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What Customers Want – 5 Tips For Marketing Online

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Knowing what customers want online and giving it to them consistently is the key to a successful internet business. What customers want is a question that should always be central to your business thinking and strategy when selling online.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you plan this:

1) Make the solution you offer easy to understand.
We all like quick solutions to our problems, and everyone has their own way of getting to those solutions. Many of the customers you will serve will look on the internet before they do anything else. To respond to what customers want you need to understand what problems they are trying to resolve. So make your website attractive and simple to go through with simple and obvious signposting.

2) Speak their language
Whoever you are targeting in your business, make sure you speak the language of your buyers. For example, if you are targeting a professional group, like lawyers, you need to let them know you understand them and their world, but you also need to explain what it is you’re offering. Most importantly, make sure you communicate the benefits not simply the features of what you are offering and make those benefits tangible.

3) Finding out if the are in a position to buy from you?
Understanding your customer’s situation in terms of buying can save you a lot of time and energy. Not everyone who comes into a shop will buy something – not because they don’t like what you have but because they don’t have the money. Selling online is the same. Make sure you target people who are in a position to buy and when you do make sure your sales copy makes the importance of having your product or service a ‘no-brainer’. Focus on how they will be ‘richer’ not poorer as a result of buying from you. Customers want to know that what you have is for them and that you understand they are potential spenders.

4) Begin to build relationships
Though not always the case, people prefer to buy from people they trust. They are more likely to trust you if they have some kind of relationship with you. If you seem trustworthy on your site and in your email communications (by giving good value) then it raises the chances of them becoming a customer. Few of today’s business people have the time to talk to everyone who calls them.

5) Building that relationship and staying in touch
If possible, strike while the iron is hot. When people first find you it is then they are most receptive to what you are offering. So an immediate offer can work well. In most cases though, as we mentioned in the earlier point, they are more likely to want to get to know you better. So stay in touch and build your relationships. Keep them up to date. Ask permission to make them similar offers and communicate with them frequently. Email is a great way to do this.

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