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It’s simpler than ever to create a video product for sale on the Internet. All right, I know you cannot compete with the large media companies if your dream is to supply the next Lord of the Rings Trilogy. (In that case, your goal ought to be to get a job at a production studio and work your means up.)

Viral video is rapidly becoming one of the vital powerful advertising and marketing tools for boosting traffic to your web site. When you add your video to YouTube, for instance, you simply need to repeat the code that YouTube gives you and paste it into a brand new post in your blog. To distribute your video as a pod cast, you only need to connect an RSS feed to it. As quickly as you do that, your video product is able to reach a potential audience of hundreds of thousands on the Worldwide Web.

As an Internet marketer, you need to concentrate on what you can achieve by creating video merchandise for sale on the Internet: * the sale of video products allows you to launch a web-based business with a minimum cash investment. * If a video product is unsuccessful, it is easy to pull it off the market without running up losses-you haven’t got to spend money on inventory to launch an Internet video business.

With the tools available today, it has become very easy and inexpensive to create and distribute video products.

The ease with which a video product could be uploaded to video sharing websites like YouTube and Google Video is bringing about an explosion in Internet video. YouTube began as a site where individuals could share home videos with family and friends members. And although the majority of the video content material on YouTube continues to be home movies produced by amateurs, the site is beginning to draw professional content material producers and enormous media companies. YouTube lately entered right into a partnership with the BBC, for example, which illustrates how professional video content is beginning to move online.

How to distribute your video product on the Internet? Once you could have created, captured, and uploaded your video to an Internet site, it’s easy to distribute your video content over the Internet. You can also go to www.instant-cd-products.com. (Technically, a video product does not turn out to be a “pod cast” till it has an RSS feed connected to it.) Almost all blogging software program has built-in RSS capability, which is the easiest method to distribute a video product over the Internet.

Once you put up your content online, merely copy the “embed” code given by YouTube, Google Video, or any of the opposite popular video sharing sites, and paste that into a brand new post on your blog. You can then submit your RSS feed to any of the video broadcast sites, and your video is on the Internet.

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