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SezWho Will Shut Down The Site

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make money online sezwho plugin

 I just got an email from SezWho announcing that they are unable to continue with the service but JS-Kit will keep the service up until March 31, 2009.

 If you are using this plugin with your WordPress blog then you will need to  Upgrade to JS-Kit Commenting if you want to continue with the service according to the information provided by Jitendra Gupta Founder of SezWho.

 Jitendra said why he pick JS-Kit in the following statement:

We selected JS-Kit because they are the world’s largest distributed social network, connecting over 600,000 publishers with light weight, cross domain services, including Comments, Ratings, and Polls.

I personally dont know if to use the SezWho anymore, it seems to lower the loading speed of my site, I even were considering to remove it completely. But if you do like it and still want to continue with a service like them, then Upgrade now before March 31, 2009, after clicking you will be promted to the next JS-Kit screenshot.

Now just follow the instructions, first download the new plugin and upload it to your site according to the guidelines provided by JS-Kit.

Hope this will help in case you like the SezWho plugin. Peter I guess you will need to follow this in case you want to stick with them.By the way I am talking about Peter Lee from Work From Home Business Blog, it seems he like it, my first reaction when I read about this were I will let Peter know so he can continue his great work using the features from his beloved SezWho plugin.

 Are you currently using SezWho? Did you like the features included in it? Let us know what did you think about this change, I will love to hear it.

To your Success,

Luis Torres



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  1. Hi Luis,

    Yeah looks like I will have to upgrade to this new plugin. It’s not that I like Sezwho it’s because it gives me the threaded comment feature which has been working fine for me on my blog.

    Peter Lee

    • passive income ideas- Hi Peter, I know, I were just kidding, Is just I know you were using it so I think this will help you out to continue using the features you need to run your site as you like.

      By the way, how did you came so fast? I just post it some few seconds ago, that was impressive, lol.

      • Luis,

        Well your post showed up in my admin panel “Today Referrer” as a “true-preview=” so that means you’ve not hit the published button and just viewing before you do. But when I got to your blog you just did. Yeah split seconds….amazing LOL!

        Peter Lee

        • passive income ideas- Ohh! Now I know your secret, lol. Then you were on your blog when I were cheking how the post looks, I didnt knew that it can give a momentarily link, lol.

    • passive income ideas- Hi Peter, it is taking longer than I thought. Right now I am checking how the new site looks. I have setup a new blog just to ba able to see the tweaks without disturbing my visitors in the real site. There is a lot of fixes and -refixes, lol. It will come soon. By the way did you know any Poll plugin that works with 2.5.1 WP? I just tried one that almost shutdown my entire blog, I just got scare to death when that happened, lol, I am looking for some plugin that works without wiping out my site.

  2. I’m always bummed when these sites close down, I had a blog widget thing I had signed up for and a week later the site shut down..usually they’re off to big and better things though..

    By the way, that mybloglog click tagging thing looks very interesting–you should do a post on it if you haven’t already..

    Melodys last blog post..SuperPhil Digital Painting..

    • Melody- Hi Melody, Yeah I know what you mean. I were trying long time ago to use BlogRush but when finally opened an account, they closed the doors.

      About the tagging; you mean the “Join my community” button? That button redirects you to Mybloglog Community account so you can join me. Its a feature from them.

        • Melody- Hi Melody, this is a feature from MyBlogLog, you can activate it when you just sign in into your account, under “My Sites and Services” you must click “Settings” and then just scroll down until you see “ClickTagging” and then select the click tagging you like or “Turn Off ClickTagging”when you dont want it anymore and “clcik save profile changes” button, thats it.

          BTW, its not just for the names in the comments its for virtually any link that Mybloglog can find.

  3. Dear Luis Torres
    I was also using sezWHO but was feeling uncomfort with it.thanks for writting and sharing the topic with us and now i have removed it.I feel great now.

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