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8 Mistakes To Be Avoided In Your Marketing Blog

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If you are an internet marketer or at least it maybe your intention in the near future, then this tips will help you when starting a blog for your business.

Avoid This 8 Mistakes.

1 Not Thinking "Business" Immediately. Many internet marketers think that the money should come after everything else has been done. But that is not the case. You need to think in making money right from the very beginning.

2 Not Monetising Your Blog Immediately. If you wait to add the advertising for instance, your visitors might get use to it and trying to include advertisement at a later stage may be a real hassle. Just Start right at the beginning with adverts so that your visitors are used to them.

3 Not Having Your Opt-in Box in a Conspicuous Place from the Very Beginning. You want to build an opt-in list right at the beginning, remember, the money is in the list. You might not get many opt-ins by just having a box there, that´s why you will need a bribe like a free ebook to get subscribers.

4 Not Having Your RSS Feed Icon Visible. Many readers will be happy to subscribe to your feed instead of your opt-in list. They might hesitate to receive email from you, but they will be much more willing to subscribe to your full RSS feed.

5 Turning off Reader Comments. Also place your social bookmarking links in front of your visitors so they can participate in the content you post. You really want their feedback and participation. It creates a some loyal following.

6 Not Doing Search Engine Optimization. This is even more important when creating micro niche sites or niche sites, you will need visitors from the serps, these ones are far better than any other kind of traffic to make money online with adsense.

7 Not Doing Proper Keyword Research. You need to know what are the best keywords that brings traffic and that are easier to dominate in the serps, without them your marketing efforts are useless.

8 Tip Toeing Around the Idea of Making Money Online. Many marketers think that by commercialising their blog they are somehow going against the protocol of the internet. But I can assure you that this is the same as the offline world, if you are not aggresive in the commercialization of your blog you will never get a real online business.

Advertising is the most powerful tool to succeed offline or online, believe me, I have an offline biz and without ads my biz can get pretty lonesome, is like having a site without visitors and it does not feel good at all to hear the eccho just because you denied yourself to be as aggresive as posible.

This is a very competitive world, don´t be shy and fight for your online business as hard as you can.

You need to grab the opportunities and make the most of them. Your blog is the first part of your enterprise. This is where you can discuss your product or service that you wish to offer to your visitors. Make sure that it is your shop window to the online world.

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As I told you, I need to do some marketing for my blog too, be agrrrrresive, this is a though world 🙂

How Serious Are You About Your Online Business?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. Very nice article. I agree to all of these, making money from blogging is not instant glory. But it helps a lot if you won’t think of monetizing and making money instead, think of helping others first. A good return might happen if you start helping others before thinking of your profit.

    • Hi Kitchen,

      You are right but monetizing it is not precisely to push your readers to buy from you it means that you have to use some ads or some way to monetize your site in a way your readers get use to it or it would be real hard to change that later.

      You can begin with very few ads and all of them fully targeted to your niche and never support any products or services that you do not personally like.

    • Hi Peter,

      Well at least you can be sure that you can count me within your subscribers, lol.

      Maybe your links are not big enough, I see the RSS icon it is big and visible but maybe some new people does not know what that icon means. You may need to have a more visible box with the letters calling to action like “Subscribe me”.

      It seems you are not using any list building box. Are you building your subscriber list? using any kind of autorresponder?

  2. Good post Luis. I agree that you shouldn’t build an ad free blog and suddenly switch things up. You should be consistent with your approach and not do things that could lose readership. An aggressive approach is not always best though. Take a look at what other similar blogs do. If your niche doesn’t have much advertising, an ad heavy blog might not do well in that niche. It depends on what your demographics are accustomed to.

    • Hi Laptop Briefcases,

      You are right, but been aggressive does not mean overload your site with ads, but you may have them to an amount according to your niche, and may increase them over time slowly, but never to make the read difficult with too many distractions, we need to find a proper balance according to every niche.

  3. As far as tip #2, I would say that is debatable. I think there are Pros and Cons to it… sometimes when you don’t monetize in the beginning it can be easier to gain links, etc.

    Till then,


    • Hi Jean,

      It maybe, but whenever you try to include some adsense or banners then you may lose some of your followers. Anyway I am not saying that you need to have your new site flooded with ads but maybe begin with only one small ad unit just to make presence not to make much profit, so this way your readers will be used to it and when you decide to increase that it should be gradually a deww more one month and then some more the next but without abusing. You may avoid using to much images and banners, this may help to give a clean look to your site.

  4. Hi luis,

    I like the overall thought of your article here. Not thinking of money first when starting a blog, I agree because you are right, try helping people first with your articles and money comes next.

    People will just eventually start reading your articles again and again.

    Nice article luis, thanks for this one.


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