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Creating Basic Link Bait

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When you jump online and attempt to assemble an internet business you may want to consider creating content that will drive links. If your content create links without you needing to ask for them or create them yourself the content is link bait. Basic link bait is a simple article or list that is extremely helpful, unique, and well written. When you do an appropriate job creating the article it will be linked to by the other webmasters within your niche. There are some things you should think about if you would like to try and create link bait. The first and most important thing is your first article will not create links by itself. Creating content that is linked to takes a lot of practice. Usually you will not notice your content being linked to until after your first few months of writing.

Before you attempt to create link bait you will need a platform that you can publish your content. There are many free resources online that will allow you to publish simple articles. You should decide why you want the article ranking well in the major search engines. If you want your content ranking well so you can build an income then I suggest you publish your content on publishing sharing websites such as helium.com, squidoo.com, and hubpages.com. These three websites will allow you to publish you work and will split the revenue your article brings. Now if you want your article and the links it creates to boost your overall web presence then I suggest you publish the article on your website or blog. To start a free website go to 000webhost.com and if you want to start a free blog go to blogger.com or wordpress.com.

The absolute easiest way to create link bait is knowing more about your niche than the competition. If you break away and establish yourself as the authority then the bloggers and webmasters within your niche will link to you for that reason. Traffic will also come to you for information rather than going to your competitors. The way to learn more about your niche is reading blogs, web pages, and forums. If you are in the online business niche then you should be signed up with every online business forum you can find. You should also subscribe to all the blogs in your niche. This may be a problem for some people because they think they are helping their competition and in a way it does make them look better, but to create the content necessary to become an authority you must learn from those that know about your niche. Even though you are going to give your competition one more reader you will get much more in return. You can learn everything your competition knows from their blog and mix it with forums and other website you will quickly become the ultimate authority within your niche.

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