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Terms Of Construction Of System Of Sales

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Let’s assume you have decided to construct system of sales. You have an administrative experience. On professional systems of sales you never built till now. On my private experience, the system organisation can occupy 3,5 years. Thus, I will repeat five departments are lost «in a zero», and the sixth – half. By the way, know, why in the majority of businesses professional systems of sales are not under construction. If you co-operate about “Capital-consulting”, the system of sales «from zero» or from available department of sales before formation of the normal department solving current problems is under construction for 3-4 months.

Thus we, certainly, cannot reduce the general term of work. Instead we divide all works into three directions. Also we conduct them in parallel each other. To provide the necessary intensity of works, 4-6 leading experts participate in each such project – skilled experts: operating (working) businessmen, heads of sales, and also directors and proprietors of the companies. Plus the supporting personnel.
In 9-12 months after the beginning of works the department already can leave on full selling capacity. And it is that condition of sales and business as a whole which never in a life saw the majority of the enterprises.

Thus clearly that the introduction brigade in itself in business of the customer cannot make anything. After all we not employees and not proprietors of your company! Therefore all work goes in close interaction with you and your key employees.
There are two purposes at cooperation:
1. To construct system of corporate sales;
2. To learn you and your key employees further to develop this system of sales and to build similar systems independently.
We perform all basic operations together that then you and your key employees could do it. The best way to train adult people – in common to solve the practical problems which result is fastened on money.
The further cooperation with us is possible, but only by a mutual benefit principle. What will be more effective – to give a part of work to us or to do all? Or we can be engaged in the decision of other administrative problem together. For example, to build in your company business system.

Your department of sales will be fully completed by employees.
All employees working with clients in your company, I will pass vocational training in the field of sales. It concerns both new, and employees already working for you.
Standards and technologies of sales will be introduced in your business, corrected under your specificity – and will be used.
Regular, rigid current management of sales on the basis of standards and technologies will be started.
All basic risks because of which I have lost in due time five and a half departments of sales, by the end of this period remain in the past. And at observance further rules of current operation of system of sales will not threaten you no more.

Active work with clients of your new employees will begin already in the first-second week of their work. That is in the end of the first or in the beginning of the second month of the project.

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