have after my full time job.

I have declare my Freedom even before I quit my job, I will no longer fear about those words.

I once read:

Bankruptcy is a Fleeting State but Poverty is a State of Mind.

So did you believe in the Recession? Please tell me I want to know.

To Your Success

Luis Torres


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How To Make Entrecard Useful Besides The Flash Traffic Dropers in Your Site

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This is actually just an experiment since some people, or should I say a lot of people are complaining about the kind of traffic that Entrecard  gives.

This idea come to me before reading a post by Brian D Hawkins from ExtremeEzine about removing Entrecard widget from all of his sites except from his personal blog. I agree with him many (I dont want to say that everyone since I dont want to be unfair with the good ones) dropers just drop by in your site for a mere 50 seconds or less if they can, just trying to get their 300 drops per day.

I will try to be fair with Entrecard (as you may see in my “right” sidebar, as if there were other sidebar, I still have the widget) there are Pros and Cons, let me summarise what I think it is the Pros.

Entrecard Pros.

  1. Instant Free Traffic for New Sites helping you with Alexa ranking and Traffic stats.
  2. Allows you to Know Great Sites and Make New Friends, all of this is good since a blog success came from your ability to build a community and friendship around you.
  3. Allows you to Publish your Ad in other sites with the Entrecard widget as if you were paying a 125 ad but in this case you will pay with credits and not with money.
  4. Interesting, its kinda hard to find more Pros (I guess Brian it is happy now), so I think lets continue with the Cons.

Entrecard Cons.

  1. Bounce Rate Incredibly High as many of the dropers just took about 50 seconds or less and leave to return the next day to do the same and do not even leave a comment.
  2. Too Time Consuming if you try to drop 300 daily, thats why many of the dropers leave faster than lightning strike.
  3. Drop Less than 300 and You Dont Get Much Benefit, I had read about some people actually succeeding but they need to drop 300 consistently.
  4. No Guarantee That You Will Get a Drop Back. Meaning no traffic at all from that drop, therefore your effort lost.

Ok for now I think it is enough for you, even if you are not familiar with Entrecard to get the picture of the problems associated with this traffic exchange site.

Living in a Perfect World System

LPWS for short (or lazy, whatever you want to call me) will rescue some of the fast lightning traffic from dropers.

What if we place a PPC ad below or above the Entrecard widget and instead of your dropers leaving somehow, they leave by clicking your adsense or bidvertiser ad to actually give a look to the offer of that ad. We do not want to break any G rules asking people to click in your ads, anyway we are not telling people to do so, we are telling “Dropers” to do so. Of course, you will need to return the favor, droping and clicking away by one of their ads placed near by the widget.

Why I called LPWS, well because to avoid been banned you need Dropers to follow that unwritten rule to leave your site away by clicking your ads and actually visiting the site they clicked. Then it may be a win-win situation for everyone.

What Will You Win With This New Approach.

Let me summarize:

  1. 1 Credit from the Drop
  2. 1 Click into your PPC´s
  3. Traffic That Will Still Help With Your Stats

Now lets do some basic calculations to get a better picture of how much you will be able to collect from PPC´s ads.

Lets assume you get 300 drops per day with an average of 0.5 cents per click, then you will have $150 dlls per day multiply that by 30 days, thats an awesome $4,500.00 dlls per month just from PPCs.

Wouldnt you agree Brian that if we were living in that Perfect World, Entrecard will be very appealing even for you?

Disclaimer: All of the above may vary based upon your keywords in your site and the ads displaying in it as well as the drops, may not be 300 daily.

What did you think? Could this work?

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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Better Page Rank Checker Than Google Toolbar and WebSite Grader

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Rosengarten in Südtirol 1

There is a new free tool SEOToolbar from SEOBook that retrieves the PR of any site faster than the PR checker from the Google Toolbar itself.

If you have been trying to check your links at Website Grader, then you maybe had felt frustrated like myself, since this message will show every time you check for your site:

We are temporarily not counting inbound links in the score. This is an important metric, and we are working on this issue.

Now I just found that SEOToolbar from SEOBook has already build in a Tool called SEO XRay that works pretty fast and you can see your links in few seconds.

As you may know, your website’s ranking on search engines is a vital element of your overall marketing campaign, and there are ways to improve your link popularity through legitimate methods. Unfortunately, the Internet is populated by hordes of dishonest webmasters (Of course not me, and obviously you neither) seeking to improve their link popularity by faking out search engines.

This tools wil help you to monitor and even compare sites like I did with my Make Money Online site (the one you are reading in case you wonder) against John Chow dot Com, here is the screen shot of my comparison:

SEOToolbar from SEObook Compare sites

It seems he beats me with some few more pageviews and with some other ranks, but wait!, I have a higher ranking, can you see it, I beat him, I have a higher Alexa ranking, but oh no! wait again, the smaller the number in Alexa the better, damn he beat me in that too. But wait for the next time, I may beat him, I will need to monitor my site stats with this tool often, then I´ll be able to know if my efforts in link building are really paying off.

Since Link popularity is mostly based on the quality of sites you are linked to. I will be very aware of any suspicious site. As you know Google pioneered this criteria for assigning website ranking, and virtually all search engines on the Internet now use it. There are legitimate ways to go about increasing your link popularity. Google frequently imposes penalties on sites that have linked to other sites solely for the purpose of artificially boosting their link popularity. They have actually labeled these links “bad neighborhoods.”

The first thing to check out is whether or not the pages you have linked to have been penalized. The most direct way to do this is to check the PR, you can do it with the SEO Toolbar instead of the Google Toolbar. You will then see that most pages are given a “Pagerank” which is represented by a sliding green scale on the toolbar.

Do not link to any site that shows no green at all on the scale. This is especially important when the scale is completely gray. It is more than likely that these pages have been penalized or they are quite new.

By comparing you can actually see how good are you doing it with your SEO efforts and also see if the data from SEO Toolbar looks weird, then better do not go to that site.

Just as you must be diligent in increasing your link popularity and your ranking, you must be equally diligent to avoid being unfairly penalized. So be sure to monitor your site closely and avoid any appearance of artificially boosting your rankings.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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We Need to Migrate Our Feedburner Accounts by Feb 28th

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Since Google’s acquisition of Feedburner in June 2007, everything were been running normally on their original servers and software, but Google has different plans. All Feedburner accounts need to transfer their feeds to the Google system by February 28th, 2009 in order to maintain seamless feed traffic.

I just moved all of my feeds this evening to try out the system, and I can attest that it is quick and painless. I were somewhat spooked by the thought of having some sort of nightmare with my feeds disappearing from the face of the earth. But it seems until now, everything its fine.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your account at http://www.feedburner.com
  2. Before you can even sign-up, a window asking for transferring you or to continue to the old feedburner will pop. You need to click in the button below.
  3. It then confirms if you are already signed in as a Google account-holder (I was logged into my e-mail, so I was) and asks if you’d like to use that account, another account, or create a new Google account to manage your feeds.
  4. After that step, you just need to confirm which feeds will be transferred, and you’re done.

All in all, it took about 3 minutes to move them all. The new Feedburner login page is http://feedburner.google.com.

Check your feed numbers before transferring, so you will know if the transfer went ok. Google said, it is not a problem with our feeds, since they will be redirected to them.

Did you transferred your feeds yet? Had any problems? Please tell us any issue you had, you may help others with that same problem, in case you had aklready fixed of course.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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How to Increase Your Traffic From Technorati Favorite Exchange

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This is a Technorati Fave Exchange Program adapted from DoshDosh. I found it useful so I decided to run my own as well. Let’s make our way into the Top 100 Most Favourited Blogs together.

It has since been recognized as a good way for bloggers to increase not only a wider reader base but also provide greater exposure for their blogs.

Technorati Favorites Exchange Program-The Concept

The original intention of Dosh Dosh was to break into the Top 100 Most Favorited List, which seems like a task a lot easier to achieve than Technorati’s Top 100 Most Linked To blogs.By the way, Dosh Dosh achieved that and you can read up his ‘Final Traffic Report and Analysis‘. As of today this list consists of just over 300 blogs.

Some Bloggers are lazy and I know some of them will not do the list, but you will still have the benefit of having more fans who will favorite your blog in Technorati that will bring you more traffic.

Technorati Favorites Exchange Program- A Vote That Counts for Life

Unlike Technorati Authority which is calculated based on the increasing number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months, your Technorati Favorites Votes remain with you as long as you maintained your blog with Technorati.

What are the benefits of being favorited?

  • It provides recognition of your blog’s popularity and will benefit you in your advertising, your  blog monetization efforts and generally any online business opportunities. You still need to do your effort and need to have quality content and an overall blog that appeals to the new visitors.
  • It leads to increased blog readership. You are more likely to receive visitors from Technorati if you are listed in the Top 100 most favorited list. Needless to say this also translates to more feed subscribers provided of course that your blog has good quality contents.

Any wrong in doing this Favorite Exchange

This is ‘reciprocal favoriting’ it’s not violating Technorati’s Terms of Service, so this is totally legitimate.

Here is How to participate:

  1. Participate by Exchanging Favorites
    Favorite my blog on Technorati by clicking Add Fav button below or clicking here. And then leave your username and link for your blog as a comment here.  I suggest to make something like this “http://technorati.com/faves?sub=addfavbtn&add=http://www.marketing-business-review.com”. Please leave 1 blog only for 1 username.
  2. Add to Technorati Favorites

  3. Link to my post here with your entry on Technorati Favorites Exchange
    This is only for those bloggers who are interested in holding Technorati exchanges on their blog as mentioned in Step 1. These are the steps you need to take:
  • Create a post on your blog stating that you are running a Technorati favorites exchange program. Then include a link to this post to indicate that there is a similar exchange going on at Marketing Business Review. You choose the anchor text.
  • I will Link Back to You. Once I’ve noticed the link via trackback or Technorati, I’ll link back at your Tecnorati Favorite Exchange Post and include a link to your post on Technorati Favorites Exchange List so readers here can visit your blog to participate if they want to. Links will usually be put up really fast but if you didn’t see your link up after a day or two, please feel free to leave a comment here and I will see to it asap. By linking here, you’ll send your readers to participate in this experiment and when I link back to you, the readers of Marketing Business Review can visit your blog to trade favorites with you as well.

My Technorati nickname is lutor97tech and I will favorite all the links as soon as possible. I will put a short comment to confirm this so do return back to this post to make sure you got your link.

List of Other Blogs with SImilar Technorati Favorites Exchanges Programs:

  1. Peter Lee´s Work From Home Business Blog
  2. Your Blog Here!

Now it is after you! Leave a comment with your link to fave you and the link to your post linking to me.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Steelers World Champions of SuperBowl XLIII

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2008-2009 Season Goal Acomplished

Here We Go Steelers 2008-2009 Version Fight Song

This is the first rambling in this site, but being a Die Hard Steeler Fan, I just had to say it out loud:

We Are The


Of The World

The hunger for success has come to an end, we are been fed, Steeler became the NUMBER ONE Team in the whole NFL history with 6 SuperBowl Championships. If you have not seen the SuperBowl at least you need to watch the last winning drive from Steelers it´s a real breath taken drive. Those 2:37 last minutes were the Most Stressful and so damn long Moments of my life. You can see it in the NFL Video Galleries, this link goes directly to the video.

We won 27-23 over the Cardinals (the “We” does not means I am in the payroll of the Steelers, I wish I could be, but I am not, just in case you wonder). Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense ended a Super Bowl of incredible swings with a final-minute touchdown for a historic victory.

Santonio Holmes made an amazing 6-yard catch deep in the right corner of the end zone with 35 seconds remaining Sunday night, lifting the Steelers to a record-setting sixth Super Bowl win, 27-23 over the Arizona Cardinals.

Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 27, Cardinals 23

A little glimpse to the game itself:

The Steelers (15-4), winning their second Super Bowl in the last four seasons, led 20-7 in the fourth quarter, only to see Kurt Warner and the Cardinals stage a rally to go in front 23-20 with 2:37 remaining.

Warner hit wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald in stride for a 64-yard touchdown with 2:37 left. Already owning a slew of postseason receiving marks this year, Fitzgerald sped down the middle of the field, watching himself outrun the Steelers.

But Fitzgerald could only watch from the sideline as Roethlisberger made it to a 78-yard drive to win Super Bowl XLIII in what resembled Heinz Field South. With waves of twirling Terrible Towels turning Raymond James Stadium into a black-and-gold tableau — Steelers fans supporting their beloved team, the economy be damned — Pittsburgh’s offense rescued the title.

Holmes was selected the game’s MVP.

The incredible swings overshadowed James Harrison’s Super Bowl-record 100-yard interception return for a touchdown to end the first half. That looked like the signature play until the final quarter, when both teams shook off apparent knockout punches to throw haymakers of their own.

Big Ben and Holmes struck the last blow, and when Warner fumbled the ball away in the final seconds, the Cardinals’ dream of winning their first NFL title since 1947 were gone.

The Cardinals (12-8-1), playing in their first Super Bowl ever and first championship game of any kind since 1948, lost their composure after Harrison’s heroics. They had three penalties to keep Pittsburgh’s 79-yard, third-quarter drive going, a 16-play march that ended with Jeff Reed’s 21-yard field goal for a 20-7 lead.

And Arizona couldn’t get Fitzgerald free until very late. But did he get free.

Fitzgerald, who already had set a postseason record for receiving yards and had five touchdowns in the playoffs, was a nonentity until an 87-yard, fourth-quarter drive he capped with a leaping 1-yard touchdown catch over Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor. Fitzgerald made four receptions on that series on which Warner hit all eight passes for all the yards.

And then Fitzgerald struck swiftly for the 64-yard TD catch that put Arizona within minutes of a remarkable victory.

But a victory that didn’t happen because the Steelers are as resilient as they come.

Pittsburgh looked like the offensive juggernaut to open the game, smoothly driving 71 yards in eight plays. But the 72nd yard that would have given the Steelers a touchdown never came.

It seemingly had when Roethlisberger’s short run was ruled a touchdown. However, Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt challenged, and the score was overturned, leaving Tomlin his first difficult decision.

He took the points, Reed’s 18-yard field goal, the shortest in a Super Bowl since 1976.

After forcing a punt, the Steelers kept the ball the remainder of the first quarter — 11:28 in all, outgaining Arizona 140-13, getting seven first downs to one for the Cardinals. As Warner and the usually potent Cardinals’ offense watched, frustrated, from the sideline, Pittsburgh plowed it in on Gary Russell’s 1-yard touchdown run to make the score 10-0.

When the Cardinals finally got the ball back, they suddenly put the Steelers off-balance with short passes — and one huge play.

Warner had enough time to shine the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year trophy he received just before kickoff, then hit Anquan Boldin streaking from left to right. Boldin was upended at the Pittsburgh 1, and Warner’s lob to Ben Patrick got the Cardinals on the board. It was the tight end’s first touchdown this season.

Arizona’s defense then emulated the Steel Curtain with a big play. Bryan Robinson tipped Roethlisberger’s pass high into the air, and Karlos Dansby corralled it at the Pittsburgh 34. The Cardinals got to the 1, then, perhaps jealous, the Steelers’ D asserted itself — magnificently.

Harrison, the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, stepped in front of Boldin at the goal line, picked off Warner’s throw and began a journey down the right sideline to the longest play in Super Bowl history.

Harrison ran past or through most of the Cardinals, nearly stepped out of bounds at one point, and was dragged down by Fitzgerald as he fell to the goal line. The play was reviewed as several Cardinals knelt on one knee, exhausted from the chase and disheartened by the result.

The previous longest play in Super Bowl history was Desmond Howard’s 99-yard kickoff return for the Green Bay Packers in 1997.

Lets Go for the Seventh SuperBowl Championship Next Season 2009-2010, Why Not? After all we all have 10 fingers, so lots of space for more.

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