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Building Of The Motivation In Sales

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The motivation can be built as easily as a small house of cubes. But you would not construct its kind, it is important to make a start from two main things:

1. The main resource of any business are people.
«All economic operations can be reduced finally to a designation three words: people, a product, profit. On the first place there are people. If you do not have reliable team a little that it will be possible to make of other factors.

2. Sequence. Discipline and persistence in realisation. In our opinion, many heads are sceptical about the theory of motivation and to the receptions described in books because they did not have not enough persistence to impart the system which has pleasant to them.

Actually, not so important what way of motivation you will choose – penalties, the multifactorial salary, bonuses or any another. Adherence and sequence in its performance is important.

It is easy to motivate people for actions. Complexity consists not in idea but in its constant realisation. Essentially important time having established a lath, to support it at the same high level always, and even to lift it still above.

What approach to motivation is “correct”?

As a rule, heads run in extreme measures: start with the position, from the interests, “arranging” to themselves subordinates. Such chiefs name “authoritative”. Or they consider that each employee is individual and consider their interests to the detriment of the such name “liberals”.

Pluses are at each strategy. The problem consists in using on a maximum all pluses and to avoid minuses of each strategy.

To different people the different lines of thought are really necessary. But it does not mean that this “different” approach should be especially individual and lean against psychology of the employee.
For this reason there is no best style of a management. Simply because a management secret is not in any unique behaviour but in ability to use the pertinent approach.

The employees work in the company commercial which purpose to earn money instead of to provide interests of employees. And thus to remember that employees too sane people and if in a concrete case following to their interests runs counter to your interests, but not the companies – that to consider them. Not everything that employees offer and that they want is the freebie or connivance requirement. Even if such seems at first sight. It is important to try to look at their interests unbiassedly. And criteria here the same – internal honesty and common sense.

The motivation begins whenthe administrative technology, definiteness comes to an end. The motivation is a creation of inspiring vision to the employee and definiteness.

And «vision and definiteness» happen two kinds:

1. Moral motivation.
2. Material motivation.

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