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How To Get Paid For Blogging

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With the two services at blogger.com and wordpress.com everyone now has the option of creating an online business with a blog without paying a dime. Just because it is possible to create an online business and start getting paid for writing articles does not mean everyone will. The fact is 97% of online business fail within the first year because of no income. People get sick of working for nothing and quickly give up which is the reason successful bloggers created blogs they love so money or no they kept writing. The way Google looks at a new blog is one through skeptical eyes. If your blog is under a year old then you can forget about ranking well unless you are an expert at seo and have the ability to gain authority links quickly. For those new to the online business or blogging game take this first year to learn everything you can about online business and blogging. One important area new bloggers should focus on is search engine optimization since it is the greatest source we have for free web traffic.

To start a blogging business all you need is a free account at one of the resources listed in the above paragraph and an article you can publish. Create the blog with keywords in mind making sure to place them in your URL, Title, and Description. If you need help picking keywords head over to adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal type in a keyword which you feel reflects your website well and this tool will tell you the monthly traffic the keyword generates. Once you have the keywords up and running on your blog and the main template done it is time to begin writing and internet marketing. Personally I think for the first year you need to mix these two marketing the content you publish.

Remember the first little while your blog will not be widely known or accepted so for a boost write at the very least one post a day then submit it to a quality list of article directories which you can find by doing a quick Google search. You should also have four or five social bookmarking websites that will allow you to submit your new posts to. This will allow you to gain referral traffic from both the social bookmarking and article directories as well as backlinks from the article directories. As your articles become published in the major directories you will notice that Google will quickly find your blog and index it. As you write more and more as well as market your presence you will notice traffic coming in slowly. With the traffic comes the possibility of monetization which is making money from traffic. The first program I started with and one of the easiest you can use for monetization is Google Adsense. Next you can try some affiliate marketing websites such as amazon.com affiliate program and clickbank. All you need to do is sign up and find products which are closely related to your website or blog then attempt to sell them.

Now the way I have made thousands online is by marketing paid to take surveys affiliate programs.

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Which Site Host Has The Largest Variety Of Design Choices?

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With so loads of site hosts having their own blogging systems, or them buying into using third party blogging systems, there are lots of of different sites round. And the problem is that it may not always be practical to choose your host based on how plenty of designs they have. The question goes deeper – how loads of designs do they have available to you?

Is this a sufficient reason to choose a site host?
But over this, how reliable is the host? Will the site be correctly backed up and security protected? Will your site be up most of the time and will it be able to handle the volumes of traffic that you might be receiving? And what will they charge you for all of this?

Selecting a host for your blog is in excess of seeing the count of different design options, but you do not want to be on a weblog host with only a handful of designs.

There is another side to the question
However, there is an answer to all of these options in one go and that is, in part, to do it yourself. But don’t panic it is simpler than it sounds! And that is because the answer must be WordPress. As one of the most widely used blogging platforms around there is heaps of support for it. A lot of website hosts include single click hosting for WordPress, but even those that don’t you can straightforwardly install it on.

All that you need to do to install it to nearly any host is to pay for your hosting space (with PHP), ensure that that there is an MySQL database included in the hosting and then follow the straightforward instructions to upload and activate your new website. You are then up and running.

The benefits of WordPress
WordPress is free and numerous people use it. And for this reason it has snowballed into a huge and very popular tool. This means that a load of people are trying different ways of benefiting from the tool themselves and this includes creating “themes”, which are different designs that you can merely add straight into your weblog and use, quite often for free.

Therefore, there are a countless number of high quality ready made designs available for WordPress and for any other single platform, or host, to beat this record is practically impossible.

If you want to start blogging with a tool that has plenty of design options, even down to being able to edit the available options and creating your own from scratch, then which host you go for does not really matter, just as long as you could install WordPress.

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Written by Keith Lunt

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What Is A Home Based Business Blog

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The majority of webmasters and bloggers across the net would consider a home based business blog something which covers the “make money online” or “online business” niche. This is taking the words literally rather than thinking bigger. To me a home based business blog is any online business that uses a blog as its main platform and can cover any array of subject as long as the point of the blog is making money from home. There are many bloggers across the web who are not interested in earning any type of income so they are running a more recreational style blog. For those wanting to jump online and begin building a solid business so they can one day work from home full time may want to consider creating a home based business blog. It will still be important to choose a topic which you will stay interested in and can write about for years. The important thing to think about if you want to start making money online is if you don’t try you won’t succeed. The only way you will ever even have a chance at making money with your blog is if you start your blog.

To begin a business blog which is meant to begin making you money online there are a few different ways you can proceed. There are of course free blogging platforms which would allow you to create a blog for absolutely no money the only problem with using free blogging platforms such as blogger.com, wordpress.com, and typepad.com is they have limits. To have 100% control over your blog and to have no limits you should purchase hosting and install wordpress software on your server. You can download the free files over at wordpress.com then follow the instructions that come with the download. There are some high quality hosting companies such as hosting24.com which offer an installer making the installation of wordpress take only a couple minutes. If your hosting company does not have one of these installers you can always upload the files using an FTP program.

Now that you have a blog up and running whether free or paid you should monetize it right away. What this means is placing ads or affiliate links which will make you money when you start building traffic towards the blog. If you are not sure where to get started Google Adsense makes it simple to publish ads and publish them on your blog. You can also try out affiliate marketing by selling the digital products on clickbank.com. Once you have some different links and ads you should start focusing on your blogs content. A successful blog will have the best content within their niche. Every article does not have to be perfect, but you should know more about your niche than the majority of your competitors. Make sure you take time every day to read the other top blogs within your niche and see what type of content they are producing. You can take their content and put your own spin and thoughts on it. You should also be looking in the forums within your niche to see what questions your potential audience is asking. If people are asking a question within a forum then the question will probably be typed into Google as well. Write a post answering the question making sure you optimize the title so Google knows your post answers that specific question.

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The Simple Way To Make Blogging An Enjoyabl And Profitable Hobby

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Blogging could be a fun and pleasurable activity in our hobby. Millions of people who have found the wonders of blogs and have employed this platform as a pleasurable way to spend enjoyable moments working at the PC and sharing ideas, experiences and express their own views and opinions on current events. Certainly there’s much fun to be extracted from this fave entertainment of many [**]. But how do we make this enjoyable pastime and blog for money as well?

There are many ways that you can make profits money from blogging. A blog can be the platform for you to share your own special experience with the remainder of the planet. It really doesn’t matter what your eagerness may be there are folk who would be interested in your talents and interests and blogs can be a superb way to gain exposure.

The very first thing to do when you originally start out blogging is to supply string, keen posts. This means that you should have enough material to blog on or write about and do it passionately with feeling and enthusiasm. Folks can easily distinguish between random rantings of a half-baked blogger who is doing it with the aim of getting words to pages and one who is positively passionate about his scribblings.

This is the only real way you can get the notice of your visitors and make them come back continuously to visit you. The blogosphere is chock-full of related posts on similar topics and folk want to be entertained when they read your posts so be sure to deliver the message with full-impact if you want them coming back once more.

Thenext thing is to blog on regular basis. If you come up with infrequent wonderful posts, your visitors won’t have a regular program for them to go to and most likely they will have a tendency to lose interest over a period of time. Be certain to set a regular time to blog each day or week and keep to this schedule regardless of how inclined you feel to chase other stuff. Be disciplined if you want success from your blogging effort.

The last tip to make money blogging work is to find the best way to monetise your blog. There are plenty of ways in which you can do this but you do not wan to spam your post or blog platform with these money making advertisements or you will turn off your visitors fast. So be sure to choose only two or thee that you actually like and test it out on your blog for a week or two. If one or two doesn’t deliver the results you want, then consider changing it until you find the ones that does.

When you have established yourself as a regular blogger with a chain of proponents then ensure you don’t slacken up and neglect the mandatory work to keep working at it. There would must be a continuous effort to sustain your success and ensure your visitors will be faithful to your blog and come back again and again.

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Starting A Blog With Blogger

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One of the very first web presences I started earning an income with was blogger.com. I created a simple online business blog and continually talked about issues that pertained to the make money online niche. It was easy to see that if I planned to make money blogging then I would need a long term blogging plan. There is not quick money when it comes to blogging, but the longer you stick with your blog the easier it will be to create a monthly income. The first thing of course is deciding what you would like to blog about and actually creating the blog. Once these two things are done you should focus on content creation and indexing within Google. I will do my best to cover all of these things in this post.

First off picking a topic and creating the blog should not be a rash decision. If you want true blogging success then you will need two things. The first thing you will need is to have true passion about whatever you want to blog about. If you have passion even when the audience is low you will still be able to find time and blog. The second thing you should check is the size of the audience. You will only need to do this if you are wanting to blog about a really specific blogging topic such as “Green Anoles” which is a type of lizard. Go to Google and type in Google Adwords Keyword Tool then type in the title to your blog. This tool will bring up the term with the monthly traffic as well as 800 closely related terms. Make sure that the topic you want to write about is getting enough traffic to suit your needs.

The next step once you have decided to create your blog on a certain topic and chose the name and URL for your blog is content creation. A blog is only as good as the content published on it so really work hard learning everything you can about your niche and publishing top notch articles. You should also make sure and publish posts on a regular basis. The best way to succeed with a blog is being consistent when it comes to content creation. At the very least publish one post each and every day on your blog.

The last thing you need to do is get your blog indexed within Google. There is two ways to do this the first is submitting your website to Google directly. I have done this and it usually take a few weeks before Google will even look at the website. If you would prefer to speed things along then write an article and submit it to ezinearticles.com making sure to leave your link in the authors resource or go to youtube.com and in your profile they have a “my website” section place your link here and you should be indexed within a matter of hours. Also make sure and set up Google webmaster tools this will also help speed the process of getting indexed.

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5 Simple Steps For Creating Your Own Blog

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Most people promoting a business online know that blogging can be an important component in the success of their business. Blogging, when done right, can drive valuable search engine visitors to your website, create customer or client loyalty and cement you, your business or your website as an authority in a given area.

Any successful Internet marketer would probably recommend blogging as an essential part of building an online business. The problem is: most people are intimidated by the prospect of creating a blog. They feel the process is tedious or complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, starting a blog is amazingly easy! It does require some planning, research and commitment, but this is not nearly as complex as it may seem.

Follow these 5 simple steps for starting a blog and you’ll be well on your way to building a steady stream of highly qualified traffic to your site:

1. Find a niche that interests you and that you have at least a fair level of competence in. The problem with a lot of would be bloggers is they choose a niche based upon a business opportunity or affiliate product. A better blogging strategy would be to go in the opposite direction and choose your business opportunity or affiliate product based on your niche. Blogging will come much easier if you actually have an interest in what it you’re writing about and have at least a minimal amount of expertise in the area.

2. Make sure your niche is not too broad. There are literally millions of blogs on the web in some niches. For instance, typing home business in a Google search will return millions of links, many of which are to blogs. Simply creating a home business blog would leave you in competition with millions of others, but if you narrow it down to something like Starting a Medical Billing Business from Home, for example, you’ll reduce competition and more accurately target your audience.

3. Set your blog up on a free blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress. There are plenty of other blogging platforms available to host or setup your blog on, but these are two of the more user-friendly sites out there. Both sites provide tutorials, videos and other tools which do a great job of assisting users in blog setup and maintenance.

4. Post your first blog entry. Now that you have a blog set up, you need to write and post your first entry. This is often the biggest hurdle to overcome when starting a blog. Finding ideas for a post and then writing about it can often be exhaustive and time consuming for those not comfortable with writing. But with the unlimited amount of information on nearly every imaginable subject readily available online, there is no excuse for not coming up with something. I suggest visiting article directories, other blogs, and forums for finding ideas. Get as many ideas from as many sources as possible and then put it all into your own words.

5. Promote your blog. Like I said before, creating a blog is the easy part. Getting traffic to your blog will likely be a bigger challenge. One of the biggest things you can do to create search engine traffic for your blog is to post unique, quality content as often as possible. Posting useful comments to other blogs and forums in your blog’s niche is also a great way to create traffic.

These steps may seem like an oversimplification of the blogging process, but they do accurately demonstrate how easy it is to start a blog. If you keep these 5 steps in mind when starting your blog, you will have more than enough ammo to become the next blogging success story on the web.

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Blog Blueprint 15 Page PDF FREE Report-Stumped For Ideas? Things You Can Blog About

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Get this Blog Blueprint 15 page PDF Report FREE just now. Read this 158 page Empire Formula Report that shows how Anik Singal,a broke college student went on to make $32 million online in just six years! Discover the Auto Traffic Avalanche!There is not a single person on the planet that has not run into an issue of writer’s block. It just naturally happens. Your brain seems to stall out and you really have no idea what you are going to write about. You may have a general idea but it is the details that are killing you and your drive to complete the article, book, or blog. And yes, blogging is no different than writing an article or a paper. Sometimes you just have no idea what to blog about.

If you are trying to blog for money then you can definitely run into some problems. What types of topics are interesting enough to engage readers and encourage them to mark your page and visit it often to read new blog posts? Well the topics vary according to you. Let’s say you are interested in promoting a book that you have written. Your blogs can contain snippets of the book to interest others. They read the snippets and then are curious about how the story turns out and they buy your book. Cha-Ching! Money in your pocket just from blogging, and you cannot forget that if they like the book they will recommend your blog to other people. That is great word of mouth advertising.

What you choose to write about is completely up to you but there are some things to keep in mind. You want your blog to be informal and easy to relate to. But beware of making it too informal. You want to stay informative yet add a personal touch. People really do not want to hear about what you ate for breakfast unless you are blogging about a new diet. In that case you can blog about your daily food intake to your heart’s content and it is relevant to what you are trying to get out.

A great way to build readers is too often build up a reputation of being an expert or at least have great knowledge in a field. Blogging can do that for you. You do not want to post an erroneous fact that is for certain but you can post tips, hints and suggestions for readers to follow. People begin to trust that you actually know what you are writing about because this is important if you are out to make money blogging.

One thing you should know is that blogging does take time and effort. You have to post comments on other blogs or other websites in general that also include the link to your blog or a specific blog post. Not many people want to devote that kind of time to maintaining their blog on a daily basis. But there is a solution. You can cut down on your work load significantly by using something like Blog Blueprint. Blog Blueprint will help you boost your blog rankings (and traffic) immensely. Best of all, the entire Blog Blueprint tools and system is heavily based on ‘smart’ automation. What is ‘smart’ automation you ask?

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The Way To Put Together A Blog And Employ It For Free Affiliate Advertising

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Blogging has been round for many years at present. Nevertheless it’s only in the near past that it has been thought-about as one of many addicting fads. A number of teenagers have started up their very own blogs lately. Right here, they have a platform to express themselves online in any manner they want. Savvy marketers have found that blogging is likely one of the best Web advertising strategies that will not cost you a cent.

So actually, what’s a blog anyway? Blog is the broadly utilized term that refers to web log. Essentially, a blog, for the most half, is an internet journal. A blog might be set up for no cost in any respect, and can be used for just the fun of it or for business reasons.

The most effective ways to extend the publicity of your web site and the items you’re promoting is by utilizing a blog. Listed here are a few ways to spice up your web advertising with the assistance of a blog:

1. Anytime you make alterations to your web site, you’ll need to make it possible for your customers are conscious of it. Your new products and affiliate websites could also be introduced by your blog.

2. Have your marketing strategy written down in your blog so as to keep on track. Your blog content material could be simply saved by way of archives. In this approach, your content may be discovered by anybody who searches for info through a search engine browser.

3. Air your thoughts, advice or evaluations on particular services or merchandise which can be associated to your business. With blogging, publishing turns into a very easy process for anybody to undertake.

4. Embrace links that may fetch back links and subsequently improve your rating on search engines. You are able to do this by placing top quality articles as separate web pages on your main web site after which introducing these articles as a blog publish with a direct link to the article. You can also include affiliate links in numerous elements of your weblog and in this manner make some further money.

5. Make full use of your blog feedback to get and reply to strategies from your audience. You can learn and enhance your services and products by getting feedback from your readers.

6. At all times try to make contact with different top bloggers in your niche. When different bloggers discover that you’ve something first-class in your blog, they will put you of their favourite lists that can mechanically link you to their blogs.

At this time, you likely will wish to know how you can arrange a blog for yourself. Listed here are some of the options you may make use of to reap the benefits of this enjoyable strategy to promote your Internet business.

You’ve gotten the choice of both uploading a blogging software program or you possibly can merely use a blog hosting service. Host companies equivalent to LiveJournal and Blogger.com are the most well-liked in this field. Each of these hosts will outline tips on how to arrange your blog by way of their in-built, simple to follow instructions.

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Affiliate Blogging Suggestions: Turn Your Keywords Into Back Links Automatically

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This article is for bloggers who want to instantly turn their keywords and phrases into internet hyperlinks, but don’t know how. Just before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me ask you something…

Did you ever wanted to edit your old posts and include backlinks to a new affiliate product you’ve signed-up for just to uncover it takes as well much time, energy and vitality?

Guess what! It happened to me yesterday morning whilst I tried to update 10 posts I published within the past. It took me 27 minutes to edit just the four posts; I couldn’t wait for one more half hour to finish everything. Picture what would happen if I had 20, 50 or even 100 posts that necessary updating, I would have possibly spent a full day doing just that.

Time is really a large concern for me, so I was actively looking for a solution to conserve me not just time, but also effort, vitality and frustration… To make a lengthy story short, I’ve stumbled upon a WordPress plugin you could possibly have currently heard of – it really is known as Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate and I couldn’t envision how I lived without it for that prolonged!

Let me share with you a handful of key functions about it:

Very first of all, its core basis may be the alternative to immediately convert any keyword with your website to an affiliate marketer website link quickly. You’ll be able to now update any keyword on your blog with the affiliate marketer link of the choice, on all posts, in a split second!

Secondly, it facilitates you generate professional redirect hyperlinks – as opposed to promoting a lengthy, ugly url, you are really able to setup a shorter website link, in your own domain name which re-directs to whatever url you would like to incorporate.

You can find only two sort of affiliate marketers – the Ninja Affiliates, and everybody else. It really is no secret that 95% of all bloggers out there make pennies from affiliate marketer marketing, although a select number of who are privileged enough to be in the “inner circle” make thousands of dollars effortlessly…

Ninja Affiliate is WordPress plugin developed to imbue lethal marketing powers into your WordPress web site and instantly double or triple your marketer online marketing commissions with pretty much no hard work in your part.
Employing Ninja Affiliate, you are able to automatically convert any keyword as part of your weblog to an internet link quickly. You are able to also cloak your affiliate hyperlinks, track them and manage them suitable from your WordPress text editor.

Along with the most exciting aspect is that it also helps you fight affiliate marketer commission theft. Yes, those online pirates who’d do anything just to steal your commissions and disappear from the night.

With Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate you are 100% protected.

I think Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate is usually a device for every single marketer online who wants to conserve time and funds for genuine. So it really is inside your finest interest to put your hands on this tool nowadays; each and every second counts!

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Just What Is Blogging And What Can You Do?

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A blog is basically a easy site, although ample are far from straightforward these days! Originally blogging started as writing an online journal to share with people, but these days they have evolved and a website is anything you really want it to be. It might be a journal of what you are doing and plan to do or it can be you sharing your thoughts round anything that you want. You may be talking round events that affect your business or you may be providing help and advice to your readers. You could even be reviewing latest products, films or publishing voucher voucher codes. A site might be anything that you want it to be.

A weblog regularly uses specialist web site creation tools, which makes the process of blogging very straightforward. Even if, if you prefer, there is nothing to stop you writing your own blogging system. But there are so many outstanding blogging tools on the internet, mostly available for free, that there is absolutely no need to write your own or even pay for a tool.

When you start blogging you write a some text and post this to your site. Therefore, a new entry is known as a post. You can normally also assign categories and tags to each post. These identify related posts by putting all of the same themed posts into the same category, or tag. Each post might fit into as a lot of categories and tags as are relevant to it to help readers and search engines find their way around your website.

A weblog will normally display the latest posts on the home page so that search engines and regular readers might quickly see what is new and read that without having to explore the entire site. As well as these posts living on the relevant category and tag pages, plus their own page, they will also be indexed on an archive page based on the date their were submitted, frequently down to month level.

It is this breathtaking cataloging, that takes place automatically, that makes websites so welcomed by the search engines and regular readers alike. And because they are so simple to use, anyone could quickly have a well organised website in minute. But, there are also other tricks such as Pings, which notify search engines that a new post has been written and RSS (Really Easy Syndication) that allows readers to see what you have recently written without having to visit the site!

So what do you need to do to start blogging? The first step is to set up your website and then after that you just write regular posts. How long they are, whether they have images, graphics or illustrations and how usually you write is entirely up to you, There are no restrictions as to what you need to do – it is your weblog, so do with it as you like!

Written by Keith Lunt of How To Start Blogging. Call in if you need any help or advice with Earning Money With A Blog.

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