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Contract Period Of Validity Of Auto Insurance

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Standard term of the contract is – 12 months. According to the current legislation, the minimum term of use of the car is three months (for physical persons) and six months (for legal) in a year. Insurance cost directly depends on operation time. It is necessary to consider that last year’s changes the monthly period during which the automobile owner could use the car, in case of the termination of period of validity of contract ОI is excellent also.

Do not forget that after registration of ОI you on hands still should have originals of documents and also the receipt confirming fee of the insurance company.
Contract cancellation.

The termination of activity of the contract probably in following cases:

* death of the automobile owner;
* vehicle stealing;
* car sales to other owner.

Term of consideration of demands of insurance company.

Insured event territory.

Insurance КАСКО is voluntary. It is directed on indemnification of consequences from the caused damage or autostealing. For today there are two versions of insurance. To them, in particular, carry: partial КАSКО (from a damage) and full КАSКО (includes besides a damage autostealing).

Besides automeans the contract supposes insurance upon accident as driver and the passenger of a motor vehicle.

Directly indemnification can be rendered the insurance company as follows: the reimbursement, suffered by you as a result of an independent car repair service; transfer of the put insurance sum or realization (payment) of car repairs.
How to issue.

Going to the insurance company for registration КАSКО to you it is necessary to generate and take with yourself the following complete set of documents:

* the civil passport;
* the vehicle passport;
* the contract on motor transport purchase;
* a driving license;
* the certificate on car registration;
How many costs.

Unlike ОI where the price is fixed, the price for policy КАSКО can essentially differ. All depends on the insurance company in which you address.

The final price of the policy consists of following financial components:

* year of release of the car;
* mark and the motor vehicle price;
* age and the driver’s experience of the automobile owner;
* a place of storage of a vehicle.

In some contracts the insurance companies accurately designate the conditions which non-observance is fraught with non receipt of insurance indemnification. For example, in the contract can be accurately registered findings of your car at night on paid parking place. In a case if the car will undergo to someone’s hooligan trick in other place (near the house, an entrance, on a summer residence etc.), you violate a condition and financial payment to you not to see.

Тhe probability of the use in the contract and the term «an exception of the insurance contract» is great. In this case the automobile owner should demand from employees of the company an explanation. After all can quite be that banal operation of summer rubber during the winter period can become fatal at attempt to receive compensation of the brought damage to your motor transport.

Anyone who is serious about finding auto insurance must start from a simple step – go and gather auto insurance quotes all over the Internet. As much as you can.

Funny, but lots of the people simply forget that we live in the world where knowledge makes life easier. Why not applying this to the topic of cheap auto insurance or anything around this topic?!

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  1. The insurer sells the car which has bothered to him and in exchange buys the new. In this case he has the right to terminate the insurance contract and the rest of means the insurance company can enlist in the account of payment of the policy issued on the new car.

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