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Indifference Factor When It Comes To Sales

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Indifference is probably the most effective of all four impulse factors. I’ve made an incredible sum of money on my potential to convey indifference alone! If you possibly can portray GENUINE indifference to your prospects, they are going to be compelled to purchase now and not even think about asking if they’ll buy it later.

This is a fundamental psychological reality and it can’t be denied. If you need to compete with the pro’s then you must master indifference in your sales pitch. You can’t get round it!!

I believe, indifference is greatest portrayed non verbally, it’s instilled in the reader by the context of your written words on a gross sales page and not by the actual words themselves. Face to face or in “copy”, indifference is basically something you imply. The best way I can explain this is by saying that indifference is the “It doesn’t matter to me.” or “I don’t care.” attitude. It’s the aura that you simply project which makes the prospect feel like it’s of no worry to you if they select not to buy. INDIFFERENCE IS VERY IMPORTANT IN SALES!

Indifference is the opposite of being overzealous or begging for the sale. It is the cool, nonchalant persona of “Fonzy” from the television show “Happy Days.” This is extremely powerful simply because you are making the prospect feel like you don’t care in the event that they miss out on the product. Your job is just to show them the product and nothing more.

People inherently need what they can not have. That is a primary psychological fact. That being said, if you make it too easy for them to have it or you try to push it upon them, they will not want it.

“You must PULL the string… Not PUSH it!”

For example, if you’re struggling to hit a goal, you’re most likely frustrated and its showing all over your face. And if it is showing throughout your face, then you could have lost your entire indifference. All the shopper sees in your face is desperation, “please purchase this from me.” You have to keep your online business posture at all times and stay indifferent about the sale. You must portray that it would not matter to you if they buy your product or not.

Many times, marketers and sales folks make the mistake of getting overly excited when they feel they’ve a prospect on the hook. Don’t get too excited until after the sale is made.

Experience has confirmed to me, that on the times where I was care free about hitting a purpose I made more sales. That’s because I didn’t have desperation written throughout my face.

It’s as a result of I set out those days with fun on my mind. My body language was telling people: “I don’t care in the event you buy from me or not.” People will probably be drawn to that sort of angle and behavior. Prospects will want to buy from you simply because they like who you are. I’ve had folks buy from me when they didn’t even want or want my product but merely like me. Bottom line, you are selling yourself!!

Did you ever have a crush on someone in school but the more you tried to speak to them the extra they played onerous to get? Then while you gave up on them and moved your consideration to another person suddenly the primary person pops up and shows interest in you? That’s since you became indifferent to them and folks inherently need what they can’t have!

Home shopping channels use indifference by displaying a picture of the next product that they are going to be selling. Almost as if to say “It does not matter if you happen to don’t buy this as a result of we’re about to maneuver on to one thing else right here anyway…”

“We’re nearly done with this merchandise but don’t fret because coming up we’ve …. ” Again this is impulse building via indifference, they don’t seem to be done promoting this product but but they’re already talking to you about the next one.

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