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How To Use Email Marketing List Building In Network Marketing

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You want long term success in Internet network marketing? I hope you do, and there are a several key components to obtaining it. Right now, we are going to focus on email marketing list building. Why? This is because email marketing list building is the easiest way to build relationships with many people at once. You may have heard that network marketing is about building relationships. You may also have heard that the money is in the list. Well, both are true. In this case, the money is in the relationship you grow with the people you contact in your email marketing list building efforts.

Keep in mind that you need to have a few pieces of technology before you start building that list. First is your autoresponder service, which can be started anywhere from free to however much you want to spend. I personally use and recommend Getresponse as my autoresponder service of choice, which is $10 to set up. The next piece of Internet equipment you will need is a lead capture page, or squeeze page, to obtain the information of your subscribers (check out my capture page targeted towards network marketers). There are many variations of this but start with something simple. After that, you will need to generate traffic to your capture page. This is just a brief overview of how this works.

The real magic behind the process of email marketing list building is the value and information you provide to your subscribers on your list. This can be anything you choose, but be careful. Send out relevant emails about the topic you promised, usually consisting of free tips, strategies, and light promotions. You shouldn’t be here to get a quick buck, but to offer long term valuable information. Think about this: you are probably on someone’s email marketing list and they are either giving you handy information or trying to sell you stuff. Which emails are you reading?

Many people struggle at writing effective copy which goes hand in hand with email marketing. That is okay, because you can find many people to help you with that, especially in the network marketing industry. Many people in network marketing are failing to reach their desired goals, so what should you offer them? You should offer them a free report, ebook, or video series created by an expert (until you become one yourself) in exchange for their contact information. Then you should continue to provide them with valuable trainings, tutorials, and strategies that will help them grow their business, because they will be more willing to listen to you in the long run.

If you are really having a hard time writing copy for your email marketing list building ventures, some network marketing training systems provide you with a very high quality email series that you can use for yourself. This is a great way to start off because you can get to building your list right away without spending months developing everything. In most cases, they give you tested and proven lead capture pages and recommendations for autoresponder services. Essentially, they provide a complete package to cut down your learning curve.

Driving traffic can be done a number of ways. Article marketing, solo ezine ads, social media, pay-per-click, blogging, and paid media are just to name a few ways to get visitors to your lead capture page. You want to eventually use all of the methods, but start with one or two and just master them because you do not want to get confused or overwhelmed. I usually recommend that you use one free method and one paid method. Use the paid method to get visitors quickly and the free method to master and build up long term steady traffic.

If you want to learn how you can start using email marketing list building strategies to grow your network marketing business, view my capture page as an example and request more information. Our team and I share techniques and offer a system that will teach you how to grow your business using email marketing list building.

Readers that are looking for information about the topic of internet marketing, please make sure to check out the web page that is mentioned right in this paragraph.

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