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Shattering The – 1 Myth In Internet Marketing Quick Easy Money

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Fact: 97% of people that start an Internet Marketing business fail! This fact shouldn’t be hype, however a generally recognized statistic throughout the Internet Marketing enterprise community. So if solely 3% or only 3 out of each 100 individuals make enough cash to maintain a web-based business, then why do millions of people keep trying? Simple! They have been fooled into believing the #1 Myth in Internet Marketing which is you can make lots of money, quickly and easily. In this article you will discover the actual truth and how one can drastically change the percentages of success in your favor and maybe join the elite 3% who’re making serious cash online.

So why do so many individuals get fooled into believing Internet Marketing is a “cash cow”? Perhaps as a consequence of all the hype we see and listen to about how peculiar people, down on their luck, who suddenly discover a system or method that generates large sums of money, quickly and simply while working from home. Guess where all of the hype is coming from? The online marketers who’re creating these “get wealthy quick” schemes and merchandise and selling them to you and I. Certainly there is money to be made in Internet Marketing, however sadly solely the elite 3% are making most of it and their profit is from doing an amazing job of selling and selling the #1 myth associated with IM, namely “quick and straightforward money” to the remaining 97% of us!

So how does this happen? Everyone who has ever been involved with Internet Marketing has their very own unique story as to how they received started. Here is a typical chain of occasions that many of you’ll probably relate to:

Phase 1 “Buying Into The Myth”

Generally this often begins with a friend, relative or maybe job colleague telling them a story about somebody they know, or learn about, that’s making a ton of cash since they started their own on-line business. Best of all, you might be your own boss, work from home, and all you actually need is a computer, internet connection, and a few basic data of the right way to create a website. Throw up a website, find a product to sell, both one that you simply created or someone else’s and receives a commission a commission on all your sales (called affiliate marketing) and then “presto”, in a short time the cash will begin rolling in. No more bills, new car, new house, exotic vacations and let the great times roll! (NOT! Sorry getting forward of myself here.)

Phase 2 “Info Overload”

Typically the inexperienced marketer takes on a “sponge” mentality, and is decided to rapidly learn everything there is to know about the best way to make cash online. Never dreaming that there are literally thousands of articles, reports, ebooks (downloadable books), blogs, websites, podcasts, webinars and more which might be focused around making money online. Before lengthy your e-mail is filled with e-mail messages from people you’ve never met, all promising to divulge to you the “secrets” of making a living online in exchange for your name and e-mail address. Although you do not realize it on the time, it is a thing known as “list building” which as you will later learn, is crucial to earning profits online. At this time limit all you understand is that that is FREE and so that you subscribe to 1 marketers listing after another. Before long your head is swirling with all this information, some of it good, some bad, however all claiming to be the answer to your cash making dreams. You go to mattress at evening with terms such as “SEO”, “PPC”, “CPA“, Adwords, Adsense, Traffic, Tracking, Blogging, etc, all dancing around in your mind. Welcome to “Information Overload”! So much information that you have no idea where to start!

Phase three “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”

This phase often starts to price you serious money! By this time you are so stressed over how much there’s to learn that you are willing to think about most any quick and simple method to grow to be successful. Enter the “get rich quick schemes”. Remember all that so referred to as “free” materials you received in Phase 2 in exchange for your name and e-mail address. Well it actually wasn’t! This is a quite common marketing technique utilized by most profitable Internet Marketers to get you on their customer list. Now they’ll e-mail you with product offers, sometimes their own products, but most frequently other online marketers merchandise that they get a fee on if you buy the product using the web link they conveniently provide. Click the link and you are sent to a promotional web page or sales letter page that tries to persuade you in a mess of ways in which you MUST have this product if you are SERIOUS about making money online. By this time you’re probably so fed up and annoyed by your incapacity to earn cash as quick and simple as what you had been led to consider (the myth), that out comes the credit score card. Before long yet another message arrives a couple of NEW launch of a product that may take the Internet business community by storm and make you rich in a couple of weeks or months. “Ching-Ching” … guess who bought one other product! In no time at all, you are jumping from one “deal” to a different as each one looks higher than the last. This lack of focus and desperation shopping for ends up costing you mega money and hours and hours of wasted time, with little if any money made in return.

Phase four “End Of The Dream”

To reach this point may take weeks, months or even years, depending upon how much money you might be willing to throw at your failing Internet Marketing business. The cost may be in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars and all you must show for it are countless hours spent sitting in entrance of your computer, a hard drive or e-book case filled with information, and collections of “get wealthy quick” products that just never appeared to live as much as the nice promotional advertisements you read before you bought them. If you’re really lucky, then perhaps a couple of hundred dollars in profit which is slightly insignificant given all the time and money you spent to make this small profit. Congratulations, you’ve gotten now joined the 97% statistic of entrepreneurs who failed to create a successful on-line business. At this point you might even bitterly announce to all that Internet Marketing would not work, is a scam, or that every one successful marketers should be crooks!

But Wait! REWIND to the beginning! How come 3% of the individuals who develop a web based business are successful? What did most of them know or do, that you just didn’t? Have you ever hear the saying “People Don’t Plan To Fail, They Simply Fail To Plan”? This easy quote incorporates the key to changing into successful in a web based business. You MUST have a stable plan of action from the very starting or find someone who is already very successful as an online marketer (that you’re feeling is honest and trustworthy) and be prepared to study from them, copy their successful strategies and techniques, and within the process keep away from mistakes that could cost you both time and money. Now this info and assistance will probably not be FREE, but it surely WILL greater than pay for itself in the long run when due to this coaching and support you’ll be able to join the elite ranks of the 3% of Internet Marketers who are actually making serious money from their on-line business efforts.

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