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Archive for January 2010

Some Niches Are Not Profitable

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That statement is not entirely true. All niches are profitable. However, some very popular niches are so competitive that it becomes hugely time consuming and expensive to make a mark as an internet marketer.

A great example is the recent introduction of Bing, the new Microsoft developed search engine. This is a competitor against Google, Yahoo and others. For the average business person, developing another search engine that can take on Google head-on is totally out of the question. It’s just too expensive to bring in a competing product against a huge brand such as Google.

It takes another huge brand to tackle Google. Besides Microsoft, one could imagine that Apple might be able to compete as well, not that they would necessarily want to do that. Their main market is cool gadgets.

There are therefore a fair number of niche markets that would be too expensive for the average internet marketer to compete in. But how do you find out which are the ones you need to avoid?

This is where further market research will be most useful. Before deciding on your niche take a look at what and who your competition is. First step is to try a Google, or Bing of course, search. See how many websites come up on your search.

You will be able to determine this by checking the final results on the right hand side of the Google page once your search results have come up. These are the number of sites that have your search term on a page or pages.

As an example search for health and your results will be around 4,780 million sites. Now search for the keywords natural hayfever remedies for children and your results are just close on 322,000 sites. If you are going for a niche in the health environment you would want to select something like hayfever remedies for children as your specific area.

As a yard stick be aware that if your search comes up with less than one million results then you have a good chance of making a go of this particular niche topic.

Your next step is to look at the first few pages of results and see whether the list is packed with big company names or if there are names of blogs and general low-key information sites. Going back to the above health search let’s see what we get.

The search result for health brings up such big players as Yahoo, BBC, WHO, CNN, Men’s Health, a fair sized portal for a magazine called Health and WebMD a huge site on general health issues.  

Let’s have a look at natural hayfever remedies for children and the first search results on the list are small blogs/sites. There’s also an article on ezinearticle.com, but those can be beaten. In other words, not too much competition here.

Those were the free ways to do your research, but of course there is also Micro Niche Finder that will give you which ones are easy to compete and which ones you better avoid them unless you have lots of money.

Once you have determined your main competitors in the niche you would like to operate in you will also need to see their traffic results. For this you may use Alexa.com, Compete.com or Quantcast.com.

These results will provide you with information on traffic patterns as well as the average number of visitors. Besides providing an idea on general popularity these statistics would allow you to see the curve in the search traffic for natural hayfever remedies for children without you needing to know that hayfever is a health problem people suffer from in the summer months.

natural hayfever remedies for children might not be such a great niche after all if there is only interest in remedies for six months in a year. Any product you might wish to sell would have a down time of six months. You would have to sell many products to make up for a short trading year. That’s similar to the cycle ice cream sellers face!

It’s good to know that there are tools readily available that make it easier to find a niche that will be profitable for you as an internet marketer. You might find some niches are just not the right option for you before you spend time, effort and money on developing a market.

Are You Willing To Spend A Lot of Money In a Very Competitive Niche?

Don´t You Prefer To Do Your Research and Get Into A Profitable Niche For You?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Socializing Instead Of Promoting Your Link Building Strategy

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The online world is an environment where socializing is a key element to building ones presence. You may wish to purely build a presence for yourself but most often it’s about building the presence of your blog or site.

Part of the presence building process is to create links to your site. But it’s not just any links that you are looking for. Links need to come from sites that have at least a PageRank of 3 and preferably more. Receiving a link back from other blogs with a high PR will build your blog’s reputation.

One of the best ways to encourage other bloggers to link back to you is by participating in the social environment of the internet. This may be in various forms from one on one conversations to crowd chat.

Connect with people and they will connect back. One way to connect is to comment on other people’s blogs. Be sure to be polite and to voice well thought out opinions. Contribute meaningful content, don’t just make a noise to be noticed. You need the right kind of attention. Besides you may ended up in the spam folder and your comment may never see the light.

Another way to connect is to participate on forums that deal with topics that you write about or are interested in. If you are in the Marketing Niche then one of the best forums is Warrior Forum. Make a name for yourself by commenting and offering good content that forum participants can benefit from. And do this regularly.

Sign up to social networking sites such as Digg, Mixx or StumbleUpon. Participate by supporting articles that you find of interest, vote for them, comment on them and in general show that you are an interested member of this special community.

The new social networking sites are also spaces where you can participate. These would be Facebook, MySpace and Twitter amongst a host of sites that offer a sharing and community environment.

Set up fan pages and provide content that people are interested in.  Comment on the activities and interests of your friends and participate in a respectful manner by listening, sharing and contributing on topics that are of interest to others.

Twitter is the newly popular kid on the block. This is a networking site that allows a maximum of 140 characters per message. Participate by sharing some part of your life, your interests and your opinion. Listen to what others have to say and contribute to their conversation.

Besides the above there are other opportunities to contribute your opinion, share the other person’s experiences and knowledge and to participate in a two way conversation. Some of these are Flickr the photo image sharing site YouTube the premier video sharing site.

Then there are Wikis that you can set up on a topic that you are expert on or share information on other people’s wikis. You can contribute to Wikipedia and provide information to this amazing knowledge site.

The more you participate the more your name will be recognised. Where ever you have the opportunity make sure that your blog’s URL is visible. But do stick with the internet protocol of holding a two way conversation which means that your blog is mentioned but not promoted like an ad in the Super Bowl or even worse it’s the only contribution you make.

Be very careful that you are not considered a spammer by over promoting your blog or site. The online world works the best if your promotion of yourself is low key. People will check your site if you are interesting and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

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To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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How To Optimise Your White Hat Or Natural SEO

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Once you have set up your blog and started populating it with content you need to take the process one step further. Remember that you will have chosen a set of keywords already and established the topic of your niche.

Now take this foundation and optimise it further. The questions that will come up will be what further keywords should you go after? What topics should you write about and what sites should you try to get links from?

You need to work out how to track your traffic and work out where you get the most traffic from. Work on multiplying the traffic that you are already getting now to make it even more effective.

Google offers a great analytics tool, Google Analytics. With this tool you can see what keywords are driving you the most visits. The way to do this is to go to ‘traffic sources’ and ‘keywords’ and then click on non-paid.

The results will only be of the top 10 term so you might want to expand to 50 to establish where your traffic might be coming from. Check to see what is sending you the most clicks.  You will probably find that it’s only five or six words. After that it drops off quickly.

Your name will probably show up first. If you are selling a product, that might show second.  Take your next search words and type them into Google and see how you rank on those.

For every spot that you can move up in terms of Google search results the more clicks you will get. It can improve your clicks up to 10 to 20% higher. If you move from spot 2 to spot 1 your volume can more than triple. Position is everything.

Position also counts highly when looking at the keywords. Ranking number 1 on a medium value term will be worth more than a lower ranking on a higher value term. Quality is also essential. So ranking number one is far more valuable than having a list of terms ranking say at number 10 spot.

Focus on getting your keywords to the top three spots. It makes a huge difference to your traffic results and the return if you are selling a product. Of course it would be foolish to spend effort on ranking a term if there are no searches for it.

Avoid this mistake by checking your Analytics and seeing what has enough search volume pointing to the keywords already.

Once you have some keywords, or even just one keyword in the first three positions you can now start using and promoting keywords around this well positioned keyword. You can use Google Wonder Wheel and Google Suggest together to work out what words will fit around your prominent keyword and will add to the value of your blog.

These results will be different for Google Suggest and Google Wonder Wheel. This is because Google Suggest shows you the most commons searches that match the terms you are typing.

While Google Wonder Wheel shows you the most closely related searches organised by theme.

Once you have these allied keywords identified, use them to create content. As with your normal keyword use, include them in the title of your copy, in your page title, meta descriptions and in the body of your articles.

Are You Already Optimising Your SIte?

Did You Use White Hat Techniques Or Black Hat Ones?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Black Hat SEO What It Is?

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This particular search engine optimisation (SEO) is usually better known as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings using unethical means. In general there is nothing unethical about the processes except for what the search engines have decided they think falls under this category.

In other words what might be considered ethical practices of pushing your blog or web site to the first page of a search for a particular keyword or set of keywords today could end up being considered unethical in a few week’s time. It all depends on how many Google toes clever SEO folk have stepped on as to whether search engine companies are annoyed or not.

Here are some characteristics of Black Hat SEO currently considered unethical and if practiced may result in making the wrath of Google turn to you and having your site blacklisted.

The first characteristic of Black Hat SEO is that the practice breaks search engine rules and regulations as set down by search engine companies. This is important to remember. There is no inherent unethical thinking here but what the search engines, for this mostly read Google, determine is unethical.

It is therefore incorrect to state that any Black Hat SEO is illegal. There are no laws involved here. or at least not any laws as set down by governments. There are laws as set down by Google of course.

However, Google even though they like to think of themselves as a goverment, the actual truth is they are not one and the only way they can slap you, oops mean enforce your "Bad" behaviour to what they considers unethical is by taking action against your web site or blog by banning it.

Black Hat SEO also may be present if it creates a poor user experience directly because of the SEO techniques used on the web site. This maybe more important for you to avoid,since a good quality site it is a must to succeed online. And it may be perceived as Black Hat SEO if content is presented in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.

A fair amount of black hat SEO currently labeled as such was in fact ethical some time ago. It is the abuse that some "SEO" esperts practiced that made search engine companies label them as unethical.

Some of the techniques to avoid are:

Keyword Stuffing.

That is putting too many keywords in your website or blog. For instance, if you have lets say the keyword "red rose" and you wrote something like:

"I love my red rose because it is an awesome red rose since I see my red rose I want to have another red rose"

As you see is not even readable, but the keyword density it is pretty high but search engines might not like it since there is not quality for humans in that information.

A further SEO technique that is frowned upon is invisible or hidden text

It is similar to the above but you will use the same color as the background, therefore a human eye will not see it but search engines still can read it.

A third Black Hat SEO practice that can get you in trouble with the search engines is doorway pages.

Doorway pages are Web pages designed and built specifically to draw search engine visitors to your website. They are standalone pages designed only to act as doorways to your site. Doorway pages are a very bad idea for several reasons, though many SEO firms use them routinely.

Black Hat SEO is tempting as the tricks actually do work, often only temporarily of course. They work until the search engines have upgraded their algorithms to counter the practices. What may result in a higher page ranking might also end up costing the site heavily when it is banned.

On the whole it is not worth using Black Hat SEO because of the penalty involved when caught. It is advisable to rather use efficient search engine optimisation techniques to get your site ranked higher, and stay away from anything that even remotely looks like Black Hat SEO.

Have You Ever Done Any Suspicious Action That May Be Thinked As A Black Hat SEO?

If you do, would you please tell us your experiences?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Which Is Better Organic Or Paid Traffic?

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There are two basic types of traffic that can be generated through search. Both of these processes work well if you understand how they work and work the system.

Organic traffic is the type of traffic coming to your site or blog by natural means. That is somebody browsing or searching the internet finds a link to the site and clicks on it. There are various ways this link may be found.

It could be via a search engine, another website or it could be typed directly into the address by the “browser”. One advantage to this kind of traffic is that it has a long-term and residual type of effect and the only cost involved is generally time and effort.

On the other hand paid traffic requires an investment of money as well as time and effort. There are different ways of having to pay whether it’s through the pay-per-click process such as GoogleAdwords or whether it is paid for banner advertising.

Contrary to the organic traffic which tends to come at a more uniform rate, paid traffic can surge often unnaturally and depends on the type of advertising campaign in place.

Organic traffic is the preferred form of traffic as it produces long-term and more reliable results than paid traffic. It further and more often provides long term benefits through its residual effect. It means that you as an internet marketer need to work hard at it once and reap the benefits for some time to come.

There are skillful search engine optimisation specialists who are able to work a site in such a way that search engines will index the site and identify relevant pages to bring them up when people are searching. And this will happen time and again.

One of these processes is called on-page optimisation. This deals with all aspects of the web site and the content that is placed on all pages to ensure that the search engines index them properly.  Effective optimisation means that the best fit is offered for search results.

Off-page optimisation on the other hand are things that you do externally to your site such as obtaining back links or social bookmarking. You may also register your site with a search engine or in directories. Then there are external guides that your site might be suitable for such as business or entertainment guides.

In all efforts the purpose is to drive traffic from specific, popular sites as well as provide a back link to your site. This is particularly important for PageRank. The higher the PageRank the more likely it will be that the site will appear on the first page of a search request.

Off-page optimisation may not necessarily be considered natural as the back links are being forced back in some instances, especially when using social bookmarking sites. There are some natural links back though when a person links to your site because they are interested in your content.

Maximising a web site or blog for natural traffic will be more productive in the long run although paid traffic may serve its purpose during particular marketing efforts such as product launches or list building projects.

Which Kind of Traffic Did You Prefer? Are You Willing To Paid For Traffic For the Rest Of Your Online Life?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Top Commentator Link Love – December 2009

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December 2009 ended as well as the year, so, this new top commentator winners are the first ones in this New Year 2010. Lots of things happened last year, even my site had suffered the lack of posting. This is mainly now due to niche site marketing, I am building right now some other sites to increase my earnings without stressing my time.

My goal it is to set at least 100, I am building right now 5 and its taking some time to put them to work in autopilot as fast as I can. But for now lets see what happened with my top commentators.

Without further ado, lets see who is my new Top Commentator.

If you are new here then you should know that I reward my Top Commentator with a 125×125 banner ad on my MBR dot Com Sponsors right side bar widget for 1 full month for FREE and of course a link love in this post. It will be one like this every month after the Top Commentator widget resets.

I also reward any of my commentator with commentluv, you can leave me a comment and get a reward even if you do not win this Top Commentator Award

No one won in this occasion this prize….

If you reach the 20 comment mark you also will get a banner ad spot, it is a 468×60 ad space in the header for 1 full month Free. This will have maximum exposure, since is the first thing a visitor will see when landing in my home page.

 The very first Top Commentator of The Month of December 2009 is new in this Top Commentator prize and the winner is:

Beginners Blogging Guide

Congratulations. Please join me to congratulate the efforts of this New Top Commentator.

Beginners Blogging Guide I need to know the code for the 125 ad, just contact me

Thanks Beginners!

Also I want to thank to this Great people for the support with their comments.

Thank you to all for supporting me.

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To your Success,

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