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10 Methods To Earn Money Online

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Earning money by using the internet and working from home has become easier. Hasn’t it? Working at home gives you the freedom of doing business with enough flexibility. You are your own boss and your business operation is under your control. The way of making money online depends entirely upon you. Even in order to increase your income, you might use several methods of online money making business at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing
It is the most popular method where you have to market or refer a website and if your referral results a purchase you are awarded with commission. This commission can be either a one time payment or on monthly basis depending on the product or your membership or subscription policy.

It is a similar process like e-bay.com and other auction site where you sell a product or service through website, blog or e-mail newsletter and the ordered is served by your dropshipper who delivers the product directly to your customer in such a way that your customer won’t come to know that the product has come from a different source other than you. Some dropshipper can even make you customized product.

Direct Retailing
In this method if you have your own shop or manufacturing unit you can market your own products through your own website and other auction sites and this way you give your product a global exposure and can generate extra revenue provided it is a unique product or something of very high demand. The flip side of this method is that it increases your back office work and other functions like finance, packing, logistics etc. but if you are willing to work hard it’s a very effective way to increase your business and earn money on the internet.

Network Marketing
If you have a good network and willing to earn money on the internet then this is the model which can convert your networking skills to earn easy money on the internet. In this method you have to use your networks to promote and refer a website which can be done both online and offline (face -to-face is considered as one of the most effective way of communications)

E-mail Marketing
This method of online marketing is mainly relationship based where you continuously create list of subscribers and grow relationship with them and earn their trust by delivering them value and living up to their expectations. The customers enlist themselves with their email ids expecting quality and if quality is delivered they can earn you as per as the general thumb rule $1 for each member on your list or $1000 from a list of 1000 active members and so on.

Niche Marketing
The key to this marketing model is finding niche product and then finding a niche market for the same and then promoting via pop – ups and search engines after being affiliated from the original source for commission. For e.g. – ClickBank.com

If you have good stuff on specific subjects, start blogging and as your blog keeps on climbing the charts it get monetize with websites like AdSense, Amazon and other affiliate products. As it gets more popular with the search engines you may also get eligible for advertising revenue from people who are eager to encase your traffic and you can also promote your own business products and services.

Membership Sites
If you have sea of knowledge on a specific subject you can earn a lot of money on the internet working at home through membership sites where you make money on the front end through subscriptions to the site and even more through by selling additional goods and services.

E – Books
This method offers you a number of medium like audio, video and e-books through which you can promote your business on the internet. For instance you can simply create or collect a unique video and post it on the net for free download with a attached link of your website or blog and other than this you can also produce or collect specialized niche e-books, audios or videos for sale.

This is a very rarely used method where you get your own podcast setup and podcast your stuff like audio newsletters etc. with a backup webpage and earn money through special offers for your listeners.

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  1. There are definitely alot of different ways to make money online, the key that I find, and the best approach is to concentrate on one area, and become the best at that area, in the end it will pay off!

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