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The Most Recent 2010 SEO Backlink Building Update

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A lot keeps changing within the search engine optimization (SEO) arena. For a link building company to stay relevant within their field, they need to keep themselves updated with the latest information in order to ensure their services remain effective. A lot has changed in SEO link building in the last year or so. The info below sums these changes and should assist you to a long way in improving the rank of the website.

Adding Website Speed like a Ranking Parameter

One of the most recent addition to Google’s website ranking algorithm is the addition of the speed parameter. Based on Matt Cutts, the SEO and search quality head in the search engines, speed was added like a parameter early 2010. He said that according to in-house researches in, it had been revealed that internet searchers enjoy fast loading websites and take more time on search sites. They also added tools on the Google tool box to help web-developers to enhance about the loading speeds of the website. Matt however remarked that speed was only a minor parameter and their main parameter still remained as quality content. Therefore, the rate of the website and that from the site you are searching for SEO backlink building from must be fast loading.

Elimination of Additional weight of the.GOV and.EDU Websites

Another switch to the SEO field was the removal of the extra weight that Google awarded to links from Gov and EDU websites. This was mainly because of the large quantities of spam which was received by such sites. Government agents and EDU site owners reported this and Google reduced the weight from such sites to that particular of the normal website. Therefore, an advanced linking company seeking to improve website ranking, seeking links from government websites and websites from educational facilities might not help much.

Linking to Poor Websites

Google has additionally tightened its surveillance on low quality websites with many links. This mainly targets the what are known as landing pages. Many internet marketers made one page websites and linked many inbound links to the website. Today, a lot of such websites are being penalized. In case your a link building company for a website with a low content volume, you may need to build the web site content first before aggressively seeking SEO linking.

Unnatural Linking

The other SEO issue that continues to gain weight in Google’s ranking parameter may be the naturalness of the links to a website. The assumption of Google in link building is that a hyperlink to some website is made because the person linking towards the site thinks how the site has valuable information. However, SEO linking is much more proactive. The hyperlink building company seek to build links for their web site to convince Google that their customers site is relevant and important. However, this proactive approach implies that many low quality websites can find their way to the very best of Google search results. Therefore, to curb this, Google seeks for that naturalness of the links.

To look natural, links need to be originating from diverse sources with different PR ranking. The links also needs to not all have a similar anchor keyword as this is unnatural. Other unnatural SEO link building include having all of your links in one kind of linkage for example article submission websites, from blog comments or from forums only. To look natural, link building company need to set links from news websites, product websites, old websites, new websites, Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites, do follow in addition to no follow sites.

Backlink building Information That Remains Unchanged

Even with these new changes in SEO link building, the old rules still hold. Linking from high ranking PR website will invariably provide you with more link juice than linking from the low PR website. link building company need to look for links from a website within the same industry or niche as that of their client website as this will also always provide you with more ranking juice. When linking, you should also make sure that the page you’re linking to doesn’t have many outbound link as this dilutes the juice related to the person links. Links from article submission sites also provide less juice especially if the sites are not associated to some specific niche. It’s also wise to avoid link farms and bad neighborhood links.

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