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Why Do I Need A Basic Marketing Plan – And How Do I Prepare It

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To maximize your potential for success in any new enterprise venture, it’s essential to do the groundwork. You could also be thinking of starting a enterprise or have already jumped into something and find it’s not taking off the way in which you hoped.

Unfortunately many individuals start out with only a basic concept of their mind, and a few written notes. With no actual forethought they search the web and hope to launch a successful business by figuring-it-out as they go along. The reality is most new companies fail for one motive – lack of planning.

Taking the steps to organize a Basic Marketing Plan will set you on a path to full consciousness of the “who, what, where, when and how” of your new business.

“I Understand Why – But I Don’t Have Marketing Experience”

It is just not necessary to be a advertising professional or even a writer. What you want to accomplish is an easy-to-follow ‘to-do list’ in your business. It’s a plan of action. It’s an understanding of the key components of what you plan to do with your enterprise and how you will get there.

It is a abstract which outlines your goals; your meant actions; and, your step-by-step plan of execution. More importantly it is a guide to measure your progress.

Here are some of the elements of a Basic Marketing Plan together with key questions it’s best to answer when making ready your plan.

1) The Niche Product – Steps to Decision Process

Do I actually have a product I need to sell, or do I want to discover a product – if so, how and where? What type of product or service will work for me? Do I must have expertise in this area so I can turn out to be the go-to-authority? Do I even have passion for what I want to sell and is that an essential factor in operating my business?

2) The Target Customer – Steps to Decision Process

Once I even have an thought of my product, who’s my target customer? Why does it matter that I know who my customer is? Can I determine this customer -ie: the customer with a need, want or burning desire to have this product)?

3) The Market Trends for Your Chosen Product(s)

Is my product seasonal? What is the perfect time to advertise my product? What are the developments for this product – is it at all times going to have a demand or is it one thing that has a life-span? Where do I go to search out out info on trends in the market?

4) The Method to Market – Web Site, Blog etc

How will I go to market with my product? The web – a Website – a Blog, Web 2.0. Do I need training to fully understand the ebusiness marketplace? What methods work greatest for my product?

5) The Competition

Who is my competition and what do I need to learn about them? How am I different than my competitors? How can I be higher than my competitors? What actions can I take to keep my customers coming to me instead of my competition?

6) The Timing to Market

Is there a best time to launch my business primarily based on the seasonality of my product offering? Why is that vital to me? What lead time do I need to organize my product launch to ensure I carry on a goal time line?

7) The Time Commitment

What period of time am I prepared to put into my business? Have I thought-about all my present commitments – job, family, activities and hobbies? What can I change to present my business more time? If I can’t change anything do I actually have any spare time to put into this business given that it will likely be a slower start?

8) The Price Point and Promotion Factors

What are my start-up costs? What will my product value me – wholesale? What am I planning to resell this product for? Should I actually have sales or reductions and what am I prepared to scale back my selling worth to? What are my rivals pricing for this same product and how do I compare? When do I count on to make a profit? What do I hope to earn in three month, 6 months etc?

9) The Product Supplier(s) – Finding a Good One.

Who will my product supplier be? How do I discover them? What is their reputation? What are their policies for returns, shipping etc? Do they service worldwide buyers? How will their service have an effect on my buyer satisfaction rating?

10) The Financial Investment

Do I plan to run my business part-time and do I actually have funds to start out up this business? Do I plan to run my business full-time and do I actually have sufficient funds to maintain my family with out a job? How lengthy can I work at my enterprise before needing to make a profit? Do I have an understanding of the hidden costs of a brand new business? What if it takes for much longer to make a revenue – how long can I go before money becomes a problem? What if I fail – can I afford to lose my investment?

11) The Potential Revenue

Can I make some estimation of what I will earn in a 3-month, 6-month, and 1 year timeframe? What is the value of measuring my potential success? What do I plan to do if my enterprise takes off – will I broaden to other products? What are my revenue goal for these time periods?

12) The Risk and Your Risk Tolerance

Do I fully understand all the risks – both monetary and personal? Am I prepared to handle the continuing commitments – each financial and private and how will I make this work?

13) The Steps to Launch

Once I even have my product idea, do I even have a step-by-step launch plan? How do I go about it?

14) The Market Forecast

Will my product sell in the current economic climate? Is this a need-to-have product that will at all times have buyers?

15) The Steps Required to Build and Develop the Business

Do I actually have short and long run goals for my business? How do I plan to measure my success based mostly on these goals? Do I even have a plan for expansion?


Following a Marketing Plan and persevering with to replace your plan because the business is built, will provide a transparent understanding of the areas which can be working and what needs to be fixed.

Without something written down, there is no record which you’ll be able to refer again to. This is vital as time goes by and you need to remember the steps you will have taken to measure your success and make choice about going forward.

Every business has successes and set-backs. Your working version of a Marketing Plan will provide that all-important guide to your ebusiness success.

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