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See How To Create A Winning Sales Letter

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Writing a marketing letter is hard and writing a winning promotional letter is even harder. Many entrepreneurs break their heads thinking why they can’t get it right. Well, to reply to this question they should put them in people’s shoes and ask what ‘benefit’ would I get by reading this advertising letter? Remember that word ‘benefit’ which is the crux of this discourse. Many entrepreneurs take bits and pieces of information from here and there and create mess out of a sales letter. They literally throw everything on folks and then get what they deserve, instant rejection.

One should always remember that a sales letter works only when you have a product to sell and an offer to make. An advertising letter shouldn’t be an advent of your product or company. Remember every word is crucial in the promotional letter and do not waste a single one which would distract your potential customer’s attention. They are not curious about the features of you product but an offer or an advantage to them. Think from the customer’s viewpoint and ask yourselves why should i read the letter? Is there any benefit or offer to me which cannot be refused? Are you able to convince me that it is really a good offer?

After remembering these things, sales bosses should apply thought in presenting their letter. The header or the strap line is awfully necessary to any advertising letter. It should target right to the clients of your product. One also must be little respectful in use of words. But if you are not good at the trade don’t try to do it and rather be easy in writing it. The headline should not be more a line, so attempt to be as precise as possible but with maximum affect. No-one has time to read every letter in this fast moving era of instant satisfaction. If you’re not in a position to convey your message to the audience in specified time, then you have lost those buyers. The strap line should begin with an advantage being offered to the purchaser. This guarantees the client goes to the body of the letter at least.

Now, having made a good effort with the heading, it’s the time to work on the body of the letter. The proper way to maintain the level of fervour that you created in the customer’s mind with the heading? Once more it is vital to remember to not to target features of the product you are attempting to sell but on the advantages and offers you are making to them. Things like what amount of money it is going to save them and how it would affect their lives should be discussed in the body of the letter. Make them realize a need for it and compare it competitor’s product. Remember, somebody reading your sales letter will continually get questions in mind as to how this may benefit me, after each sentence. So be in a position to clear those doubts and answer the questions. Being little informal in the approach would not do a harm and try to grab the awareness by relating things to real life things. You can add a tiny bit of humor but unless you are sure that it will not be in the bad taste of the reader. Bring in few previous clients to give sworn statement of your products. But keep the testimonials believable and something that people can relate to.

When you’ve made clear about the product, don’t forget to prompt your audience to take action. If it is an email, prompt your reader to click a link to start now or provide a contact number if it’s a direct mail. Also remind them again that if you do not act now you’ll forfeit the offer as the offer is for constrained time only .

Once you are done with the letter, one of the crucial parts of the advertising letter is P.S. Many of us simply read the start and end of the letter. Therefore attempt to convey something that will prompt them to go back to the letter and read it. It’s going to be an ideal end to the sales letter.

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Mobile Phones Redefine Telemarketing And Help Diversify Services

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Telemarketing services are being compelled to operate with dwindling contact lists. It is not because the demand for products and services has declined but because a restricting legislative environment, Do-Not-Call lists, and disappearing land lines are crushing the life out of telemarketing initiatives. Even the products and services that telemarketers can sell and their approach in marketing them are being scrutinized.

There is good news though. Mobile phone marketing and text messaging is a promising development that can be exploited by telemarketing services. Just as multiple industries have done in the past, telesales industry too must widen its scope and redefine its meaning. Or it will see fate similar to the railroads that were once the leader of transportation industry but now lags behind automobiles and airways. Telecommunications consists of various ways of communications and it is important that telemarketing stays abreast with with current trends to stay relevant. Telemarketing no longer means just a conventional sales call. It also includes text messaging and mobile marketing.

Listed below is how telemarketing endeavors can be successfully enhanced by text messaging and mobile marketing:

* Ride on an expanding market: You always have two options – stick with a dying tactic and lose out or latch on to a emerging system and thrive with it. Conventional calls on land lines is fast becoming obsolete as an increasing number of people go mobile. It is imperative that telemarketers change their focus to the mobile market.

* No restrictions on contact time: Telemarketing is policed by legal guidelines that lay down time within which customers can be called. This can prove limiting and makes it hard to catch people at the appropriate time and also prepared to take a telesales call. With mobile phones, availability of prospect is no longer a challenge. Text messaging is a passive marketing approach. The text message is saved in the cell phone and can be read by the prospect at a convenient time.

* Immediate response potential: Most cell phones today are web-enabled. Customers can take immediate steps in response to a marketing message.

* Use the SMS as a coupon: Just like paper coupons are created to produce a rapid action from customers, SMSes too can contain an urgent call for action and a motivation for speedy response to it.

* Proximity marketing: In sales, nothing is more effective than catching a prospect’s attention at the right time and the right place. Proximity marketing is a technique that allows businesses to send alerts about products or services when people are well placed to act on the information. With Bluetooth and GPS, businesses can tailor contact time and message to the recipient’s location.

With the drop in classic telemarketing, there is an even greater need to outsource telesales to services that have expanded their capabilities and are acquiring new tools to spread sales and marketing messages. They have the the technology and the tools to manage text messaging proficiently and take text and mobile marketing to the next level. This is the right time for telesales companies to diversify their services. If they don’t, they will have no place in the market.

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Outsource Telemarketing Or Develop Proficiency In-House?

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Telemarketing is one of the most potent strategies used by business executives. Selecting the most effective approach in taking it from preparation to execution is critical to its success. Telesales improves visibility of a brand and jump starts the growth of new businesses in particular. It also helps garner sales and supports market studies that collect data to help businesses improve clients’ experience and relationship with them.

Businesses can maximize on telemarketing by eliminating associated issues that take away from its overall performance. To do that, executives should weigh the pros and cons of putting together an in-house telemarketing division versus hiring an external service provider. Studies indicate that contracting out telesales saves more time and money than the effort of developing expertise within the business.

Internal or third party telemarketing – what works?

Every company that is looking to add a new function to its business is faced with the alternative of developing skills in-house or hiring out. For telemarketing, the answer can be gleaned from this question – Do you need telemarketing services for areas that give your business a unique competitive advantage or for non-core competencies? If the answer is “competitive advantage”, you should build in-house skill. Otherwise, outsource.

Starting a telemarketing service should not be undertaken lightly. It demands time and money, employing and preparing personnel, installing tools, and staying up-to-date with regulations and news. Instead of expending valuable time, money and effort on areas that are not part of your core business goals you can use made-to-order solutions from external telesales companies. They work as well as in-house services (or better) and promise early ROI.

Telemarketing call center services outsourcing boosts growth

Telemarketing services can hasten the growth of businesses and the adoption of their goods and services by:

* Slashing the time to market: The time to market is a decisive aspect that enables businesses to benefit from immediate market opportunities. Be it a new business or product, outsourced telemarketing services gets the message to customers without incurring the delays due to hiring and preparing staff. Lowering time to market implies better sales and more customers for the business.

* Flexible staffing to meet demand: Many businesses see fluctuations in product orders and demand. Instead of constantly having to increasing and cutting down in-house telesales personnel to match requirements, you can outsource telemarketing services. As outsourced services cater to more than one customer, spare personnel are assigned to other projects till required again.

* Allowing organization to focus on core business goals: Product releases are accompanied by a number of issues that need management’s instant consideration. With outsourced services handling the sales, management can focus on resolving these issues without distractions.

* Providing skills and hardware support: Outsourced telemarketing services are expert organizations. They employ expert staff and use latest technology and equipment to deliver results for your business. Leveraging their resources is more economical than taking on the expenses of acquiring equipment and training staff on processes and skills.

* Maximizing ROI: With outsourced telemarketing services, businesses can control fixed expenditure and see returns quickly.

* Limiting legal liability: The telemarketing industry is governed by state and federal rules that are frequently updated and vary across states. Service companies keep staff in sync with relevant changes in rules and protect your business from potential legal hassles. For an in-house service, this is a challenging job that not only wastes a workers’ billable time but also adds no value to the core competencies of the business.

Outsourcing or in-house development is a difficult choice that confronts business people many times for a lot of reasons – reducing expenses, rapid business growth, expansion, etc. In the case of telemarketing, outsourcing clearly has great benefits.

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Lead Generation – Information & Advice

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One of the most difficult parts of business and sales is finding new leads, but by modifying your daily habits, you will find that securing leads is much easier than it seems. Most of the time, business owners encounter possible new clients throughout the day; it’s just a matter of reaching them on a professional level. Even business owners in a niche market have opportunities they never use.

Start with the basics. Use your existing customers to get your leads for you. Always ask for referrals and be ready with a business card. Offer your customers a reward for bringing new clients your way, or offer to send them business when you can. Give away items for them to display at their business, like pens or calendars. Join groups your customers belong to; you are likely to find many new leads at these group gatherings.

Use your website to capture new leads by persuading potential clients to sign up to your email list. Give an incentive like an eBook, newsletter, or a tips and information sheet. Learn blogging and keyword techniques, and start a blog, post to forums, or post informative articles with clickable links to your website. Once you establish yourself as a specialist within your industry, people will clamor to learn what you know and will sign up for your emails.

Although advertising can be expensive, it is a necessity to get your name out into the world. Consider alternate ways to get your name out there and bring in those leads, like a press release about your business; a new service you offer, an upgrade to your office, or even new employees are a good excuse to get your name in the paper. As long as it doesn’t look like an advertisement, the paper should print it.

Your local library houses a wealth of information when it comes to gathering leads. You will find public records of new businesses and new homeowners, just to name a couple. The library will also have market specific research materials that will help in your quest for leads, and you can ask the Reference Librarian for assistance.

Use the time you spend in your car to your advantage. Be on the lookout for new businesses around town and take notes. One good way to find new leads is to look for vehicles with company logos. You can find many businesses you might otherwise miss by doing this. If you are driving and can’t write, use the camera on your cell phone to photograph a logo and phone number, or a new business’s sign. When you are watching, you can find leads anywhere.

Now Try – Lead Generation

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Sales Agent Recommendation: Information Concerning The Outstanding Selling Alternatives For Product Marketing

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If you’re running your business you would like to answer to question as to whether or not your marketing strategies generating a gradual flow of prospective customers? Are you using only a single small business marketing solution? Is your marketing practice able to convert prospects to paying/purchasing customers?

As you see exploring the best marketing choice for your business, your first introspection is the Nature of your Business – is it B2B (Business to Business), or B2C (Business to Consumer)? B2B organisations are generally medium to large organisations for instance, textile/garment makers and distributors, all wholesale grain, automotive, electronic, medical, grocery merchants. B2C firms are small to medium businesses that cater on to the consumer, such as a hotel, a computer service look, a stationery shop, a vegetable shop, or a supermarket.

Next, you would examine the potential target purchasers, which means Market Analysis, or assessment of the market that probably exists for your product/services, not just your existing customers. Your target market is much wider than that; it includes all the folks you could possibly reach, that you need to be concerned about because your business thoughts are always concerning growth through enlargement of clientele. As an example, the market of a local restaurant includes not just the people who frequently go there however
everybody who lives among driving distance and additionally those tourists that pass through your town/city.

You’ll undertake a marketing methodology to target such tourists so that every one individuals who pass through town get word of the standard of your restaurant. How could you achieve this? It might be by passing word to your existing customers, or you may put up huge hoardings at either end of town with a luring advertisement targeting tourists.

The market for your bicycle repair workshop may include not just repairing bicycles, but also servicing different motor two-wheelers that may have a flat tire, tires which may would like pressurized air, or minor repairs. The market for downloadable e-books over the internet includes everybody having an web connection. The market for your book binding business would be educational institutions, accounting/company corporations, little DTP publishers, students of professional establishments who frequently want to induce their project work bound. Here you start to check the Product Promoting Methods at your disposal, which are:

Direct Sales: Telesales and Door-to-Door sales. These apparently antiquated ways provide you more control over your market than other strategies of promotion. Your team of sales agents is also a great analysis tool because they’re in constant contact together with your clients. You’ll learn from their mistakes, and their initiatives in landing a buying deal, and adapt your products / services to suit your business. If you are engaging telesales, you are visiting be engaging tele-sales agents phoning potential customers using cold-calling, which is comparable to the ancient door-to-door selling or ‘door-knocking’. Each Telesales and Door-to-Door selling ways are numbers games where perhaps one in fifty or one in five hundred might respond. Here you must watch out for cold calling homes or firms that have signed up to the Telephone Preference Service or Fax Preference Service. You’ll face stiff legal settlements/fines if you slip up here!

Direct Mail and Leaflet drops: These are relatively value-effective methods of marketing through the post, and physically handing out leaflets at busy/crowded centers. You’ll be able to’t expect to reap additional than two% or three% response at best for these methods.
Advertising: You must watch out together with your advertising budget. Advertising agencies are typically not cost-efficient till you start spending big bucks. This is the common state of affairs all over the world. You see big corporate corporations spending millions every year on TV, magazine advertisements.

Conferences, Seminars with Demonstrations: Potential customers will be invited to a operating lunch together with an indication of your product or concept by your sales agents. This is a very effective technique of personally educating your prospects and customers regarding your services, and learning how serious they’re about your product/concept.

Exhibitions: Industrial exhibitions are expensive but will be a manner to make contact with an enormous amount of potential customers, in a short time and below one roof. Your best sales agents would interact with potential customers and attempt to win them removed from competitors. You could offer incentives to the most effective product sales agent to keep your sales team fired with drive and ambitions.

Public Relations: Informing the media about your charity donations and other non-business activities might have a profound indirect impact on your business with minimal outlay.
Internet: The net has revolutionized most aspects of business and life. It’s spread out the World market to the smallest of companies. Internet users expect far a lot of from a web site these days and designing (even simple) sites has become extremely complex.

Now, you come to Marketing Strategy – how many of the above Marketing Methods should you use, and at what frequency and budget? Should you rotate the Methods for cost-effectiveness and variation? Then comes the question of how much money you have allocated for Marketing. Selling Budget Usual figures for a selling budget for giant firms is 10% and 20% for small businesses. Finally, you arrive at the stage of actual implementation of your Marketing Choice for your Business. Find freelance sales agent on globfreelance.com. If you wish to market your product or service in Norway or the other Scandinavian countries check out outsource seo marketing.

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Custom Decorated Cakes Are Big Business For The Grocery Store Bakeries

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For Grocery store Bakeries, custom decorated cakes are good business. The profit margins in decorated cakes are lofty; therefore it’s in the bakeries greatest interest to keep up with the most recent cake decorating trends. The grocery store bakeries beautify their cakes with the hottest kids characters, holiday decorations, sports figurines, and so on. They buy many of their decorating items from stores that sell cake and candy supplies and other cake supplies.

The In-store supermarket bakeries must find their place to differentiate themselves from competing stores. What worked in the past, might not work in the future as times are changing. The solution is for them to find their cake niche, promoting it and keeping up with the customer assistance that brought them the business in the first place.

The grocery store must encourage their baked goods in the weekly leaflets and brochures that they put out. The brochures are mailed and then they should be distributed to each store and displayed in departments away from the bakery. Promotional buttons can be worn by the bakery personnel as well as other store workers. TV and radio publicity campaigns work well too.

Picture cakes are cakes that have a custom Edible Image® placed on the top with a image. This is not new to instore supermarket bakeries. Putting a custom photo on the cake has been around for over ten years now, so it has lost a little bit of its luster. Now is the time to reinvigorate those types of sales, particularly around graduation time, but differentiates them by using exclusive cake varieties such as: chocolate chip, raspberry swirl, marble and lemon.

Product placement within the store is critical to grow custom cake sales. Draw your customers to the bakery department with well placed displays of goodies in places other than the bakery. Do not place too much of an assortment in the non-bakery departments for the reason that you’ll want to attract the customer toward the bakery to see what else the store is offering. As a substitute of baking during the nighttime when the store is empty, bake during the day when the baked goods fragrance can whiff throughout the store and make customers chops water.
Grocery store bakeries are relying more on thaw-and-sell cakes because of their labor saving advantages. But, they are also using these cakes to suggest a broader selection of flavors and sizes. When done well, quality thaw-and-sell cakes can present customers with more upscale varieties, unusual shapes and sizes or meet special dietary needs, which can be too labor-intensive to produce.

Most importantly it is store customer service and product superiority that will sell additional high profit custom cakes and sweets.
We are glad to support you, so please feel free to visit our Oasis cake decorations supply website for more information.

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3 Tips To Create Awesome Headlines That Sell

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To capture attention of your prospects or readers you have very few seconds (about 7 seconds), if you fail to capture their interest then you will lose them forever, they just will click away faster than it took them to land into your site, since they were new on your site they will not remember your site, so there is not a chance they may come back. One, if not the best and most powerful tool to accomplish this task (capture reader/prospect attention) is your Headline.  There are several key points to work it out an awesome and selling headline and this next 3 tips will help you to do the job. 

1 Hit Your Reader´s/Prospect´s Emotions

Psychologists knows that most of our buying decisions are based on our emotions.  Zig Ziglar also said, "Prospects don´t buy based on what they see, not even based on what they like nor what they need, They Buy Based in What They Trust". To make them buy "You" and trust you and your headline that will lead them to read your article or buy your product, you will need to use headlines which gives your readers a strong emotional benefit or reaction.  Some common emotions are:

Emotions you can hit into are a desire to feel:

  1. Attractive
  2. Sexy
  3. Assertive
  4. Confident
  5. Energetic
  6. Pampered
  7. A sense of belonging
  8. In control of their own destiny
  9. Wealthy
  10. Proud
  11. Respected
  12. Safe

2 Put Them On Command of Their Actions

  it’s really important to use active language – language that shows action and commands attention.

For instance, “Stop Online Burglars To Steal Affiliate Commissions", is a great headline, however it doesn’t command action nor does it really hit into any emotions.  However, “Control How Many Affiliate Commissions You Made By Stopping Online Burglars" Control is an active and emotionally powerful word.  Readers get the benefit of feeling powerful and safe and it commands action.

3 Let Your Readers What´s In It For Them

The word "YOU" is a real powerful word.  It allows your readers feel as if you are talking to them, it made them feel you are there talking face to face, increasing your chances to made them trust "You" and they will feel you are genuinely interested in solving their problems and helping them achieve their desires.  Instead of using I, Me or We in your headlines, use You.  Using the headline example above compare the two options:

"Control How Many Affiliate Commissions You Made By Stopping Online Burglars"
"Control How Many Affiliate Commissions Can Be Made By Stopping Online Burglars"

People want to know what’s in it for them as John Chow had said many times, and when they can read that information in the headline, they’re going to be attracted by it and will continue reading your copy or article and increase your chances of making a sale or win a new reader in your blog.

  3 more ideas for awesome headlines:

  • Make a promise – Earn $1000 a day (be sure not to say something unobtainable)
  • Make it newsworthy – New program guarantees you’ll earn $1000 a day. 
  • Ask a question – Do you want to ensure your financial future? 

3 Easy Steps to Write Headlines That Sells

Well now you get some ideas about what kind of headlines sell, how do you begin to write those awesome headlines?

  • Step 1You need to know your readers or prospects intimately. What are their hopes, dreams, desires, and problems?  Understanding your readers/prospects will help you create an emotional and powerful headline targeted specifically at your readers/prospects.
  • Step 2Find how your products, services or articles are going to make your readers/prospects’ lives better or solve their problems.  For instance, if you sell lose-weight products and your prospects struggles with feeling healthy then you can create a headline that highlights how healthy you will be if you lose weight.
  • Step 3Write 10 to 20, yep 20, possible headlines.  Not only will this give you practice writing great headlines, it’ll help you find that perfect headline.  And if you think you have a few winners you can always test them for conversion rates to find out which headline is more effective, similar as you may need to do with adwords campaigns. The secret of success is "Test,Test, Test".

Marketing and copywriting experts consider your headline to be the most important element of any effective marketing efforts. Just look into Newspapers Headlines, why did you think the Headline it is made with bigger fonts and also catchy words, they know you will not read if headlines are not attractive and make you wonder what it´s on the article.

This is also very important in email marketing, within this era that is full of spam and people getting more aware of it, if the subject do not inspire them trust and make them wonder why are you saying that in the subject, then they will never open that email and you can be sure it will end in the spam folder soon to be deleted, well at least is what I do with spam and you?

Take the time to make an awesome, powerful and selling headline and you will reap the benefits for years.

Did you spend some real time working out your headlines?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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How to Increase your Sales Sky High

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Maximize the effectiveness of your banner ads.

Don’t just use the same ad for every banner, you need to use a variety to attract the greatest number of clickers to your ad. If your customers see the same ad every time, then they will develop Ad Blindness, they will just ignore completely any ad, you need to add some variety, randomization may help you to fight ad blindness, one way to do this is with the Free Plugin Max Banner Ads from MaxBlogPress.

Make your web site load much faster

You can do this by cutting down on banner ads and start using more buttons. Button ads are also smaller and take up less space.

Offer free advertising space

But do it to well known and respected companies on your web site. Sometimes people link their business credibility to yours. That will definitively increase your income, since more people will trust you.

Become an Authority

People have been taught all their life to respect people in authority. Tell your visitors that you are the president or CEO of your business, that will not be a lie, since in the internet a lot of online business are one man operation, therefore, you are indeed the president, CEO and everything else.

Offer people a free telephone consultation

Do it before they order your product or service. When they get to know you personally, it could convert to more sales. Again trust it is everything, even more in the online world.

Test the “bill me later option” on your web site

Most people are honest and will pay you “later”. It is a powerful little niche and could increase your sales. Just be careful on the kind of product or service you are selling, if it is too expensive like a computer gadget (external hard drive, ups, dvd burner, etc.) then maybe this strategy will not work too good for you. Do it for inexpensive items that cost about $10-20 dlls.

Find a charity your target audience would likely support.

Tell people on your ad copy that you will give a percentage of the profits to that charity. Make it real, actually give away a percentage of the sales to that charity. Do not try to fool people, they will know one way or another and you will lose your credibility, that is “everything” in the internet.

Hold a “buy the most wins contest”

Tell people each monthly winner will get their entire purchase refunded. This works good for blogs too, offer some other giveaways like discounts for your services or for your paid reviews made on your blog.

Attract visitors to your web site by offering them a free course.

You could package the course on a follow-up autoresponder like Aweber and send lessons daily. Or write an ebook about your Course and give it for free after they subscribe to your opt-in list. You can write your ebook and protect your rights with Ewriterpro.

Interview people related to your industry

But get their legal permission to convert it to an article. Promote your web site by submitting it to ezines. The better known guy interviewed the better for your promotion. It works like a link in a High Page Rank site, the higher the Page Rank the better.

Those were some few tips to really increase your online sales, follow them and you will succeed, I have no doubts about it.

I hope you find this post helpful, please leave your comment, we have activated the comment luv Plugin, so use this in your favor, increase your readership showing your last post in here.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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