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The hardest and on occasion worst part of being a webmaster is trying to find golden do follow backlinks. Personally I use one system which has allowed me to gain backlinks and as many as I can get the system is called “the free traffic system” you can find it by doing a Google search. You write an article then submit it into the system if you used the system correctly it will publish your article on thirty different blogs and allow you to put two links in each article. This means you will get 60 free one way backlinks with every article you write. There is nothing that compares and if your website is helping your make money online you will see your revenue double if you use this system on a regular basis. Now the free traffic system is not the only way to increase backlinks there are many different ways. I will cover the basic ways as well as some ways to increase backlinks that are not as well known.

There is a basic blueprint when you unleash your website. The first thing you should do is submit your website to around two thousand or so free web directories. This will be your base and let you grow when you improve your SEO skills. Another way to increase backlinks is by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. This has been a way to increase backlinks from pretty much the beginning of the web. One rule has been the base of internet marketing for years and that rule is content earns backlinks. It can be content submitted to article directories or content which is on your website that is worthy of link bait (when content is so good that people link to you just because they love your content). Now before you go all crazy writing down everything you can think of be sure the content is in your niche and actually useful rather than writing the same thing over and over again.

All these ways of gaining backlinks is fine for a new webmaster, but what if you’re an older webmaster and have been using all of these sources of backlinks. What else is there? Well I ran into this problem and have used some different ways to gain links. The first way to increase backlinks is the utilization of Yahoo’s site explorer. If you are getting stomped in the SERPs by a competitor one of the best ways to find out where they are getting their links is by using this tool. Type in to yahoo or google “yahoo site explorer” and it will come up the next thing to do is type in your competitors URL and look through their backlinks if you see one you like coming from an article directory or general directory submit your website or article. The next way to find backlinks is by using Google search. I have seen plenty of these around and you will usually find them by typing in keywords related to your website + keyword luv or comment luv. This will be a great way to find do follow blogs. I also do searches for “webmaster tools”, “free web traffic”, or “build backlinks free”. The point is to think outside of the box when trying to build backlinks and find ways to out build your competition.

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