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8 Excellent Tips on How to Run a Guerilla Marketing Campaign

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Guerilla marketing can be one of the most effective ways of gaining visibility and attracting new customers. What is guerilla marketing? Well, it is when you use fun, new, and innovative ways for promoting your business, products, or services. It can be used almost anywhere, including the internet. We are going to cover 8 tips and ideas to help you with your online guerilla marketing campaign.

Creating Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to grab someone's attention. It's been proven over and over that people pay attentions to videos way more than they do text or audio, so use this to your advantage and come up with some creative videos and watch your traffic sky rocket. With sites such as YouTube, you will have no problem publishing it to a place where everyone can see.

Hosting a Webinar

If you can interact with people and keep them entertained, then it is a great idea to host a webinar. They aren't too popular yet, but are starting to be seen more and more. What a webinar is, is an online conference with multiple people. So you will be talking to your audience about your niche and providing them value with a live presentation. You can provide tutorials, explanations, or anything else that you think will help your marketing efforts.

Create a Podcast

Having a consistent podcast can do wonders for marketing campaigns. Since a podcast is basically just 1 or more people talking about certain subjects, they can easily be made into audio only files for easy access. Even if you do plan to video tape the podcast, make sure that people who are only listening won't miss out on much just because they aren't watching.


Although blogging can hardly be called innovative or new, you can always use different strategies to attract new viewers. Blogs can be used in so many ways that they are an essential part of any marketing campaign. They can be integrated with social media, used to post interviews, allows multimedia, and everything else. So make sure to have a blog up and running and come up with a creative and fun strategy for it.

Provide a Free Sample or Trial

Although you may not like giving things away for free, it can be a very good idea. Providing people with a free way of experiencing what you have to offer might be the push they need to finally buy your products. Not only are they more inclined to buy the products, but they will also let their friends and family know about it. There is nothing better than word of mouth, so if you can, give your potential customers a taste of what their money is about to buy.

Host Community Events or Contents

Having people come together to interact about your niche can really bring you come good visibility. Even if you don't decide to promote your products or services, your company will look good in the eyes of your community and more people will know who you are. If you host a contest, you will probably need to have some type of reward, but all of those details are up to you.

Use Unique Images on Social Networking Sites

Images have always been a big part of social media, so join in all of the fun. Images are still just as effective as they were in the beginning, so if you can provide some relevant images that are appealing to your target audience, you will start to see some traffic.

Keep in Touch With Your Audiences

When you are using guerilla marketing techniques, it can be easy to forget to actually respond to people who comment on your things. You should make sure and take the time to talk to your audiences because that is exactly what they might need to give them the last push into buying your products or services. Once people see that you actually care about what they have to say, then they will feel much more connected to your company and will start to trust you.

There are plenty of guerilla marketing tactics, these are just 8 that should get you started in the right direction.

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Some important facts that you need to know about affiliate marketing

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Nowadays, with the widespread use of the internet, everyone wants to make money online so that they can boost their income level and have enough money to make ends meet. The problem, which most people face while meeting their debt obligations is lack of funds and therefore they start looking for the online ways in which they can make extra money. Among all the online cash generation methods, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways in which you can make money and also use them in order to make ends meet. Make money affiliate marketing tips are available on the internet and you have to make sure that you check them in order to take the best step possible. If you're not much educated about the affiliate marketing basics, here's help for you. Read on.

  • What actually is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of online business where you will be rewarded for promoting the products and services of the merchant company. For example if you sign up with a debt affiliate program and you promote their debt elimination products and get some debtors to sign up with their website, you may gain commission on every lead that you generate. This is one of the quickest and cheapest ways in which you can generate online cash without creating any product on your own. You simply have to create connections between the buyer and the purchaser and this will help you earn dollars online.

  • How does the entire affiliate marketing work?

When you join an affiliate marketing program and choose the products that you want to sell, the sellers will provide you with some unique code, the banner links, the advertisements through which you have to promote the products and then increase the amount of money that you can earn online. You can use any medium for marketing the products of the merchant company, either through e-mails, the social networking website, through blogs and many more ideas can be explored. The visitors who will be interested in the links will click on them and will soon be redirected to the product website. If they subscribe with them, the merchant company gets a lead and you earn a commission. Such affiliate programs can be pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click.

  • Why should you become an affiliate marketer when you have other resources too?

Well, though there are many ways in which you can make an online earning, affiliate marketing is the most common way in which you can earn money sooner. Here are some reasons why.

  • Cost-effective way: You just have to sign up with the merchant company, know a bit of internet marketing and promote the products. This entire process will not involve your dollars and therefore you need not invest them in order to make money.

  • No joining fees: You need not pay any kind of joining fees while signing up with the merchant company as an affiliate marketer.

  • Passive income scope from home: After you complete your day job, earning through the affiliate marketing programs will be the best way to augment your monthly income so that you're able to make ends meet.

Therefore, when you're looking for ways in which you can boost your monthly income in order to be able to make ends meet, you should always try to opt for making money through affiliate programs. Go through the make money affiliate marketing tips so as to take the best step forward.

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How To Get Paid For Blogging

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With the two services at blogger.com and wordpress.com everyone now has the option of creating an online business with a blog without paying a dime. Just because it is possible to create an online business and start getting paid for writing articles does not mean everyone will. The fact is 97% of online business fail within the first year because of no income. People get sick of working for nothing and quickly give up which is the reason successful bloggers created blogs they love so money or no they kept writing. The way Google looks at a new blog is one through skeptical eyes. If your blog is under a year old then you can forget about ranking well unless you are an expert at seo and have the ability to gain authority links quickly. For those new to the online business or blogging game take this first year to learn everything you can about online business and blogging. One important area new bloggers should focus on is search engine optimization since it is the greatest source we have for free web traffic.

To start a blogging business all you need is a free account at one of the resources listed in the above paragraph and an article you can publish. Create the blog with keywords in mind making sure to place them in your URL, Title, and Description. If you need help picking keywords head over to adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal type in a keyword which you feel reflects your website well and this tool will tell you the monthly traffic the keyword generates. Once you have the keywords up and running on your blog and the main template done it is time to begin writing and internet marketing. Personally I think for the first year you need to mix these two marketing the content you publish.

Remember the first little while your blog will not be widely known or accepted so for a boost write at the very least one post a day then submit it to a quality list of article directories which you can find by doing a quick Google search. You should also have four or five social bookmarking websites that will allow you to submit your new posts to. This will allow you to gain referral traffic from both the social bookmarking and article directories as well as backlinks from the article directories. As your articles become published in the major directories you will notice that Google will quickly find your blog and index it. As you write more and more as well as market your presence you will notice traffic coming in slowly. With the traffic comes the possibility of monetization which is making money from traffic. The first program I started with and one of the easiest you can use for monetization is Google Adsense. Next you can try some affiliate marketing websites such as amazon.com affiliate program and clickbank. All you need to do is sign up and find products which are closely related to your website or blog then attempt to sell them.

Now the way I have made thousands online is by marketing paid to take surveys affiliate programs.

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