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Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Link Building With Effective Results

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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we need to consider some important catalysts for its success and one these is the contribution of link building. So, we will focus on it in this discussion.

Link building, usually described as the process of weaving links in the internet, is one aspect of search engine optimization that can turn out to be a very crucial factor for either the success or failure of your website or online business you are trying to optimize. This can make or break your business when you are not fully aware of its fundamentals.

The fundamentals of link building usually include manual process of weaving links most especially when it comes to inbound links. Such a process makes many to be not that interested in doing it—they find it laborious, time, and effort-consuming task. But as I have said, this is an important foundation for site optimization—it needs to be done if you really want to make a reach to a wider market online.

If you are one of these individuals who find link building laborious and time consuming but really need it for site optimization—and you have no time for it to have this done by yourself—then why not consider hiring a third party to work it for you? If you decide so, you can consider outsourcing a link building service. There are lots of IT-outsourcing service companies that can be found in the Internet which you can avail at a reasonable cost. It is important to note, however, that you need to be careful in taking this as there are might also lots of outsourcing scams flooding the Internet arena—know the company better before availing.

A good link building service will know all of this information and be able to handle it with no problem. However, if you ask how the link building service plans on handling your website and you don’t hear anything about linking to more than just your main page of your website and nothing is discussed about the quality of the sites you will be linked to then you need to find another link building service.
An effective link building service provider understands fundamentals of link building and these must be discussed with you in one way or the other. It must be capable of even explaining to the client (you) the strategies it implements for your website. If this company is not able to do that, better find other service provider before you lose a significant amount.

You can also determine the effectiveness of the strategies your link builder provider implements by knowing the performance of your site in search engine indexing and ranking. At a particular keyword ( usually a phrase that describes or relates to your business website) you site must rank on the first 3 pages of search engines when a query is done. Beyond that, the link building strategy applied to your site is not that effective.

Lastly, a reputable link building service provider can increase your site’s conversion rate ( this is of course, considering other contributory factors). Conversion rate pertains to the quantity of site visits converted into sales.

My Virtual Assistant left me…WHY? How should I work with them?
Jefferson Faudan – Working With a Virtual Administrative Assistant

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Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Easy Ways To Detemine DoFollow Links

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I was actually planning to write other topic for this day but I made a detour and opted to discuss this topic–on how to determine a ‘dofollow’link. The reason is, I got an email requesting for a guest-post for this blog and was asking if this page is programmed to cater dofollow links or not (of course, I understand the very purpose of that query).
It seems to me that there are still a number of individuals who do not know exactly how to determine whether a page has dofollow links or not–and that person I mentioned is a perfect example). So, for the purpose of sharing my knowledge about the topic, I have it discussed here.

Before we discuss further on determining whether the page is dofollow or not, let me explain first the essence of dofollow links.

When you have a link on a certain page ( an inbound link or a link that points to your own site) that is designed to accommodate dofollow links, that page contributes for your site reputation in the eyes of search engines. In other words, you will benefit also when search engines find your page linked to other site which is considered to be reputable. That page gives value to your page through the dofollow link you have.
So, how to determine if a page has do follow links or not?

To determine do follow links is quite simple. All you need to know is to scan through the source code of the page you are trying to check ( right click on the page and then go to ‘page source’) Alternatively, you can also find the source code on the ‘view’ menu. If you find ‘nofollow’ then, it’s obvious that page is programmed to be have ‘no follow’ links. That means, that page does not contribute for your site reputation whenever a certain reader of that page clicks the link pointing to your site.

Now, you might be asking now if there is other way to check it because it is quite time consuming to check if the page has multiple links. Yes there is.

The idea I discussed above is ideally applicable on pages having just a number of links. But, if you are to check multiple links ( let us say, what if the page has 30 links and you need to check all of them?). There is a better way to check multiple links (quick and easy) and that is by using the Firefox ‘NoDoFollow’ plugin. So, check your Firefox browser if the plugin is already installed. If not, you can download it ( easy, free).

All you need to do during checking using this tool is to go to the page you want to check , right-click on it and enable the ‘NoDoFollow’ option. When done, links on pages are higlighted by two possible color which determine whether the links are dofollow or not ( highlighted in blue are dofollow links; nofollow, otherwise).

Now that I have discussed this topic, I hope it can help most especially those who are just new in link building/link trading.

And, If I received an email again asking the same question, I think I won’t be having a hard time explaining again and again—they will just be redirected to this post.

My Virtual Assistant left me…WHY? How should I work with them?
Jefferson Faudan – Working With a Virtual Administrative Assistant

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Make My Site As Soon As Possible?

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Being a web developer was a difficult task, but to be an SEO after that was an even more challenging one. As a beginner I am fun of surfing the web for a lot of stuffs like SEO basics and a lot of informations about how Googlebot might possibly behave. Understanding well the behaviors of the Googlebot might help me in the long run as an effective Search Engine Optimizer.

Because of my intense research, I thought I already understand this web robot so much but only to get frustrated in the end. My problem started when I submitted my site to Google even before the pages were still yet to be ready. Most of the pages were still under maintenance at the time when Google tried to crawl my site. Since Google tends to take snapshots from all its indexed pages, the current snapshot taken was a blank page with (“Preview Coming Soon”) displayed reflecting the unfinished pages before.

Everytime I do a site search using my domain name, my indexed pages will appear with blank snapshots just at the left side of the title bar. Now this is really unpleasant to see since my site had gone live for quite a while already. I want my actual page to appear on the snapshots but the problem is the result haven’t changed ever since. I desperately needed to change the preview, since we were developing a website for a Call Center Outsourcing Company. I already had some backlinks and submitted my site on several directories. I have posted links to twitter, digg, wordpress, etc. to no avail. I know that the only way for this to be updated is to have Google re-indexed my site onthe soonest possible time so that it will again take another snapshot and will update the informations it discovered since the last time. However, nothing still works for me this time.

I also tried usng a few different methods to build valuable links to my site. By submitting content to sites that Google loves like ezinearticles and digg. I also submit sitemaps to Google, Yahoo and Live. I had used Google Webmaster Tools and managed to fixed errors on my site like duplicate titles and meta-descriptions. I also create blogs to gain backlinks from other sites as well. Right now Im still waiting for my desired results and that is to make Googlebot re-indexed my site again.

This may sound terible but I want to tell everyone or any SEO wannabees out their to not lose hope. Search Engine Optimization is really a tricky field to go sometimes and it needs more than hardwork and gut to succeed. We need passion and heart to do this without quitting. Sometimes it really helps to listen to some expert’s advice or opinions. We can check it on the web most especially on forums and blogs. It may took us some of our time but believe me it might be worth it sometimes.

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Outsource Your Video Production Efforts To Richter Studios

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I just found a professional company where you can outsource all your video production efforts. The name of this company is Richter Studios experts in Corporate Videoproduction.

If you need videos for corporate, training, trade show, recruitment, marketing, sales, tv or promotional video or just to document your process and procedures, even if you need actors, lighting or studio time, Richter Studios can shoot in any format from any location.

If you already have the video but want a real professional post-production editing then you may take a look with this guys. They have world class editors and animators that can do 2D graphics, 3D animations, text treatments, logo animations, stylized effects and animation.

They have been in business for over 10 years you can check their servicesonline. They are based on Chicago, you can contact them here.

They also had been creating interactive content from simple Flash animations to 1+ million CD productions to web 2.0 websites for the last decade. They can even implement tracking/metric solutions on CD based content. Be it PHP, SQL, Lingo, Action Script, HTML, XML, ASP or any of the other programming languages.

Meet the crew of this corporate video production company Richter Studio.

What can you do with a Pro Video.

You can use it for traffic generating purposes and for attention grabing tasks like using the video for affiliate marketing embeded in your affilliate landing page like some Super Affiliates do.

To generate traffic you will need to submit the video to several video paltforms and do some bookmarking. The more professional look your video is the more attention it will grab then you will get more views and therefore more potential visits and sales. That´s why using professional outsourcing to edit or produce your videos is a well spend it money.

You may contact Richter Studios for a quote for your specific need, you can be sure this people are not scamers, they even have already produce and released it’s first motion picture, "Discovering Deerpath".

If you want to take your business to the next level you need to outsource to the Pros.

What´s your take on this? Will you want to stand out from the crowd?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres



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