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Internet Marketing Blog Ideas

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By Ian Small Hosting

Internet Marketing is a huge world. You can talk many things on it. If you blog about internet marketing, here are some ideas for you to write about internet marketing starting from the basics:

  • What is internet marketing
  • What determine your success in internet marketing
  • How to be a successfull blogger
  • Post frequency and post length
  • Determining your niche
  • How to do keyword research
  • What topic you should write
  • How to choose a domain name
  • How to choose brandable domain
  • How to choose a hosting company
  • How to install wordpress
  • How to upgrade wordpress
  • How to use FTP software
  • How to use fantastico
  • What steps do you need to install your blog
  • What plugin to use in your blog
  • Setting theme for your blog
  • SEO plugin for your blog
  • Where do you find content for your blog
  • How to find writing ideas
  • What is PLR and how can you use it
  • How to write an good article
  • How to hire people to write on your blog
  • How to market your blog
  • Making marketing plan for your blog
  • How to submit your blog to search engine
  • How to build backlink
  • How to increase your traffic
  • How to increase your feed subscriber
  • How to comment on other people blog
  • What is PageRank
  • How to increase your PageRank
  • How to get traffic from traffic exchange
  • How to build links with other blog
  • How to get reciprocal links
  • What is SEO
  • What is black hat SEO
  • What is google Sandbox
  • How to optimize your blog for search engine
  • How can you do SEO on your blog
  • How to build community for your blog
  • Social network / social bookmarking website list
  • How to attract more comments on your blog
  • Directory website list
  • Do follow blog list
  • How to find do follow blog
  • Mybloglog review and tips
  • Twitter review and tips
  • Squidoo review and tips
  • Entrecard review and tips
  • StumbleUpon review and tips
  • Digg review and tips
  • Using PPC for your blog
  • Article marketing guide
  • Writing ebook to get traffic
  • How to get returning visitor
  • How to increase pages indexed by Google
  • Google adwords tips
  • How to get traffic from Google images
  • Advertising at Craiglist
  • Promotion using podcast
  • How to tackle spam in forum
  • Choosing between small or big PPC company
  • How to write an effective ad on Adwords
  • How to monetize your blog
  • How to monetize forum
  • How to sell banner space
  • What are Adsense alternative
  • Text Adsense vs graphic adsense
  • How to add Adsense into blogger
  • Adbrite review and tips
  • Kontera review and tips
  • Chitika review and tips
  • Text-Link-Ads.com review and tips
  • Can you do adsense arbitrage
  • How to increase your adsense revenue
  • What is affiliate marketing
  • What product should you sell
  • Doing guest blogging on other people blog
  • Press releases your article
  • Promoting through Youtube
  • How to set an attractive forum signature
  • How to be a sucessfull affiliate marketer
  • How to write an attractive email subject
  • How to write a powerfull sales letter
  • How to write a powerfull landing page
  • How to get opt-in list
  • Do you need to buy opt-in list
  • How to do email marketing
  • How to use autoresponder
  • Increasing your affiliate earning
  • How to hide your affiliate link
  • Analyzing your blog statistic
  • How good are your blog stats
  • Using feed reader software to track other blog update
  • Feed that you are subscribed
  • Viral Marketing for your blog
  • How to find high paying keywords
  • How to brand your blog
  • How to create a pdf file

With that topics, you can write 100 articles. If you write twice a week, then this is a 50 weeks (1 year) of content. You can even write an ebook with those topics above.

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