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Archive for Expired Domains

The Certainty Concerning Hyphenated Domains

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There is a lot of confusion concerning the use of hyphens getting used in domains. While researching hyphenated domains I found lots of conflicting information so I will give you a distilled view of what is currently believed to be the reality regarding hyphens in domains.

When I started Name Search Domain I’d lots of trouble getting a domain which i could use to reflect the main topic of my site. After a substantial amount of research I made a decision on NameSearchDomain.com, without hyphens.

It used to be the case that utilizing a hyphen to split up keywords in your domain name gives you a better ranking within the search engines like google. For some time this was the case but due to the over zealous utilization of keywords in domain names, search engines now think about this as a spamming technique. Using hyphens inside your website name still makes it easier for search engines like google to read but it generally won’t benefit your ranking.

If you are using an unhyphenated domain name like myself using keywords it’s generally believed that search engines like google for example Google can pick the keywords. If you are using hyphens then the keywords are easier to pick out out of your domain name. Therefore if there is no search engine benefit to using hyphens and keywords in domains so why do people still rely on them. The reply is undoubtedly anchor link benefits and ease of readability.

If you have hyphens in your website name it is easier for any human to read and recognise the keywords in a domain. Check out specialistcheeseemporium.com or visit specialist-cheese-emporium.com. It is quite obvious how the hyphenated version is going to be recognised more easily.

Recognising the website name is something but entering a domain name into your browser is another. It’s easier for someone to type the unhyphenated domain name which is easier for someone to give the website name to a customer whether it doesn’t have hyphens inside it. Many people might not know what a hyphen is.

There’s believed to be another advantage of keywords in domains and that is anchor links, that’s keywords in back links for your site. If your webmaster backlinks for your site using their site they frequently make use of the domain name since the anchor text. This really is obviously healthy for you since it helps in reinforcing those keywords together with your site to the search engines. Therefore if your site is specialistcheeseemporium.com they may type this as all one word or possibly as specialist cheese emporium. For that hyphenated version they’d probably type specialist-cheese-emporium.com.

So when choosing your website name and deciding on whether to use hyphens you have to consider how the website name will probably be interpreted and utilized by other people, not machines. I selected my website name without hyphens purely because most people will type domains with no hyphens. I actually do use hyphens but only during my filenames as this makes it easier for individuals to see and people are less likely to type in a webpage name as they are web site.

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Using Old Domains

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Buying an old (or expired) domain is very popular. You don’t get only good domain name, you get also backlinks, PageRank and some reputation the domain has gained over years. This is a common practice to speed up the process of high ranking. Almost all “good” domain names are already registered and many of such domains are parked. This only means that somebody discovered a good domain name, has registered it and is waiting for somebody who will pay significantly more than the registration fee.

One of the problems you may face are the backlinks to pages that don’t exist anymore. Anybody following such link will get the Page not found error. This is not a big problem but there is a better way to use links to non-existing pages. You can easily redirect them to the homepage to get additional visitors to your new website. Instead of showing error page to those visitors you will show a new page where some of those visitors may find something useful.

In order to redirect old pages to the homepage you need to find existing links. You can do this by Google Webmasters tools or by Yahoo Site explorer. Both tools show (almost) all links to the website. Create a list of all links to the domain and group them according to the old topics. For each group define new page on the renewed website. You don’t have to redirect all old pages to the homepage–if old pages were about sport then you can redirect them to your new page about sport.

The next step is the actual redirection. The easiest way to do this is by creating few rules in the htaccess file. This is a simple text file in the root of your hosting directory. This file is read by the web server each time a page is requested. The rules are written using regular expressions. This is a very powerful syntax to describe the conditions for some action–in our case the redirection. Below is a short example of two redirection rules.

RewriteEngine On

#Existing links
RewriteRule ^old-category/(.*)$ /new-category [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^old-page$ / [R=301,L]

The first line turns on rewriting engine which will do the redirection. Then there is a comment marking actual rules. The first rule redirects pages starting with “old-category/” to the new category. This rule will redirect many pages that were created under the “old-category”. The last rule redirects old-page to the new home page. This rule works only for one specific page.

This approach is useful also when you change the structure of the website. If you rename some pages you may come into the situation that some links to old pages will not work anymore. One example where such redirections were implemented is a website about recording studio software. Some pages were grouped into the studio software category and therefore the urls of these pages changed. The htaccess redirection solved the problem with links to old urls.

Using the htaccess file is not easy and you need to be careful not to cause server problems. There are many online resources on how to use this file–spend some time to check what you can do and how. If you use this file properly it can be a powerful tool to use links to pages that don’t exist anymore.

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The New Me Domain And Potential

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As some of you that keep you ear to the ground may be aware that a new country code top level domain for Montenegro has been authorised. Luckily for the country of Montenegro the domain is simply .me. Since it was launched in May 2006 there has been huge interest in purchasing domains and doMEn (the organisation in charge of domain registrations) have experienced the greatest domain rush in the history of the world wide web.

On 11 September 2007, delegation of root name servers was approved by IANA, which established .me. The .me domain became properly active on 24 September 2007 and a “Public Invitation for selection of the Agent for domain registration under the national Internet domain of Montenegro” was posted on 14 November. doMEn d.o.o. was selected as the new registry operator in Montenegro.

Most .me domain names that were purchased were bought as domain hacks in English, and some in Dutch languages. .me has seen its greatest interest among English speaking countries including the United States (71%), the United Kingdom (6%), Canada (4%), and Australia (2%)[15].

One of the most expensive domain sold during the Land Rush period was insure.me that went for an astonishing $68,005. Shortly, this was then followed by the purchase of date.me, which was sold on the premium auction for $70,000. Other notable sales included love.me for $32,500, and hug.me for $20,000.

In Dutch, only verb combinations were popular, as only they made grammatical sense (as in English). E.g., reserveer.me, which can be translated as book.me, and repareer.me, repair.me. Most of the Dutch domains were sold outside the auction during the Go Live phase.

WordPress uses a .me domain, wp.me, as an URL shortener. This, along with Facebook’s fb.me and Yahoo!’s me.me are the only two letter .me domains, for which an exception was granted by doMEn.

Many of the premium domains were reserved such as rate.me or date.me. On 16 July 2008, registration was made available for all .me domains at various registrars. However, some premium domains did slip the net so to speak. For example:

Charlie Bit Me – For those of you who do not know “Charlie Bit My Finger” is the most viewed video on youtube of all time. It is of two children playing, with one sticking his finger in the other’s mouth and him biting down, to which the first boy yells, ‘Ouch Charlie… Ouuch! That really hurt!’ As of writing the video is approaching 200m view, which is just insane and only surpassed by videos on Vevo from super stars such as Lady Gaga.

The question is what more domains are to follow as Montenegro enjoy the luck they found with the cctld they were assigned… we’ll have to wait and see!

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Tips, How To Register An Expiring Domain

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Understanding the action and options complex with registering an expiring area can be a ambagious task. How, Where, When?

This commodity will explain the basal accomplish to researching an expiring area name, and the abounding altered options (or should I say all-important accomplish to assure success).

The accustomed area cessation action for .com .net

(domain abatement cycle):

Phase 1. Active Domain

A area is registered for a time aeon of 1-10 years. During this time the area buyer has complete use of the domain.

Phase 2. On-Hold

At the end of this time period, the apprentice is appropriate to pay a face-lifting fee to the agent to abide to use the domain. If the area is renewed go aback to appearance 1, if not the area is placed in an onhold (on-hold) cachet for 1-45 canicule (each agent has determines how continued this aeon lasts). During this time, the apprentice (owner of the domain) can still pay the face-lifting fee and abide to use his/her area name. During this onhold aeon the area resolves to the registrars website or does not boldness at all.

Phase 3. Redemption

After the 1-45 day onhold period, the area again enters accretion cachet (RGP – Accretion adroitness period), which lasts for 30 days. During this time the apprentice of the area name has the advantage to pay a accretion amends fee (redemption fees about amount amid $100-200 depending on the registrar) and renew the domain. If the area buyer renews the area go aback to appearance 1. During this accretion aeon the area resolves to the registrars website or does not boldness at all.

Phase 4. Awaiting Delete

After the area completes the 30 day accretion aeon after actuality renewed, it again enters a 5 day awaiting annul period. During this the time the apprentice no best has the adeptness to renew the area name. The area will be appear to the accepted accessible and be accessible for allotment on the sixth day at 2pm eastern.

(This bead action does not authority accurate for absolute backorders)

Domains are an anytime alteration industry. Over the aftermost 2 years, abounding things accept afflicted including abounding variations of the area abatement process. The aloft mentioned action is the norm, but every day added and added registrars are starting to accept absolute drops.

An archetype of an absolute drop: A area is registered with Arrangement Solutions. The apprentice fails to renew the area aural 60 canicule of the cessation date. The area is again auctioned off at snapnames.com (a domain

auction site).

Each agent has their own time anatomy for absolute drops. Current registrars that are accommodating in absolute drops are: arrangement solutions, godaddy, agrarian west domains, dejected razor, aggregate register, dotster, and enom. Domains registered at arrangement solutions or aggregate annals charge be backordered at snapnames. Domains registered at godaddy, agrarian west domains, or dejected razor charge be backordered at godaddy or a agrarian west reseller such as domainut.com. Domains registered at

dotster charge be backordered at namewinner Domains registered at enom charge be backordered at club bead (if at atomic on backorder is placed at the aloft casework the area will break with the aboriginal registrar, if no backorder is placed, the area will chase the accustomed bead process) A backorder is the action of signing up at a bead communicable account and authoritative a appeal to be the abutting buyer of a domain. The prices at anniversary bead bolt account vary. Pool.com – Backorders alpha at $60. Basin uses a pay for achievement business model. If basin does not bolt the area back it expires again you are not charged. If you are the alone being that backordered a area and basin catches it, you are awarded the area for $60. If the asleep area was backordered by added than one person, the area is again up for clandestine auction. Bodies that backordered the area above-mentioned to Basin communicable it are alone accustomed to bid in the auction. The bargain lasts for 3 days. SnapNames.com – Backorders alpha at $60. Snapnames uses a pay for achievement business model. If Snapnames does not bolt the area back it expires again you are not charged. If you are the alone being that backordered a area and snapnames catches it, you are awarded the area for $60. If the asleep area was backordered by added than one person, the area is again up for clandestine auction. Bodies that backordered the area above-mentioned to snapnames communicable it are alone accustomed to bid in the auction. The bargain lasts for 3 days. Enom Club Bead – Backorder alpha amount is optional$10 or $30. Enom uses a pay for achievement business model. If enom does not bolt the area back it expires again you are not charged. If you are the alone being that backordered a area for $10 the area again goes to accessible auction, but if you backordered it for $30 or added and enom catches it, you are awarded the domain. If the asleep area was backordered for $30 or added by added than one person, the area is again up for clandestine auction. The bargain lasts for 3 days. Namewinner.com – Backorders alpha at $30. Namewinner uses a pay for achievement business model. If namewinner does not bolt the area back it expires again you are not charged. If you are the alone being that backordered a area and namewinner catches it, you are awarded the area for $30. If the asleep area was backordered by added than one person, the area is again up for clandestine auction. Bodies that backordered the area above-mentioned to namewinner communicable it are alone accustomed to bid in the auction. The bargain lasts for 3 days. Godaddy.com or any Agrarian West Domains Reseller – $18.95 aboriginal appear aboriginal served (only one being can abode a backorder on any one expiring domain, if or back the area expires and godaddy catches it, the backorder holder is awarded the domain.) It is consistently best to absolutely analysis an expiring area name. There is no abiding blaze way of alive if a area will accept traffic, or how abundant a area is worth. But by blockage to see how abounding sites articulation to a area (linkpop), how abounding bodies searched for the area in the antecedent ages (overture with extension), how abounding bodies searched for the agreement that accomplish up the area in the antecedent ages (overture after the extension), what the google pr is (google folio rank), and what the area was use for in the accomplished (wayback archive), you can get a asperous abstraction of how abundant cartage you should expect.

Once you accept absolutely researched a domain, you should again adjudge if the area is account backordering at basin or snapname for $60, at enom or namewinner for $30, at godaddy or a agrarian west reseller for $18.95, or enom for $10. Bethink to awning all your bases if an expiring area is account at atomic $60 to you, again backorder at all of the aloft services. If it is alone account $30, again backorder at any account that is $30 or cheaper (but bethink addition abroad may backorder it at the $60 service, and again you accept no adventitious at accepting the asleep domain, if you don't accept a backorder placed at that service.)

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How to Get Traffic from Expired Domains

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This method may bring you good amounts of traffic on the cheap. It can still be effective today, but there’re more “gotchas” to take into consideration, so before you buy that expired domain name let me explain why.

First let’s talk about the method itself…

Webmasters sometimes allow their domains to expire for a variety of different reasons – but what is important for you is just how much work that webmaster already did to get his site ranked in the search engines, build up incoming links, etc.

What happens is this:

Somebody just starts a site and begins getting traffic based on the keywords they’ve ranked on, the incoming link relationships they’ve built, any articles they’ve written with their domain in the byline, etc.

But if the domain is allowed to expire – and no one else take it – there’s going to be a window of time where the site is still getting traffic from those old links and listings.

The traffic that arrives via outdated links will click away unless someone takes over that domain and puts something there worthy of looking at.

But, if you take over that domain, that traffic is yours to direct as you wish.

But you have to do this:

a) You need to be fast on the draw in order to snatch up really good expired domains, and…

b) You need to put some quality content on the site, rather than just redirecting some irrelevant links.

You want to capitalize on the existing targeted traffic rather than send them clicking away again.

If you do intend to use this method for redirecting pages (to an affiliate program, for example), just make sure what you’re redirecting to is relevant and targeted.

Getting the Most of Expired Domains:

If you grab a domain with good ranking in one of the search engines, particularly Google, you might want to see if there is a cached version of the page available.

You’ll be able to take that page and analyze it to determine some of the ranking factors and possibly expand or build on them in order to maintain or even boost your search engine ranking.

BUT, you need to work as Fast as possible, and understand that the domain might lose some of its value as the search engines and other webmasters discover a brand new site has taken its place.

The ideal tactic here, is to use the domain to feed traffic into your opt-in list, and then redirect those new subscribers to your primary site once you’ve got their address.

No matter what you decide to put on one of these domains, but it’s crucial that you have lead capture in place; otherwise, you won’t be making the most of your new traffic and may loose some of it.

Looking and Buying Expired Domains:

There are software programs to do this work for you, as well as live auction sites where webmasters put their expiring domains up for sale.

Did you know you can also backorder domains?

When you backorder a domain, you’re putting yourself into the waiting list for a domain that has a pending expiration date. There’s a window of time where, unless the webmaster renews fast or has his domain ‘locked’, then the domain will be released and it will be available for you to get it.

This can be hit or miss, but when it works, you can come away with some real Free Traffic from other people efforts.

You can search for expired domains here:


This technique may not be Free to try and sometimes a Domains could be very expensive, but you may find some Domains related to your niche with the right keywords already built-it in.

This also make you to think about your own domains, you better be aware of renewing every year or somebody using this techniques may be getting your own site before you.

Did you have used this way of Traffic before? If so what are your experiences, we will be glad to here from you in the comments.

To your Success,

Luis Torres



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