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How To Become a Blogger

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If you are a begginer in the blogging world or want to become one then I have found this FREE first video from a series of 10 that will be very useful to you.

If you are a very experimented Blogger or even an intermediate then this videos may seem pretty basic, well they are.

Those videos are for begginers, but Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick will release a New Free report on December 1st,Roadmap to Become a Blogger” that maybe interesting to check out, they have an early notification list in case you are interested, well, I am.

So I will post whenever it becomes Live to let all the readers/visitors know, in case anyone wants to download it for FREE.

The 10 FREE videos are:

Video 1 – Why You Should Use WordPress (This is the one below)
Video 2 – How To Get Your Own Domain Name
Video 3 – How To Get A Web Host
Video 4 – How To Install WordPress
Video 5 – How To Upload Files To Your Webhost Using FTP
Video 6 – Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your New Blog
Video 7 – How To Install And Use WordPress Plugins
Video 8 – How To Create Your First Blog Post And Blog Page
Video 9 – What RSS Is And Why You Need It
Video 10 – How To Use Feedburner For Supercharging Your RSS Capabilities

Go ahead watch the next video!!!

“Why You Should Use WordPress” Video #1

If you want to watch all the videos visit Yaro and Gideon´s site Become a Blogger

The only missing as I see it, is they havent talk too much about Traffic , they may talk something more about it in the RoadMap Report, who knows.

I do think you cannot become successful without Traffic and there is no such a thing as enough Traffic, there always be better to have more than less even with the associated problems with too much traffic as server crashes or pretty high bills from your webhosting provider due to excess of bandwidth.

Did this videos had been helpful to you? Did you think they are too Basic?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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