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Merry Christmas 2009

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I just want to wish to all of my readers and visitors a


Merry Christmas!

To all of you and your families, thanks for the support.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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New Theme Finally Fix It

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Finally my new theme and blog seems to be working fine. Comments are ok, commentluv plugin and reply to comment are doing fine. All this because of my Hard Work, oh! and of course Salwa from www.screationz.com and www.Blogriffic.com. Why I did the Hard Work, well I went to her site Blogriffic all by myself and clicked on her tab Hire Me and filled all the form and hitted the send button and waited.

The next day I got her email asking some questions about what exactly was the problems to fix. After I tell her all my problems, she just took the site and did the easier part of the work, To Fix All The Mess. Well at least it seems to me very easy, it took her some minutes to tell me what she will do, so I guess it must be easy work.

Besides doing such an easy work she can do easily some of this services too:


I can provide the following design services, priced by complexity.

  • Website Design – XHTML & CSS Template Creation
  • Custom WordPress Theming
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Identity/Branding
  • Content Creation (To View Samples of My Writing Please Visit my Blog Over at www.blogriffic.com)

What impressive girl, she said in her site she is only 21 (I cannot testify if this is true, you better ask her) and already with all this savvy. Actually she also can do GhostWriting. If you are looking to outsource then she is perfect for the job.

She made the upgrade from WP 2.5.3 to WP 2.7.1 in a breeze and I still have all my database intact with all the garbage in it, I did not lost anything, not even my time, I cannot say the same about her, she spend some time with me until the problem was solved at my entire satisfaction.

 I am glad I found her, I were about to delete all my site and start over again, since I had been hacked few weeks ago and could not find how to fix some little problems I got, like comment form not working properly, I could not upgrade my plugins anymore, some of my links in my posts were de-activated, but now it seems everything works fine.

Before her, I got a lot of help with a consultation for more than an hour with James King from www.AtmMultimedia.com , he basically told me what to do, but been unable to perform the easiest of the codings and almost losing my site after trying to upgrade, I look for some pro to do the job, thank God I found  Salwa.

And even before they my also blogger friend Ian from www.ourhappymoney.com helped me doing all the initial theme tweaking before the Hack.

In case you wonder, none of the links from these bloggers are affiliate links (too bad for me) and this is not a paid post by anyone.

Feel free to check all my new theme and tell me what did you think and also if you found a link not working or anything else, please let me know.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres



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The First Day of My Freedom

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Thursday morning was my First day of my freedom. I were planning to fire my boss for some time ago but it seems he do not coordinate with me as he suppose to do it, meaning, he fire me ahead of my schedule. Yes, I am now another guy for the unemployment statistics in the world due to the recession.

This could be the end of the world or the beginning of a brave new world, all depends if I can raise enough income before I run out of money. I am not searching for a Job too hard, since I really want to stay like I am now but with a regular income.

Actually when my boss were telling me about my layoff I were trying not to smile too much, I had a crossover of feelings, feeling relieved from that place and at the same time thinking "Now  What", what I suppose to do. I have a toddler son pre-diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and a credit card debt of $9000 us dlls (use to be $17,000 but I were able to paid $4000 and at the very moment when they fire me, they make me pay another $5000, money taken from my layoff compensation, cool guys dont you think), so after thinking on this I still think this could be the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Now I have a lot of time to spend with my son and wife PLUS lots of time to invest on my online biz. Now I can interact with you a lot better, and maybe able to write more often and build some MFA sites to make money online.

The only I need now it is suggestions on how to make money online FAST, since the money from the layoff just gives me some 8 months and after that I will be in real deep sh"#%@ (excuse moi for my french). Right now I am cool enough, but this is because I still have lots of money, I even have a lot more money than I use to have, the problem is that this is my salary for 8 months and that´s it.

The bright side of this is my money thinking mind it is quite sharp, I guess it is the adrenaline, knowing that this situation can be disgusting, but I know this will be the best opportunity I will ever had. Now it is the time to invest and work harder than ever and make this online business to payoff.

I will be putting some deals like products for very few bucks and also I will need to be doing a lot of work in affiliate marketing and write my first ebook. Lots of work but lots of time too. It feels great to have this Freedom, even if I still have not the income to survive, but I know I will soon.

Other task I will be doing is a lot of article submissions to increase my backlinks and traffic as well as forum interactions and been more active in social sites like Twitter.

BTW, I haven´t had the time to announce that I have a poll in the rightside widget bar, you only need to scroll down a little, hope you don´t get to tire after the scrolling. Its about a comment I had about my helmet cursor that I put it before the superbowl since the Steeler won and I am a truly die hard Steeler fan, well I just forgot and actually were kinda feeling bad to remove it since its the helmet of the 6 time Superbowl Champions, but my true intention was to remove it right after the Superbowl some 2 months ago. But now I guess it is time and since I dont want to remove it because it feels like I am a traitor to my team, so I will let you choose by voting, If the majority vote for removal, then I will do it, knowing that I did not did it myself, I just will be Following your Orders, therefore it would be your fault and not mine.

This way I will not feel bad for the removal, call me insane, romantic (so to speak) or whatever you want to call me, I don´t care cuz I know it will probably be all true, so why fighting against the truth, Ha!, So please do me a favor and vote, this is election time for you. This poll will ends in April 13th, so please vote. Thanks in advance to all of my voters.

Just some clarification, "Yes" and "Do It Fast" it´s about the same, but I let you to release your anger against the Helmet. If you only want me to remove it then maybe "Yes" it´s your best option but if you are truly mad about that annoying Helmet cursor then vote "Do it Fast".

To your Success,

Luis Torres




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Different Way to Make Money Online Out Of Your Personal Problems

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This is a different way to make money online due to the fact that I am targeting a problem that I just had been told by the pediatrician of my 3 year old son almost 4. He has been pre-diagnosed with PPD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified) that falls into the Autism spectrum but seems to be the High Functioning kind and may develop into Asperger Syndrome since his intelligence it is some what higher than normal, but he still using diapers and do not talk with complete sentences just loose words no more than 2 together but enough to understand what did he wants.

They could not diagnose the Autism because he did not comply fully with the whole signs and one of the test done says he have the capability of an almost 6 year old boy that is more like an Asperger.

Anyway, he needs some therapy to help him to socialize with his peers at the kindergarten, leave the diapers away (hope he do this soon, they are very expensive and he is in the last size available for kids) and talk fully. The therapy it is not cheap at all, but first we need to take him for some neurological tests just to discard any brain damage that cost more than $1,000 dlls then the therapy, all that will add to my 17,000 dlls credit card  debt that is becoming a huge stress factor.

So I think in making a MFA site about Autism to help me to make money online to pay my new bills and be able to help my son, I had already looked for some keywords with some commercial intention but it seems this kind of niche does not bring too many money, therefore I may not use amazon but what about Adsense even if there is no commercial intention the visitors still want more information and they can get it by clicking my adsense ads.

Still do not know how profitable it would be but I will be able to help other parents in my same situation and they may help me to pay my son´s therapy.

What I need is a plugin that fetch related articles to put this site in autopilot since I dont want to put too much time in that site. I pretend to disable the comments but I will leave the "Contact Me" page in case someone wants some help.

I found Automatic Blog PlugIn but it is not free it cost one time payment of $67 dlls, there is a free plugin Feed WordPress that I am not sure if it works fine. There still others, but I will check first the free one and then may move forward to the Automatic Blog plugin if the free does not work well.

If you have any suggestion on tools I am open to hear it. I really need to boost my income online. Is the only way I may be able to pay all those Therapies.

The keywords I may be use are:

Autism  – 4,703 Daily Estimated searches in Google

Asperger Syndrome –  1,239 Daily Estimated searches in Google

As you see there is not much searches, then maybe, been in the first page may not suffice, I may need to take the whole first page of the serps, that actually may seems difficult, but not impossible. The sites on this categories are not into the urge to be on the first page, they do not even have a monetization mean in their pages, not even Adsense, so I think it may be easier to take them with some SEO techniques like Social Bookmarking or by creating some free blogs with targeted content for each keyword and linking to my MFA site, I may use today.com that already have a good PR and may leak some of the juice from my Today free blog into my MFA site, there is other technique like Video submissions with keywords in the title that  had helped me to rank in the first page with more than one result linking to me in the past, I may need to use this once again.

I am in a urge, so this new blog will be my case study and will post about the progress, right now I am still developing the whole strategy to follow.

If you have suggestions to make this work, I will be glad to know your insight into this new way to make money online (or at least new motive to make money online). I have never been in a hurry to make money online, so lets see what happen when I am in a rush.

 To your Success,

Luis Torres



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Steelers World Champions of SuperBowl XLIII

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2008-2009 Season Goal Acomplished

Here We Go Steelers 2008-2009 Version Fight Song

This is the first rambling in this site, but being a Die Hard Steeler Fan, I just had to say it out loud:

We Are The


Of The World

The hunger for success has come to an end, we are been fed, Steeler became the NUMBER ONE Team in the whole NFL history with 6 SuperBowl Championships. If you have not seen the SuperBowl at least you need to watch the last winning drive from Steelers it´s a real breath taken drive. Those 2:37 last minutes were the Most Stressful and so damn long Moments of my life. You can see it in the NFL Video Galleries, this link goes directly to the video.

We won 27-23 over the Cardinals (the “We” does not means I am in the payroll of the Steelers, I wish I could be, but I am not, just in case you wonder). Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense ended a Super Bowl of incredible swings with a final-minute touchdown for a historic victory.

Santonio Holmes made an amazing 6-yard catch deep in the right corner of the end zone with 35 seconds remaining Sunday night, lifting the Steelers to a record-setting sixth Super Bowl win, 27-23 over the Arizona Cardinals.

Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 27, Cardinals 23

A little glimpse to the game itself:

The Steelers (15-4), winning their second Super Bowl in the last four seasons, led 20-7 in the fourth quarter, only to see Kurt Warner and the Cardinals stage a rally to go in front 23-20 with 2:37 remaining.

Warner hit wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald in stride for a 64-yard touchdown with 2:37 left. Already owning a slew of postseason receiving marks this year, Fitzgerald sped down the middle of the field, watching himself outrun the Steelers.

But Fitzgerald could only watch from the sideline as Roethlisberger made it to a 78-yard drive to win Super Bowl XLIII in what resembled Heinz Field South. With waves of twirling Terrible Towels turning Raymond James Stadium into a black-and-gold tableau — Steelers fans supporting their beloved team, the economy be damned — Pittsburgh’s offense rescued the title.

Holmes was selected the game’s MVP.

The incredible swings overshadowed James Harrison’s Super Bowl-record 100-yard interception return for a touchdown to end the first half. That looked like the signature play until the final quarter, when both teams shook off apparent knockout punches to throw haymakers of their own.

Big Ben and Holmes struck the last blow, and when Warner fumbled the ball away in the final seconds, the Cardinals’ dream of winning their first NFL title since 1947 were gone.

The Cardinals (12-8-1), playing in their first Super Bowl ever and first championship game of any kind since 1948, lost their composure after Harrison’s heroics. They had three penalties to keep Pittsburgh’s 79-yard, third-quarter drive going, a 16-play march that ended with Jeff Reed’s 21-yard field goal for a 20-7 lead.

And Arizona couldn’t get Fitzgerald free until very late. But did he get free.

Fitzgerald, who already had set a postseason record for receiving yards and had five touchdowns in the playoffs, was a nonentity until an 87-yard, fourth-quarter drive he capped with a leaping 1-yard touchdown catch over Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor. Fitzgerald made four receptions on that series on which Warner hit all eight passes for all the yards.

And then Fitzgerald struck swiftly for the 64-yard TD catch that put Arizona within minutes of a remarkable victory.

But a victory that didn’t happen because the Steelers are as resilient as they come.

Pittsburgh looked like the offensive juggernaut to open the game, smoothly driving 71 yards in eight plays. But the 72nd yard that would have given the Steelers a touchdown never came.

It seemingly had when Roethlisberger’s short run was ruled a touchdown. However, Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt challenged, and the score was overturned, leaving Tomlin his first difficult decision.

He took the points, Reed’s 18-yard field goal, the shortest in a Super Bowl since 1976.

After forcing a punt, the Steelers kept the ball the remainder of the first quarter — 11:28 in all, outgaining Arizona 140-13, getting seven first downs to one for the Cardinals. As Warner and the usually potent Cardinals’ offense watched, frustrated, from the sideline, Pittsburgh plowed it in on Gary Russell’s 1-yard touchdown run to make the score 10-0.

When the Cardinals finally got the ball back, they suddenly put the Steelers off-balance with short passes — and one huge play.

Warner had enough time to shine the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year trophy he received just before kickoff, then hit Anquan Boldin streaking from left to right. Boldin was upended at the Pittsburgh 1, and Warner’s lob to Ben Patrick got the Cardinals on the board. It was the tight end’s first touchdown this season.

Arizona’s defense then emulated the Steel Curtain with a big play. Bryan Robinson tipped Roethlisberger’s pass high into the air, and Karlos Dansby corralled it at the Pittsburgh 34. The Cardinals got to the 1, then, perhaps jealous, the Steelers’ D asserted itself — magnificently.

Harrison, the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, stepped in front of Boldin at the goal line, picked off Warner’s throw and began a journey down the right sideline to the longest play in Super Bowl history.

Harrison ran past or through most of the Cardinals, nearly stepped out of bounds at one point, and was dragged down by Fitzgerald as he fell to the goal line. The play was reviewed as several Cardinals knelt on one knee, exhausted from the chase and disheartened by the result.

The previous longest play in Super Bowl history was Desmond Howard’s 99-yard kickoff return for the Green Bay Packers in 1997.

Lets Go for the Seventh SuperBowl Championship Next Season 2009-2010, Why Not? After all we all have 10 fingers, so lots of space for more.

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