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Did a Recesion and a Crisis Actually Exist?

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Yesterday I went to the supermarket for groceries with my wife and my 3 year old baby boy and when we finally arrive to the parking lot (of course after struggling and cursing between the traffic in the rush hour) we realize that it was completely full, there were not a single spot left. 

Then we began driving around, looking for a spot to park the car, but I found there were others like me looking for a spot for themselves. Then a sudden transformation seems to happen in all of us and we became “Spoters” (People looking for a spot, I invented that meaning for that word ok) and a cruel battle just begun.

Suddenly I saw some white lights, meaning, someone it is having the reverse, they may leave and I could get that spot for myself. Then I look back and I was able to see a “Spoter”, oh no! this guy wants to play hard on me, he is trying to pass me and win the empty spot. But I will never leave him to do that, I just put the car in the middle of the lane, so he cannot move until I get the spot. I won, but he tell me some “F´s” words and others that cannot be wrote it for “General Audiences”, but I don’t care I got the spot and now we are heading to the store.

That does not stop there, the store were crowded and when we finally get to the cashiers after getting all we need and even what do not need, there were about 30 people in every cashier waiting to pay their groceries.

That’s when I start to wonder:

How all this people are going to pay, aren’t we in a Recession?

Is not pay day, so where is the money coming from. Seems it is not “Everybody” in a Recession or maybe nobody told them they should not have money to spend since they are in a Recession.

I guess they do not have a TV set or does not like to watch the latest news about the BIG Crisis.

This actually happened in Wal-Mart, HEB and Price Costco, three different places with the same problem, too much crowd. Even us, we bought stuff in all of them. Then, how did we did it?

All this makes me realize “Recession and Crisis” it’s a personal state of mind. I am not denying there is a Crisis but not everyone it´s been affected so badly.

The Middle class got the major impact, but still the way they think what keeps them in a Crisis, just waiting for Mr. President to come to the rescue. Why not working harder to make money online, instead of looking for someone else to do the job.

I am no longer care about that negative kind of news, I prefer to employ my time in my businesses than wasting the very few time I have after my full time job.

I have declare my Freedom even before I quit my job, I will no longer fear about those words.

I once read:

Bankruptcy is a Fleeting State but Poverty is a State of Mind.

So did you believe in the Recession? Please tell me I want to know.

To Your Success

Luis Torres


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  1. Still selling. You want to buy? I’m working on PPC strategy now, and want to focus on my finance blog/niche. BTW, do you want to show button if mouse cursor is above the link?

  2. HI Luis. Recession is only felt by poeple who relies on other people. BTW, I added your link but in my business link page as stated in my addurlpage post. You may add my link anywhere in your page (at least a page which is link to your homepage). Ex. homepage.com/link Thank you.

    • Make Money Online- Hi Ben, seems not even this illness will stop you as I were thinking. Is in it? lol.
      I know about the groceries, but still too much people buying a lot of junk food and some other stuffs that can be avoided and save some money, if they were so much in trouble with the Big “Recession”.

  3. hi Luis, glad I able to comment. A shopping place that I love going has turn me down because their parking lot has closed. It was rent out to another shopping centre. 🙁 that shopping place is where I shop for groceries.

    Sherrys last blog post..I love my dad

  4. I hate waiting for a spot! I feel like a stalker when I have to follow someone to their car in a mall or other parking lot because there’s no other parking available. Even worse when some other spotter steals the spot you found, as you mentioned.

    I also noticed large crowds, despite the economy. People still need to buy necessities, but I think the mall was more crowded than usual!

    • MLDina- Hi Dina, I know that feeling. when you are not alone in the car, there is also the other people getting annoyed and they start to anny you too, its awful, maybe I am too desperate, lol.

      BTW, Sorry about the 2 sons of your co-workers with that illness, seems devastating, hope they will find a cure. I read it in Chow´s site.

  5. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. As for “recession”, yes I do believe that it exist both as a financial crisis and the other “psychological” or state of mind as you define. There are people who don’t have money (credit crunch and all) and those that have them are afraid to spend thinking of what will happen the next day (e.g. loosing your job).

    I own a small business (offline) and it is the type of business that goes for 2nd to 3rd necessities. When there is a crisis this is were people cut most. Basic groceries are a 1st necessity and so it is difficult to cut on them. It might be complicated to spot the recession on an individual level, but it has a domino effect and unfortunately, it is here to stay for a while.

    • Internet Marketing | diTesco- I know, it seems it will endure for some more months (dont want to think in years, too scary), but still some niches online, that actually maybe benefited from this recession.

  6. Luis- I know the feeling! After awhile I usually end up giving in and valeting if that’s an option, or sometimes going to a different store.

    Thanks for mentioning the bowl-a-thon. They’re going through some tough times, we’re just trying to help ease some of the burden by bringing the community together. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  7. Nice post.. and my sentiments exactly! Dude i can’t find a place to park at Walmart either…

    We’ve been talking about blogging during the recession and how this is a PERFECT time for it! When things pick up, in other places besides walmart ha) then we’ll be ready for ’em!

    Jakes last blog post..I’m Giving Away My iPod!

  8. Yeah, well supposedly the higher class is not affected nearly as much as middle and lower class. And of course, by cutting down their spending on useless items, more people have the money to use on necessities such as groceries, etc.

    And of course, if you’re in the US you have everyone spending their tax checks.

    JWRmedias last blog post..Google Street View Wins Lawsuit

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