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Being A Successful Affiliate Marketer

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By Kevin C. Nair

Ever wonder why some affiliates are more successful than the others? And why there are affiliates who made more than ten thousand US dollars monthly while some are still struggling to get their first dollar? Well, the following pointers may be some of the reasons.

  1. Purchase the product – Purchasing the merchant’s products would be the first and foremost action that you as an affiliate should take. By using the products, you will then experience their benefits. How can you sell the products and convince the others to buy when you yourself have not? By experiencing the products, your faith and belief in the product will grow sincerely. With this nurtured faith, you can sell the product better.
  2. Treat the affiliate products as if they were your own – If you do not advertise the affiliate products in your own website or newsletters, how can you sell them well? Take time to understand the products very well. Treat selling the affiliate products as if you are selling your own products. Be proud of them.
  3. Personal recommendation – When you refer the affiliate products to others, you should have the faith to even give your personal recommendations. As you have used the product yourself, you can inform the prospects of all the benefits of the products. Tell them what is in for them once they start using the products. As you are giving your personal recommendations, many of the prospective buyers will get convinced by your confidence and belief for the product, especially when they see that you are placing your reputation into your marketing effort. Good faith spreads fast.
  4. Use different advertising methods – As an affiliate, you have to constantly test and retest different advertisement types to find out the advertisement formats on your site that will bring about the highest conversion rate. Track each advert type to find out which of them would deliver the most clickthrough. Adjusting the adverts frequently is the key to converting the targeted traffic to sales. Out of the many types of advertisements, those with text are amongst those with higher conversion rates. The text ought to include your sales pitch, personal recommendations and testimonials.
  5. Get to know the merchants – It will help a lot if you make a conscious effort to know the merchants personally. To the merchants, getting to know the affiliates personally may not be of high priority for them. Therefore, please be understanding if they seem to be very busy. Nevertheless, try to know the merchants by taking the initiative to introduce yourself. Allow the merchant to know you by name and not just recognize you as an affiliate number. You may have questions that the merchant can answer. Furthermore, you can use the additional information which the merchants pass to you in your affiliate marketing advertisements and recommendations.
  6. Answer all emails and help provide support – To the sales prospects and clients, make a sincere and conscious effort to answer their emails. You may ask why they email you instead of the merchants. Well, you are doing the marketing and the sales prospects and clients have learnt to trust you. It is therefore natural that clients turn to you despite the merchants providing the pre-sales and after-sales support. By making the effort to answer your prospects’ and clients’ questions, you will realize that it helps to increase sales. Only in the event that you are not able to answer certain questions, you then turn to the merchants for answers. Forward the question to the merchants and let the merchants know that you are not able to answer the question. The merchants will be glad to answer the question for you.
  7. Lead your sub-affiliates – For multi-tiered affiliate programs, you can recruit other affiliates to be part of your affiliate downline marketing team. For every sale they make, the affiliate program will pay you a pre-agreed percentage of the sales price. Therefore, it’s important to your passive income that your team of sub-affiliates perform. Despite the fact that most merchants will play the role of the leader to nurture and train the entire marketing team, you should not just depend on this. You should also take the initiative to lead your sub-affiliates. Some affiliate programs send your sub-affiliates’ email addresses to you, as you recruit them. Convert this information to your advantage. You can email your newly recruited sub-affiliates. Send them a welcome email and give them the assurance that they have joined a strong and leading affiliate program. Let them know the ways you have advertised the products and the strategies that you use to have reached your level of success. Finally, remember to be friendly and let them know that you can be reached if they have any questions.

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