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Is Your Blog Full Of Gaping Comment Holes?

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By Monika Mundell

It’s been another day of blogging for you. You studiously posted your latest entry, hoping to hit the jackpot this time. You go to bed feeling great. After all, you accomplished something haven’t you. The next morning you get up only to find that your blog is eerily quiet.

No comments!

You grab your head, tear your hair out and shout “What the f#$@ just happened? Why are people not storming my blog. What is it I’m doing wrong?”

Here is the thing. Probably nothing. You are doing nothing wrong except…

…not taking action.

If you are anything like my husband (who by the way is a great blogger) and feel like writing a post once every week and then sit back and wait for the action to start, you will be disappointed just like him. See, you can’t expect an avalanche out of nothing. Posting a great blog entry doesn’t necessarily mean that the troops will storm your castle at the first opportunity.

They will first have to know where your castle is!

Aha. Do I hear a common breath of relieve just now? Bloggers don’t get discovered miraculously. They too have to work for recognition from their peers.

I’ve been trying to explain that to my husband too and while he totally understands were I’m coming from, he still doesn’t spend time to network. So his blog stays quiet. The sad thing is that he has so much potential for greatness like so many of you who blog in the darkness.

Eventually you just give up. I can see this gradually evolving and many of my former blogging buddies have since bit the dust, so to speak.

The first signs were infrequent posts, then came the long periods of no action followed by sudden death.

This saddens me, as so much effort goes into a blog when we first start out. We feel like we can embrace the world, only to crash to the floor in full speed.

Do you feel like that? Do you feel lonely on your blog? If you do, what have you tried to clean away the cobwebs?

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