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How To Start Making Money Online In Six Steps

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Making money online with affiliate programs is achievable when things are done the right way. Too many Internet marketers do not do enough research before building their website and end with mixed traffic that do not make them any money. In the contrary, niche websites with rich content bring targeted traffic and consequently more sales.

For those who are not familiar with niche websites, they are sites developed around a topic like "shoes" or "pets", while micro-niches are even more narrowed to "Ballroom Dance Shoes" or "Dog Food Recipes". People searching for these specific keyword terms know what they want and are more likely to buy than those searching for a more general keyword.

The six steps to follow in order to build a niche site are:

– Keyword research
– Domain Name registration
– Website/Blog creation
– Google tools: webmasters/analytics/rss
– Addition of Affiliate Programs
– Web promotion

The first step is to research what topic is of interest and look for keywords that have a good Google search volume and little competition. Only when a workable main keyword has been identified, a domain name should be registered and a website or blog started. This can be done for free using the tools provided by Google but the task can be facilitated by the use of software.

The second step is to register a domain containing the main keyword like this: "Word1Word2.com" or "Word1-Word2.com". Depending on domain availability, the keyword term may be attached or separated with an hyphen. It does not matter if a.com,.net or.org is registered, but it is advisable to be within these 3 domain extensions.

The third step is to create a site, a hosted WordPress blog being the easiest way to go. Unique content has to be written in order to appear original in Google's eyes and having a chance to get indexed quickly. On topic YouTube videos can be embedded as content in order to make the blog more sticky and interesting. At last content feeds can be used in order to have fresh content added regularly automatically.

The fourth step is to have Google know about the site and the best way to achieve this is to open a Google account and have the URL listed in Google Webmasters with its sitemap. Secondly, adding a Google Analytics piece of stats code to the niche site is another way to tell Google that the site exists. Feedburner is the third Google tool that will make sure the site is indexed quickly.

The fifth step is to search for an affiliate program that matches the main keyword and other secondary keywords of the site. It is preferable to look for a partnership with a merchant within a Network like Click Bank or Commission Junction as it is easier to reach the threshold commission promoting multiple affiliate programs. More research is needed for independent partner programs to know if they are worth promoting.

The sixth and last step is to promote the website via different methods that can be used together. Marketers have different preferences concerning web promotion, some will use article promotion like the author of this article, others will prefer bookmarking, social marketing or creation of landing pages on WordPress, Squidoo and Blogger to redirect traffic to their money niche site.

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