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Affiliate Marketing Part One

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Affiliate Marketing
Part One

Affiliate marketing is the advertising or promotion of a product or service for which a person is an affiliate of. There are thousands and thousands of online affiliate programs available to most people to become an affiliate of. Many of which are free to join and get started. For beginning affiliate marketers I definitely recommend joining an affiliate program that costs nothing to get started. And not because there easier or less profitable than programs that require
a registration fee(or any other form of payment to begin the program), but because it will have cost you nothing if that affiliate campaign is unsuccessful. Do not be discouraged if your first attempt at affiliate marketing is less than fruitful. Affiliate marketing is all about trial and error. Try as many different techniques and ideas as it takes to find the one that is the most successful, or you feel works the best for you. Some marketing techniques will just work better than others for promoting certain affiliate programs, products, or services. Not because that particular technique is
better than another, but rather that technique just converts better for that particular niche. I recommend trying more than one technique or strategy at a time reduce the amount of time it takes to weed out the unsuccessful strategies for that particular campaign. Others recommend applying only one technique at a time to maximize focus and detail of that particular affiliate marketing strategy.

There are many different techniques that make up the art of affiliate marketing. And these are but are not limited to: pay per click or PPC advertising(ie..Google Adwords), email marketing, product or gift giveaways, joint venture endeavors, search engine submission and optimization(a.k.a SEO), article marketing, online forums, press releases, product or service reviews, traffic exchanges, opt-in campaigns, blogging, word of mouth, offline or direct marketing, and more. All of them used individually or a combination of them can be very successful. Finding the one(s) that convert the best for you or your particular affiliate program can be tough and time consuming, but can also be fun and easy as well. Like I said before it’s all about trial and error. Although following an already successful technique or idea can help increase your odds of being successful in your affiliate marketing campaign. Although being a pioneer and being one of the first to try a new marketing technique can pay big dividends as well. Coming up in part two of this article I will take more in depth looks at all the types of affiliate marketing mentioned above. As well as recommendations and reviews of most of them………To be continued in part two of this article on Affiliate Marketing…….

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Written by Rockdogg33

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