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Link Building Best Procedures: Where Quality Rules Over Quantity

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Average virtual visitors are not very familiar with how search engine works, what SEO is, and how individual site/blog comes up on the first of the search results where others reside at the bottom. Most visitors never even doubt and a big percentage of net site visitors feel that the websites show up on search results randomly.

In the world of SEO, search engines apply special algorithms to rank web sites based on specific topics. There are a range of different variables involved in having a web site ranked on the top and out of all the variables out there, one of the most critical ranking criteria is backlinks. More backlinks a website has or more sites link back to your website, higher your website ranks on search engines. Link building for your web site therefore is a crucial step in maintaining top position.

It is a common belief in SEO planet that more backlinks a site has, better ranking a site will get on organic and natural search results. While this concept is somewhat true and was even more true in the past, Google as an industry leader is paying more importance to quality over quantity these days. It is therefore extremely significant that you focus on quality while running your link building campaign.

There are few things to take into account while developing a quality link building drive. Google now considers neighborhood for the web sites to see which theme or topic the site in question is built on. Google bot visits and crawls every web site on the web and based on the data collected, Google gets a pretty good intelligence on the site/blog content and topic.

For example: if a website has content on diet recipe, then the site/blog would fall within the vicinity of health and fitness or food and recipe. When pursuing a link building crusade, it is then ultimate to get backlinks from web pages that are related to health, fitness, or food. If site admins get backlinks from pretty much any web-sites they get their hands on, they all will not be considered as quality backlinks as they are not coming from web site within the same neighborhood.

Not only link from related theme based sites will provide you quality backlinks. Authority of the site/blog that is passing you the backlink also plays a crucial part. More authority a web site has, better link juice it can pass to your web site. Therefore it is important to get links form relevant authority sites that will pass quality backlinks.

While quantity of backlink is an key factor, often quality of the links outrank quantities based on opposition. If your competitor has 1,000 backlinks from garbage sites that are not even slightly close to the site theme, then there is a very good likelihood that you can outrank that website with only few dozen theme based quality contextual backlinks.

Link building used to be very effortless few years back where all one considered necessary to do is to make some contract with few large web site owners and get the link displayed on the whole site/blog. This sort of sitewide backlinks no longer woks and lot of other strategies of making backlinks stopped to work as well. Quality relevant contextual backlink is the key now so keep that in mind which will serve you well in the long run.

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