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Using Social Media To Increase Sales And Brand Awareness

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Companies are continuously launching advertising campaigns in an work to market their brand and increase their product sales. Some of they’re very successful – Carlsberg’s slogan and marketing of ‘probably the ideal lager within the world’ generates great brand awareness and standing. This then contributes to elevated income and eventually greater income. Even so, quite a few of those companies have huge promoting and marketing budgets. What if your organization can not afford these marketing and advertising initiatives? This can be exactly where Interpersonal media marketing and advertising is available in. Most sociable media marketing and advertising ‘tools’ are free to use and can deliver the same amount of advertising exposure no matter whether that you are just starting out or are a giant conglomerate. This write-up explains how you can use social media marketing and advertising to boost income at a reasonably reduced charge.

Firstly, let’s just dispel the myth that social media marketing will not cause a direct raise in sales. Here are some examples to prove this: Sony announced in February that via Twitter they had earned an extra £1million in income, Dell introduced in June last year that their presence on Twitter accounted for $3 million dollars improve in sales. You might argue that these are two massive businesses and they previously possess a brand name reputation. Nonetheless, other smaller firms have also experienced enhanced sales as a result of this form of advertising. John Fluevog Boots & Shoes Ltd, a small shoe making organization in Canada, reported a 40% raise in product sales in 2009, the very same year it started societal media advertising and marketing, this was not by chance.

So how can societal media marketing and advertising contribute to greater revenue for your firm? Social media tools allow you access to millions of people. A television advert will reach the people watching at that time and allows for no interaction with the consumer. One tweet can reach millions of people. Sainsbury’s for example regularly tweet their latest offers. Anyone wanting to keep up with these can simply follow Sainsbury’s on Twitter. This gives a much bigger potential customer base and allows for revenue to raise, whilst also creating manufacturer awareness. Furthermore, people can respond to these tweets, which provides a forum for customer interaction and thus customer insight. Your business can emulate this, tweeting your promotions provides free advertising. If that is done creatively, it really can increase income and get your business noticed.

Interpersonal media advertising works in a similar way to other forms of promoting; it is viral. A small corporation initially works on a word of mouth basis, people tell their friends. This type of promoting, especially Twitter and Facebook, work with the ‘friend’ concept. People can give you positive reviews, recommend your product and tweet about your firm. This whole societal community allows your company’s name and brand to be viewed by a significant amount of people. Continuous use of sociable media over time creates brand awareness and thus helps to increase profits. One of our clients, PeachorLemon, a car review website, gained over one hundred followers on Twitter within a week. This is a hundred more people who know about promotions and offers, may tell their friends, visit the website or use other interpersonal media outlets to mention PeachorLemon. All this creates brand name awareness and over time elevated use of the website, thus increasing its value.

The effect interpersonal media can have on manufacturer awareness is critical inside the future of small businesses advertising and marketing strategy. Brand awareness is only one way in which income are improved, there are a lot of other important contributing factors. Nevertheless, as this article has demonstrated, creating manufacturer awareness by way of this new exiting variation of advertising and marketing can have a huge impact on your business and revenues.

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Social Profit Formula – Social Media

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Social media is yet another types of advertisement practice for sociable interaction that’s using a remarkably accessible and exceptional publishing way. This types of mass media uses a straightforward net structured technologies to communicate and broadcast media monologues into social networking dialogues. These types of advertising are the a single responsible of democratization of knowledge and details and that transform persons from information customers to information producers. Some enterprise owners define this type of video as a group of world wide web centered applications that build for the ideological and technological foundations on the internet, and that gives the development and exchange of user generated information.

You will discover also a lot of things that refer to this presentation like for instance in companies. The widespread issue that’s flowing by means of every one of the definitions of social networking is usually a obtaining in on the trend of the brand new age technology and interpersonal interaction for your co-creation of value. Social media can also be believed to become a driving force in giving definition on the latest period as the attention of the new era.

The form of media has or may be following the brand new age trend to accomplish consumers as a result of the world-wide-web it have grow to be the fighting spirit that gives the tiny organization a possibility to develop. And also some when the huge names in the business are getting benefit on media to reach a lot more shoppers across the archipelago and have been continuing to enhance its power quickly through the years.

Some famous examples for this presentation are Myspace, Facebook, and twitter and also have boost its worldwide forecast, this suggests that advertisement now are able to have several languages and thus get to a broader and wider selection of people. Social networking have turn out to be the new tool for business proprietors to attain their ambitions in business marketing and sales. This 3 most popular social media software is extremely frequent that even young children knows how you can used it as lengthy as they know tips on how to read it would be the simplest method to communicate and connect to friends, loved ones, and employees or employers.

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PracticalPractical Social Marketing Tips

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Here’s an interesting Social Marketing question that was asked at the recent Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop:

Q: Why would I want to build an online presence using social media?

The question came from the notion that Social Media and social marketing are just about connecting with your friends. Well, it can be about that. But it is now about so much more!

Get Found. Get Viewed. Get Traffic. Get Profits

While Facebook may have started as something just for college students, it is now the number two website in the world. If the number of people who have Facebook accounts were a country, they would be the 4th leading nation in the world.

And that is solely one Social Marketing site. Let’s take a closer look at the value of great online visibility.

Get Found – Because there are millions of sites on the Internet, the basic and most important step is getting found. Having a strong online presence allows you to erect “multiple sign posts” leading to your information. And here is the bottom line: Getting found is everything. In all the noise in your niche, when you get found, you are heads and tails above everybody else.

Get Viewed – The steps here are simple – once you get found, prospects can view your information contained in the signposts you have erected. As prospects start to consume your information and realize that you know what you are talking about, they begin to know, like and trust you. You can then direct them to other resources you might have, which leads to the next step.

Get Traffic – One of the beauties of having many sign posts in your Social Marketing system is that you can use these signpost to direct the prospect (traffic) everywhere you want them to go, which is to access other information from you.In this way you are not chasing traffic, you are getting yourself if front of where the traffic is going and next directing it where you want it to go.

Get Profits – After traffic is accurately directed it turns into profits. If getting found is the most important thing in social network, then what the prospect finds once they get there is a very close second. When the prospect finds further good information from you that is helpful to them, followed by an offer of a paid resource that is going to help them even more, they are much more likely to buy from you.

Bonus Tip: When your prospect sees you in multiple places online, you are seen as the expert and they feel like they have spent lots of time with you. Which allows them to trust you and spend lots of money with you.

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11 You Tube Video Tips For Maximum Results

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Were you aware that 50% of all the traffic on the Internet today comes from videos? That is a pretty unbelievable number when you consider it.

Here are 11 tips on how you can create and market your You Tube video to get better results.

1. Post your videos on other social media sites besides just You Tube. These could include Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and Digg. Post it on your blog as well. Said a mailing out to your email list and invite them to visit your blog and watch the video and leave comments.

2. Make your videos professional. Do not cut corners on sound and edit them so they are presentable. This should include lighting and color that is easy on the eyes.

3. Keep your videos short and on message. I am not going to sit thru a 10 minute video and neither are most of your viewers. Get to the point and then wrap it up. You can say a lot in a 2-3 minute video.

4. Just as in blogging find ways to make your videos unique. This should include humor, controversy and really useful information that is not recycled from other people’s videos.

5. Use your You Tube video to brand yourself and your internet business. Include your website logo, and your website url in the beginning, in the text, and at the end. Videos really give you a great chance to come across as an expert on what your video is about.

6. Before you tape it live practice it a few times. This will give you confidence because you know exactly what you are going to say. Never create a video on the fly.

7. Think about creating a series of videos on one theme. This can bring people back to watch more of what you have to say. It also will help you break your video into smaller portions so you can really stay on message for each one.

8. Get search engine benefits by incorporating targeted keyword phrases into the title of your video. You should build a keyword list and know what you are trying to rank highly for. Search engines love to rank videos on their search results for fresh and unique content.

9. Ask your viewers to leave comments. This helps get them involved and let you know what they are thinking. Do not be afraid to delete really negative comments.

10. Track your hits by using You Tube Insights to see who is watching your video and where they are coming from. Just as analytics are helpful on your blog or website they can give you a lot of good information about your video.

11. Have fun. Do not swear or use inappropriate actions in any way. Do not offend people when you are having fun with off color jokes or comments.

These are 11 ways the experts create You Tube videos and market them to build their internet business. If you are not using video you need to start today!

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Twitter For Business – Promoting Your Website With Social Media

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I’ve been asked by several clients (on Twitter) to show them how I’ve built my main Twitter account (@Matthew_Duggan) to over 2000 followers in the space of a few months. More importantly, they’ve asked me how to use Twitter to gain more customers.

The key to Twitter success, as indeed is the case for internet marketing in general, is to ‘over-deliver’ on value – give more value for your readers than they would usually expect from a service provider in your field. This way, they know something about you, which as I mentioned means that they’ve gone from being a cold lead to being a warm lead when they get to your site. From this standpoint, they are much more likely to engage with you and your site than if they just arrived at your site ‘cold’.

They will also appreciate you sharing your knowledge with them as it demonstrates your generosity.

I should mention here that giving lots of value does not mean ‘over tweeting’ – posting tons of links and stories that aren’t useful. This is something that will soon have you metaphorically ejected from the Twitter premises. No, I’m talking about the people that use Twitter to give real value to those that follow them.

Take a look at any of the most followed people on Twitter, whether they’re in business or entertainment. They all produce massive value and in many cases, they deliver more than people expect.

Presenter, writer and witty English gent Stephen Fry has a colossal 1.47million followers at the time of writing this and the reason – in my opinion – is not just his famous status but the fact that he over-delivers on value. His followers expect him to provide them with a small glimpse into his world of filming shows, acting and writing. They don’t just get this (in spades) but they also get plenty of photos, updates and musings which make them feel like they’re getting to know Mr. Fry and what it’s like to be him. They also get to find out about his podcasts, some of which are free and some of which they pay for. His updates are also mini adverts for him as well as insightful fun for his followers. Every tweet builds his brand.

Actually, the crucial words in that last paragraph for your success when using twitter for business are ‘make them feel like they’re getting to know…’ and more precisely ‘make them feel’. Your follower base wants to feel like they’re receiving value from following you. They also want to feel like they’re getting to know you. Feeling that (rather than just knowing it) is the beginning of a genuine connection with you.

Most of the Twitter users (or is it Tweeters?) that will initially be attracted to you will all have similar issues in common and therefore have similar issues that need solving. This could be literally anything from how to get healthier to how to cook basic meals.

Whatever it is, concentrate on providing them with as much good, free information as possible to help them achieve their goals. Word will spread that you’re the person to talk to when it comes to your chosen niche and you will gain more followers which in turn will send more people to your blog on the same subject.

For the most effective way of building your Twitter followers, you need a clear method for Twitter marketing. So here’s a free video training session for you.

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Social Advertising System For The Online Business – Strategy For Achieving Success

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With regards to social media the old adage is true. Should you fail to strategy then you strategy to fail. Tapping into social networking is a excellent way to increase the visibility of the company and find new clients. However, to be able to use this groundbreaking source effectively, you’ve to possess a prepare. Acquiring a social media strategy for your company will ensure which you use your marketing assets wisely and that you simply get the outcomes you need. Your plan does not have to become anything elaborate but it should list the items you need to accomplish as well as detail how you plan to achieve your goals. You ought to think about getting some money making ebooks before you attempt it on your own – to understand the complete process far better.

The initial factor your social media strategy must address is the kind of clients you would like to attract. This is your objective marketplace. Knowing your focus on market will allow you to produce a campaign that receives their awareness and encourages them to interact with you on the social networking platform. It is possible to figure out who your objective marketplace is by brainstorming who may possibly be attracted to the goods and services you sell. It is possible to also figure out who your ideal buyer is by studying companies that sell the same items you do and seeing who’s purchasing from them.

When you realize who your objective market is, then the subsequent action is always to ascertain which interpersonal networks they’re using. Despite the fact that you need to have a presence on the key networks, like Twitter and Facebook, it’s also good to possess a existence that caters for your target marketplace especially. For example, if you’re focusing on mothers then your social networking plan should include getting a existence on sites like TwitterMoms or MomLogic. This is because folks in niche communities will be a lot more receptive to your marketing and advertising message since it fits their interests. You can find a few money making ebooks on this ebook blogspot that might allow you to organize the entire strategy better.

Finally, your social media plan needs to aspect how you may engage with the community. Not just how you’ll industry to them, banner advertisements, contests, etc, but additionally how you will respond to issues, issues and also criticisms. Having an interaction strategy on paper will curb knee jerk reactions that may possibly damage your enterprise popularity. The web is littered with stories of business executives coming unhinged at a piece of negativity directed at them. In a time when news can travel the globe in a heartbeat, you surely do not want to be that person. Produce a marketing plan for your business, stick to it as finest you can and you’ll appreciate the rewards of one’s tough operate.

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A Complete Social News Site Strategy For You

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Social news and media sites are an interesting field for internet marketers. They give marketers an opportunity to get a completely untapped source of traffic. Here are the simple steps you need to take with using any social media news site for marketing purposes.

Step 1 – Be an Observer

Create an account and use the site daily for say a week but don’t post anything – just consume what is there. The important thing you want to do here is figure out what content does well. What kinds of articles are getting the most votes?

If the site has any history showing stories that were popular in the past check those out too. Usually, user profiles can be a big thing. Does this site have some kind of friend system? If so, who has the most friends? Look at the stories that are getting to the top, who is submitting them? Are the people submitting the top stories also the people with the most friends?

Step 2 – Be a Contributor

The essence of a social network is user contribution. So far you have been an observer, you have been a consumer of the information but you have not contributed anything. There are many ways in which you can contribute:

– Vote on articles that you like
– Leave insightful comments
– Make friends with other users
– Participate in discussions
– Submit articles

Note that if you choose to submit content, don’t submit your own just yet – that is self promotion and is best left once you have established a bit of a ‘profile’. You do that by contributing as above. Each site is different but have a look at the user profiles and see what kind of information is stored at each one.

Does it show the number of articles submitted and voted on? Does it show comments left? Does it show discussions in forums? Friends etc? Find out what it is that makes a user a good contributor to the community and become one of them.

Step 3 – Self Promote

This does not mean to suddenly switch tactics, stop contributing and do nothing but shamelessly promote your own stuff! To begin with, now that you have an idea of what does well at the site you should know which kinds of posts on your blog are likely to do well so submit those but do it gradually – don’t ever submit more than one in a single day and always try to submit articles from other sites as well.

Now of course you may have already been submitting your own stuff as part of your social bookmarking strategy. If that is the case, have a look back at your submissions and see if they got many votes? What you have done so far has brought in backlinks but by adding in these social elements, by making friends, developing your profile and by tailoring your content to fit in well with the sites you are likely to be able to drive traffic as well as links.

So, here it is, a simple blueprint for using social media sites. All it really takes is for you to be consistent and persist with your efforts.

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Internet Marketing Videos From Jeff Johnson About SEO, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, RSS Feeds

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These series of videos from Jeff Johnson where taken from an early 2008 Secret Society of Traffic and Conversion Seminar.

In this presentation Jeff gave some strategies about social networking and web 2.0 that he personally use to drive traffic to help build his list to make more sales.

This was a 3 hour presentation but Jeff split it into 18 short videos that you can watch below. If you want to know something about Affiliate Marketing from Jeff Johnson just see this post or How to create info products watch this video tutorial from Jeff Johnson in Here.

Now you can watch the new videos here below, Enjoy!

Move your mouse over the video player to reveal the table of contents.

I hope you learn a lot, cause I do, now lets apply all we can and grab more traffic from Social Media and web 2.0, I will really appreciate if you tell me what did you think about this Seminar from Jeff Johnson.

If video didnt display correctly, please visit Jeff Johnson Channel Click Here

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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