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Timing And Your Marketing Plan

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There’s all the time lots of discuss around what advertising and marketing tactics you could possibly or should include in your advertising and marketing plan. But one subject that sort of gets glossed over is one in every of timing.

The timing of your marketing is an important factor in how profitable not solely your plan is, but how effectively you implement your advertising plan.

Keep in thoughts that totally different marketing techniques have different timing needs.

For example, tactics such as a bi-weekly ezine or newsletter, monthly teleseminar, and thrice-weekly blog posts are all ongoing. These recurrently occurring activities help to create a constant presence and maintain you and your business top-of-mind.

Other marketing ways are scheduled round your “events”. For example, you finish writing your new ebook or new eight week course and at the moment are ready to launch it. You’ll have to figure out when the launch date is and schedule specific marketing round that event. You’ll wish to make sure that the timing of these do not interfere together with your regular advertising activities.

Timing of your marketing can also be impacted by others’ events. You could also be invited to speak at a large workshop or telesummit. You have no input into the date of that event and have to time your advertising for this around marketing for your own occasion or activities.

Another thing to keep in mind around the timing of your advertising plan is the frequency with which you’re communicating with people on your list and different places.

For example, I actually have a weekly ezine that goes out each Thursday. I schedule teleseminars on usually one or two Tuesdays every month and I must send out emails to my listing to allow them to know. That normally means one email to inform them, another email to remind them and another with the recording the day after the teleseminar.

If I’m launching a new product or a service, I must send out emails to people to let them learn about it. Depending on the cost of the product or service, this could possibly be anywhere from 2 – 6 emails.

You can begin to see how if I didn’t put some thought into the timing of these marketing emails, I could be bombarding my record with method too many emails in a brief period of time. And I don’t want to do that! It’s not nice and not effective either.

These examples clearly show how timing is a big part of your advertising plan. That’s why some sort of marketing calendar is so important. I even have a arduous copy calendar that I use a pencil to schedule ongoing activities and then try to slot in the different activities that I want to do. I use the eraser a lot!

My advertising and marketing calendar is the first thing I grab whenever I’m fascinated about doing my subsequent marketing tactic. As they say, timing is everything!

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