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How To Avoid These 5 Steps To Create Passive Income Streams Online

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So, you want to create tons of money online? Welcome to the club. Just about anybody that has spent any time on the internet has thought about using the internet somehow to make profit. If you have a site, or are considering starting a website, avoiding the following reasons lame website owners don’t make big profits on their website.

Reason 1: You forgot about marketing. When developing your idea and your item or service, you may tend to get carried away with the fact that you believe people will love your product as much as you do and see the features and benefits that you see. The problem with this is that your target audience won’t fall in love with your item if they don’t know about it. Very few products go and with nothing more than word of mouth marketing. This means that you must develop a solid marketing plan if you expect your business to make it past the first year.

Reason 2: You’re too focused on the look and feel of your website. Some of the ugliest websites ever are earning more cash streams than your website. When I first started making websites, I would spend hours getting a template ready which usually included the graphics for the various pages. The problem was, these templates would never be just right and the websites would always be under construction. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Your entire focus when it comes to the design should be setting up a website that doesn’t distract people from why they are there. I use templates with a light background and dark text. This makes the site easy to read.

Reason 3: Your website doesn’t sell. Your site should have one purpose which is to convert your visitors into buyers. Anything on the site that distracts your visitors from this purpose shouldn’t be on the site. Assuming you have analytics installed and have the ability to track visitors from one page to the next, you can track which components of your site help make sales and which distract from sales.

Reason 4: You don’t write articles. For getting results with the search engines, articles are single-handedly the best way to get massive backlinks and relevant backlinks. There is an awesome program that will help you create unique articles from original articles and be able to add a bio to each of these with links pointing back to your website and individual pages using the keywords that will help get you ranked. Articles are a fantastic way of getting free traffic to your site as well as backlinks for search engine rankings.

Reason 5: You don’t do PPC. Pay-per-click is basically guaranteed traffic. Granted, you’re paying for each visitor, but this is an incredibly effective way of seeing which keywords convert into sales and start making more income streams online. If you’re tracking at the keyword level with pay-per-click, you have the opportunity to focus your seo and other marketing efforts on keywords that have proven to convert into sales. You also have a great way to test ad copy. Google has the ability to split test ads for you and can also help you with multi-variate testing which allows you to test things like headlines, subheadlines, the ad copy, various testimonials, and just about any component of a website.

Making streams of income from your website doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that succeeding in business is a matter of consistent effort applied to correct principles. In a big way, business is a numbers game. A certain amount of visitors are going to click on your link and a percentage of those will convert into customers. Increasing your percentages at each stage can be achieved through statistical analysis and testing various components of the ad copy.

All in all to be successful in anything all you need is drive and follow through. Don’t let your concerns stop you from generating the large profits you deserve!

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