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Make your Blog DoFollow and Give Some Love To Your Readers/Commenters

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I have just found a WordPress DoFollow plugin, with this plugin you can actually change the links on your comments and/or post to DoFollow. WordPress often by default make all of your links NoFollow. With this plugin you can change that and share some PR with the blogging community.

Some people are afraid of doing this (turn their blogs into DoFollow) since they believe search engines like Google will ban them believing they are Link Farms. The attribute Nofollow it is suppose to help fight comment spam, but look at what an annonymous link spammer said in an interview about this activity. By his comments seems they do not care much about if the blog it is DoFollow or NoFollow.

You may need to choose between your readers/visitors/commenters and search engines, some people already done so, like John Chow he was penalized, but he continued with his traffic and success, so, what did you prefer High PR with none or minor success or low PR with a lot of subscribers and making money online with a succesful site. Maybe it is a hard choice, but I have already giving it a try, my Entrecard widget “Recent Entrecard Dropers” is DoFollow, therefore all of my dropers are getting the benefit of a backlink. Now with this FREE DoFollow plugin, you can make your blog more interesting to leave a comment.

If you have the intention of selling or accepting text-links the best choice it is to make them “NoFollow“, since Google do not like this kind of transactions and may punish you, since you may help to influence the serps results and profiting from it.

Right now Im testing Neurolinker, this suppose to help you with your backlinks, I will post about this later, after I get some Hard Data.

What are your experiences with DoFollow and NoFollow? How dangerous did you think it could be this?

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    • If you care deeply about pagerank then you shouldnt use the do follow plugin but you wont get very many comments. You can still have a good pagerank with the dofollow plugin so I am surprised it dropped to a 0 and not just a 3 or something.

    • Hi Jack,

      Welcome to my blog. DoFollow is good, you can also reward your commenters with Top Commentator widget and commentluv, these are great ways to increase your comments in your blog.

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