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How To Make Entrecard Useful Besides The Flash Traffic Dropers in Your Site

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This is actually just an experiment since some people, or should I say a lot of people are complaining about the kind of traffic that Entrecard  gives.

This idea come to me before reading a post by Brian D Hawkins from ExtremeEzine about removing Entrecard widget from all of his sites except from his personal blog. I agree with him many (I dont want to say that everyone since I dont want to be unfair with the good ones) dropers just drop by in your site for a mere 50 seconds or less if they can, just trying to get their 300 drops per day.

I will try to be fair with Entrecard (as you may see in my “right” sidebar, as if there were other sidebar, I still have the widget) there are Pros and Cons, let me summarise what I think it is the Pros.

Entrecard Pros.

  1. Instant Free Traffic for New Sites helping you with Alexa ranking and Traffic stats.
  2. Allows you to Know Great Sites and Make New Friends, all of this is good since a blog success came from your ability to build a community and friendship around you.
  3. Allows you to Publish your Ad in other sites with the Entrecard widget as if you were paying a 125 ad but in this case you will pay with credits and not with money.
  4. Interesting, its kinda hard to find more Pros (I guess Brian it is happy now), so I think lets continue with the Cons.

Entrecard Cons.

  1. Bounce Rate Incredibly High as many of the dropers just took about 50 seconds or less and leave to return the next day to do the same and do not even leave a comment.
  2. Too Time Consuming if you try to drop 300 daily, thats why many of the dropers leave faster than lightning strike.
  3. Drop Less than 300 and You Dont Get Much Benefit, I had read about some people actually succeeding but they need to drop 300 consistently.
  4. No Guarantee That You Will Get a Drop Back. Meaning no traffic at all from that drop, therefore your effort lost.

Ok for now I think it is enough for you, even if you are not familiar with Entrecard to get the picture of the problems associated with this traffic exchange site.

Living in a Perfect World System

LPWS for short (or lazy, whatever you want to call me) will rescue some of the fast lightning traffic from dropers.

What if we place a PPC ad below or above the Entrecard widget and instead of your dropers leaving somehow, they leave by clicking your adsense or bidvertiser ad to actually give a look to the offer of that ad. We do not want to break any G rules asking people to click in your ads, anyway we are not telling people to do so, we are telling “Dropers” to do so. Of course, you will need to return the favor, droping and clicking away by one of their ads placed near by the widget.

Why I called LPWS, well because to avoid been banned you need Dropers to follow that unwritten rule to leave your site away by clicking your ads and actually visiting the site they clicked. Then it may be a win-win situation for everyone.

What Will You Win With This New Approach.

Let me summarize:

  1. 1 Credit from the Drop
  2. 1 Click into your PPC´s
  3. Traffic That Will Still Help With Your Stats

Now lets do some basic calculations to get a better picture of how much you will be able to collect from PPC´s ads.

Lets assume you get 300 drops per day with an average of 0.5 cents per click, then you will have $150 dlls per day multiply that by 30 days, thats an awesome $4,500.00 dlls per month just from PPCs.

Wouldnt you agree Brian that if we were living in that Perfect World, Entrecard will be very appealing even for you?

Disclaimer: All of the above may vary based upon your keywords in your site and the ads displaying in it as well as the drops, may not be 300 daily.

What did you think? Could this work?

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. Hi Luis, Thank you for the trackbacks, it is appreciated. I love the post but I’m still unclear how the droppers know to click a PPC ad and that they’ll get reciprocation. Like you said, anything asking them to can trigger another problem. Do they find out from this post or some other notice? It would be pretty tough to have enough content to get the ads to be Entrecard related.

    Another idea might be to put something that would appeal to Entrecard droppers. Something like an inexpensive ebook might make sense. Or perhaps a free Entrecard email course to build a list. Just a couple ideas. Very traditional I know but I’m old 🙂

    It is an interested topic. I like the way you are trying to make Entrecard work better rather than just dropping it, no pun intended lol

  2. @Brian D. Hawkins- lol, so did you like the idea. I know it wasnt a refined idea yet, I guess PPC in a MMO blog can work out well, since the ads will be about to make money online and almost everybody can be tempted to check it out. Of course, your idea looks very attractive to me, an Ebook or some affiliate link, that could gives you more than PPC. Right now as you may see, I am trying with a single ad below the widget. I let you know if I see how to tell Dropers without actually telling them (sounds pretty damn hard) and if I generate some cents or millions, lol.

    Thanks to visit Brian, truly appreciated.

    @Sherry-Nice to see you here. I know it could be very time consuming, but if we all the Dropers of the world unite to do so, we can make a lot of money. Could be real hard to unite them all, lol.

    @Classifieds- Yes it could bring you some traffic, I am just looking for some crazy ways to not quit on Entrecard, lol.

  3. Hi and thanks for the info.

    I use to drop around the 300 mark everyday, but it’s very time consuming and bandwidth in South Africa is expensive so I have slowed down a bit.

    I like your idea about the PPC being close to the drop, but the chances are still slim that the user will click on the link. I am trying something similar on my blog whereby I put sponsor/affiliate banners to the right of my entrecard spot and I must admit that the clicks I’m getting are high. I had this in mind a few days ago as the click through rate was very low (1-5 a day) and now I average around 10-20 clicks a day.

    I’m still testing this out.

    Another note for you is the security code is very lite and hard to see the numbers.

    • @George Serradinho, Hi George, actually the problem will be to ask other dropers to click on that ad but without breaking any G rules. I´m still thinking how I can achieve that.

  4. HI Luis,
    I have stopped using Entrecard ever since I changed my blog theme. I had some bad experience with it because the widget slowed down the blog loading time. You’ve got a great idea here but not sure if everyone will do the clicking though. Wish you great success on this experiment.

    Peter Lee

    • passive income ideas- Hi Peter, Yeah I know that still my major problem, How to make dropers to click and of course I would need to return the favor. Drop and Click, sound good for a campaign, is in it? lol.

  5. Hi Luis,

    Glad you posted this article. I’m very new to Entrecard and I was wondering what the pros and cons were regarding the program. You gave me some good insight with your post. I do like your ideas on how to make Entrecard more effective but as you and others have stated, it would be very difficult to get others to follow. I’ll be checking back to see how things work out.

    Thanks and best regards,

  6. My biggest problem is inconsistent drop backs. I always drop 300 per day and use the Drops inbox for 95% of my drops, but usually don’t get all of them back everyday.

    But like you said, if we were living in a perfect world, everyone would drop back, and everyone would make a purchase 🙂

    • Hi self defense Rob,

      Yes I know, that´s why I know my figures are just the optimum, not an actual figure for everyday. But still, I generated 1.43 dlls in less than 7 days with only that extra ad below my Entrecard widget.

      But I don´t drop 300 like you do, so I guess droping that number would have a lot better results.

      Don´t you want to make the experiment? lol.

      I drop from my own list and some from my drop inbox, since you are one of my top dropers, I almost drop back on you everyday, but it is also a Time factor, I mean sometimes I drop in some site at 11pm and the next day I am droping at 9pm or so and I cannot drop on that site until it elapsed 24 hours, then I forgot to return to that site and the end result is I don´t drop back.

      But if you want I can reciprocate your drops and clicks if you have a PPC or something close to your widget.

      Did you think this experiment can be improve it?

    • Make Money Online- Yes Ben, but you have to actually visit the sites to drop a card on their widgets and then as many do, just click away giving you a huge bouncing traffic stats. This bouncing rate it is the envy of any NBA Pro star, guess even Michael Jordan in its prime would felt some envy.

    • Shireishou, Hi, welcome to my blog. Yeah, lol, it kinda hard to make so many drops I prefer to make comments in my visitors blogs like yours, I think it could be more beneficial then just dropping. Of course if you just drop enough and leave a comment in any blog you drop in then it would be better. Hope to see you often.

  7. ahaaaa, I’m only able drop in my inbox …I will find my time to do the extra. thanks for sharing the info.

    @clickktdotcom still not replying why we cannot use entrecard and google adsance both in one site. I really want to know.

    • Hi Noridah,

      Welcome to my blog.

      I still don´t know eiter if Google do not like Entrecard. But since I do not drop much then they will not see much traffic coming from Entrecard anyway.

  8. Nice ideas you got there. Will put it up on my blog bruneiandollar

    Though, Entrecard is not suppose to be the easiest method. There are all kinds of ways to make the best out of a bloggers life. Like posting on article directories, go for automated postings and updates with social networking sites, etc. All of these are what bloggers suppose to do.

    But the REAL money comes from behind the blog. By treating your blog like a business, and start selling stuff through affiliates or your own products or services, that’s where and when you can actually start seeing real cash. Entrecard is just another fun promotional tool and nothing more.
    .-= Bruneian Dollar´s last blog ..Getting Paid To Share Content =-.

  9. My experience with EntreCard is just beginning, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that it’s NOT just an exchange and the real benefit is making friends like a community provides. I have a blog set up just for EntreCard and it’s doing all I expected.

  10. Good Luck with that. We can’t even get them to put the widget above the fold. I use to waste a lot of time looking for the widget. Now, I just waste slightly less time closing out any website that doesn’t have the widget in the correct position.

    Another method of slowing down your bounce rate is dropping mostly cards that are relevant to your site. Hopefully, you’ll have good enough content to interest them and want them to stay awhile.

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