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Which Site Host Has The Largest Variety Of Design Choices?

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With so loads of site hosts having their own blogging systems, or them buying into using third party blogging systems, there are lots of of different sites round. And the problem is that it may not always be practical to choose your host based on how plenty of designs they have. The question goes deeper – how loads of designs do they have available to you?

Is this a sufficient reason to choose a site host?
But over this, how reliable is the host? Will the site be correctly backed up and security protected? Will your site be up most of the time and will it be able to handle the volumes of traffic that you might be receiving? And what will they charge you for all of this?

Selecting a host for your blog is in excess of seeing the count of different design options, but you do not want to be on a weblog host with only a handful of designs.

There is another side to the question
However, there is an answer to all of these options in one go and that is, in part, to do it yourself. But don’t panic it is simpler than it sounds! And that is because the answer must be WordPress. As one of the most widely used blogging platforms around there is heaps of support for it. A lot of website hosts include single click hosting for WordPress, but even those that don’t you can straightforwardly install it on.

All that you need to do to install it to nearly any host is to pay for your hosting space (with PHP), ensure that that there is an MySQL database included in the hosting and then follow the straightforward instructions to upload and activate your new website. You are then up and running.

The benefits of WordPress
WordPress is free and numerous people use it. And for this reason it has snowballed into a huge and very popular tool. This means that a load of people are trying different ways of benefiting from the tool themselves and this includes creating “themes”, which are different designs that you can merely add straight into your weblog and use, quite often for free.

Therefore, there are a countless number of high quality ready made designs available for WordPress and for any other single platform, or host, to beat this record is practically impossible.

If you want to start blogging with a tool that has plenty of design options, even down to being able to edit the available options and creating your own from scratch, then which host you go for does not really matter, just as long as you could install WordPress.

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Written by Keith Lunt

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