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Why Spend Money On A Marketing Plan When I Can Spend It On The Marketing Itself –

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If you’re a small enterprise owner, you recognize that money flow is the primary killer of small and microbusinesses. We homeowners are time-crunched, and the tasks we select to do at the start of a day not often match up with the list of issues we really did at the end of the day.

Considering this triple whammy, it is no surprise the concept of advertising planning tends to get a giant “Why bother?” out of people.

One of our new clients, Fox Hill Remodeling in Nashua, NH, has a lot going for it. They had a terrific year financially and project-wise in 2007. They’re about to launch a new “3-Week Kitchen” concept that blows the doors off average renovation undertaking timeframes. And they’re going to be appearing at 5 home reveals this year, whereas in previous years they solely did one.

They understand the significance of how marketing boosts a business’ success. But in relation to marketing planning, they raised a query we hear from a lot of other businesses, too:

“Why should I spend money on a plan, when I could just spend it on the advertising itself?”

That question touches all the core issues we flagged in that first paragraph. Owners want to spend their cash wisely, they don’t have time to waste, they usually know what happens to the best-laid plans of mice and men.


Without solid plan in place to guide, track, automate, and oversee the following 12 months of your marketing efforts, how will you make sure:

* The cash you spend on one-off advertising efforts serves the Big Picture success of your business?

* You’ve got one thing – extra sales, more clients, extra revenue, a greater reputation, extra respect in your subject or community, increased brand awareness, etc. – to show for your marketing efforts and investments?

* Your enterprise has a stronger, more constant and more strong foundation, on-line and off?

* You’ve increased ways and incentives for folks to “take the following step” with you – whether meaning spending money, investing time and energy, recommending you to their buddies and associates, or simply thinking of you next time they want your particular product, service, or expertise?

* You stay competitive, creative, focused, and practical about what you can do with the budget and sources you have?

The easy answer? You can’t, and you won’t.

Ouch. Not good, for your small business OR your bottom line.

Still, when money flow is everything, it’s arduous to justify spending 1000’s of dollars simply to have someone give you yet another to-do record you:

a) Can’t see the value of

b) Don’t think you may have the time, money, or sources to implement, or

c) Fear will not produce results

More than anything, then, you want to know what separates a waste-of-time marketing plan from a customized, focused, professionally-crafted marketing plan designed particularly around your business’s brief and long run success.

A customized, focused, professionally-crafted advertising plan:

* Begins together with your end targets in mind.

* Develops everything round your core message, mission, and vision.

* Aims to communicate along with your distinct target market, using their language, solving their unique problems, and highlighting the benefits only you possibly can deliver to them.

* Makes essentially the most of your advertising budget, serving to you monitor the affect and effectiveness of selling campaigns and outreach efforts.

* Is solid sufficient to weather any storms, yet versatile enough to grab opportunities when they come along.

* Delivers results.(!)

Odds are, you would not trust a house builder who chucked a bunch of wood and nails in a pile and instructed you he may build your dream house from scratch primarily based on nothing however whims and instincts. Why, then, achieve this many business house owners trust their reputations, growth, and revenue-generating opportunities to unintended marketing?

While there might not be any guarantees in life – especially in the case of marketing – there are ways to exponentially increase the probabilities of quantifiable, measurable success with the right strategic plan in place.

So, if you’ve never before invested in a plan to streamline your marketing, enhance your bottom line, rev-up your reputation, and produce measurable results, this might be a great time to give it a try.

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