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How To Get Paid For Blogging

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With the two services at blogger.com and wordpress.com everyone now has the option of creating an online business with a blog without paying a dime. Just because it is possible to create an online business and start getting paid for writing articles does not mean everyone will. The fact is 97% of online business fail within the first year because of no income. People get sick of working for nothing and quickly give up which is the reason successful bloggers created blogs they love so money or no they kept writing. The way Google looks at a new blog is one through skeptical eyes. If your blog is under a year old then you can forget about ranking well unless you are an expert at seo and have the ability to gain authority links quickly. For those new to the online business or blogging game take this first year to learn everything you can about online business and blogging. One important area new bloggers should focus on is search engine optimization since it is the greatest source we have for free web traffic.

To start a blogging business all you need is a free account at one of the resources listed in the above paragraph and an article you can publish. Create the blog with keywords in mind making sure to place them in your URL, Title, and Description. If you need help picking keywords head over to adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal type in a keyword which you feel reflects your website well and this tool will tell you the monthly traffic the keyword generates. Once you have the keywords up and running on your blog and the main template done it is time to begin writing and internet marketing. Personally I think for the first year you need to mix these two marketing the content you publish.

Remember the first little while your blog will not be widely known or accepted so for a boost write at the very least one post a day then submit it to a quality list of article directories which you can find by doing a quick Google search. You should also have four or five social bookmarking websites that will allow you to submit your new posts to. This will allow you to gain referral traffic from both the social bookmarking and article directories as well as backlinks from the article directories. As your articles become published in the major directories you will notice that Google will quickly find your blog and index it. As you write more and more as well as market your presence you will notice traffic coming in slowly. With the traffic comes the possibility of monetization which is making money from traffic. The first program I started with and one of the easiest you can use for monetization is Google Adsense. Next you can try some affiliate marketing websites such as amazon.com affiliate program and clickbank. All you need to do is sign up and find products which are closely related to your website or blog then attempt to sell them.

Now the way I have made thousands online is by marketing paid to take surveys affiliate programs.

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  1. Blogging is really a profitable business for anyone. But it requires more research and dedication.The more important thing is How you targeting your visitors and making ready content for them. Because its more essential to provide fresh and meaningful content to regular visitors..

  2. I love to write, so I think this could be a way for me to earn a little extra money. When I googled the topic, I got so many results it was hard to decide where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions about where I could start looking for blogging jobs? Thanks…

  3. Creating many – leveled Spintax is always a powerful tool when doing SEO. There are so many programs that will actually o this for you nowadays, it’s almost not worth it to learn to spin “manually”.

  4. Blogging is a very fun way to earn money for helping people to enjoy what you enjoy. And the best thing is that the more you enjoy, the more others enjoy, the more money you can earn. I love it!

  5. This is a great article but as DNS said we all have different styles. Thanks for the info there are a few things I hadn’t thought of It can be hard to find just the right way to make money blogging.

  6. Blogging is source of internet marketing business but you have to do more research on it. Here, one thing is an important that how do you target your visitors and you have to put unique content for your blogs.

  7. Thanks for the tips on how to get paid for blogging. I think I still need to build up my own site before I can branch out and work some of these tactics. But thanks for the info I have some more research to do.

  8. Great article blogging can be a profitable business for just about anyone. But it requires a lot of research and total dedication, not to mention most of your time.The more important thing to think about is how you are going to target your visitors and make content that is relevant for them. and by the way I love the site revamp. Very sleek and nice.

  9. It depends on your interest ultimately. Work on what you enjoy, and you never have to work a single day.

    Same thing applies to blogging i believe, if you never liked to write, making money via blogging may be a very dry business. For people who loves to read, write and share, it’s going to be pretty easy getting readership and making money from it.

    My personal opinion really.

  10. Write about what you like and make sure that your readers can’t find that info anywhere else. Then market your blog like crazy to attract a lot of visitors.

  11. The first program I started with and one of the easiest you can use for monetization is Google Adsense. Next you can try some affiliate marketing websites such as amazon.com affiliate program and clickbank.

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