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How To Make The Word “Free” Sell For You In Autopilot

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The online world has a concept that "free" it is the only way to go online. This makes one wonder,  why would the price tag of $0.00 be so powerful?

Then should you give something for free? If you are new in the IM business then the answer should be a big "Yes". You will need to giveaway something. This may be a reward for people that sign up to your opt-in list or to create an awareness of  your online business and this word "FREE" help you to sell yourself or your product or service that you offer.

Use it to not only build an opt-in list but also to spread your name and reputation. Pick and choose bits of your best stuff that you have written. Add some graphics and convert into a PDF for easy distribution.

A free guide or info book will get people to talk about you, build your credibility and on the whole spread good vibes about you.

Why then the internet love a ‘free’ economy?  The main reason for this is because you as an internet marketer have no credibility yet. You have no history of delivering good products. You are an unknown guy but of course not for long if you continue working hard.

How are people going to know whether the content you produce is worth paying for if you are a totally unknown guy? They don’t. They have no basis against which they can judge you as they have seen nothing at all of yours besides a few articles on a blog or an online presence in social media.

How does the customer judge whether spending their money is the right move? With great difficulty.

Why then you require something to be given away for free? You would if there is other competing material available for free. This is what is happening to the online media. Newspapers are not able to sell subscriptions to their content because there is so much competing information available.

Why pay if there is all of it there for you to tap into at no cost to yourself? Wouldn’t make sense to anybody to pay for something that they can arrange to have delivered to their RSS reader for free.

What about other online marketers? Do they face the same situation? Only if they are a totally unknown people. Then they need to offer their product for free. This is because they need to build credibility. But this does not mean you can not monetize your free product, that is why having some affiliate links can help to earn some money even if you give away some ebook for free.

There are internet marketers who sell their books, courses, online content for a fortune. They sell it at close on a thousand dollars or for some quite substantial subscription per month. How do they manage to do this? Really easily. They have built credibility and have become an authority in their field.

This takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Only the internet marketer who believes in fake promises of instant wealth thinks he is able to sell an eBook for tons of  money without establishing his authority first.

You need to build your business. As in the real world, you have to earn your reputation and prove that your products are worth buying. Without this, you might as well give away your products for free. Nobody is going to buy them, even huge brands when they have a new product they give away samples.

So, if the big boys need to do this offline or online then what make you think  a new product can be sold by an unknown guy?

The best way to sell it is to use the word FREE in order to build your reputation. But bear in mind you have to give away something really valuable to be recognized and increase your chances to be able to sell anything for big bucks.

Are you already giving away something for FREE?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. Hi Luis,

    Really nice post to explain the chemistry of the word “Free” in the Internet World. Whenever a business is started, it needs recognition, for this purpose many promotional activities adopted. And, I think, rewarding your visitors with some Free Giveaway is the good way to get recognition. You can offer them free subscription of 1 month for any popular website. But the best way, which is cost effective, is providing them an E-Book which contains your best articles, lectures, presentations etc. In other words you are creating your Brand Identity and things for Brand Recognition.

    Once you build your reputation, now you can easily leverage your identity in many ways.


    • Hi Christmas SMS,

      You are right, actually givig away an ebook it is the most viral strategy you can use to get noticed in the online world and this alone will help you tremendously to make money online by getting online recognition.

  2. Hello Luis,

    Very good article and great advice.

    The word FREE is the most powerful word in marketing. It always has been and always will be. I fully agree that you need to give something of value to your subscribers and readers to build a relationship and gain credibility before attempting to sell something. Giving a free e-book is one of the best ways to start building a subscriber list. You need to show your potential customers that you deliver quality so they will eventually make a purchase from you.
    .-= Robert´s last blog ..Free Tools That Make Marketing Tasks Easier – Part 2 =-.

    • Hi Robert,

      Free is the way to go to succeed online, of course until you finally get huge recognition and may start to charge hundreds or thousands for any advise coming from you, but before that, only the Free info you give away will help you but it should be high quality stuff in order to succeed.

    • Hi Brian,

      You are right but also some people do not dare to buy something that cannot be tested by themselves and giving away something or a sneak peek of a product then they may take action and buy.

    • @Brian, I would say maybe at first.. but if a few try out the free product, no matter what product we are talking about… it the product is perceived to be of high quality, it will snowball effect and it will be highly regarded, and people will see the value of it.

      Till then,


  3. You stress how these free products can improve your recognition and trust. You didn’t really stress how important the mailing list can be. When used effectively, a mailing list can become a sales funnel to win over your potential customers. Sometimes it can take several visits to a website before you make a purchase. So you need to keep bringing people back and get your name or site name in their face.

    • Hi ATV Auction,

      I am glad you mentioned cuz actually “the money is on the list” statement it is entirely true and some people do not take action until 5 or 7 emails so getting them on your autorresponder it gotta be a must.

  4. When the people heard that something it free. They must have a look at that. Its nice way to have traffic on you blog or on product. But in real its not always free. We don’t read it (*condition apply).

    • Hi Home Loans,

      Yeah, the “*conditions apply” lots of times are in a very small letters so you just click cuz you see the magical word “FREE”. This word it is so powerfull that even anti-spam programs avoid emails with this word on the subject or content.

      That´s why sometimes it is wise to use something like “Fr* ee” to avoid been detected and land on the oblivion of the spam folder.

    • Hi Kitchen,

      I had the Ninja Plugin and yes I bought it and now I cannot live without it. It really makes automation fast and easy and allows me to concentrate in other things like writing posts instead of what links to include in the post, this way I just write without any links and the work will be done by the plugin.

  5. I think that there is no such thing as “free”. Everything comes with a prize, and there is nothing we can do about it. There is no altruism, all those altruists are just using other people to make them feel better. That is my opinion.

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