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How To Put Google Adsense On Your Blog

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The blog of your dreams is set up and running on a topic that you have true passion about. Something that has stuck with you for years and you know that no matter what happens you will keep blogging on the subject. You have also been working tirelessly connecting with other bloggers within your niche and doing regular link building as well as internet marketing. As the traffic roles in and your blog becomes frequently discussed within the social websites you suddenly realize that if you new how to make money online you could. Well there are literally thousands of different legitimate programs to help you make money online and the majority are really quite easy to set up and begin earning. Google adsense is one of these programs and if you are receiving enough traffic to your blog it is possible to make quite a bit.

To begin making money with Google adsense you must have a blog up and running. This means that you should either have a blogger blog which you can start over at blogger.com or a wordpress blog which you can start up at wordpress.com. Both of these blog platforms offers free blog management, domain name, and hosting. There is a limit to the amount of bandwidth you can use, but usually it takes a lot of traffic before you reach this limit. If you lack HTML experience then I recommend starting a blogger blog because the addition of adsense is extremely easy. On the other hand if you have a decent amount of online experience it is best to use wordpress. The main reason I use wordpress is the ease at which I can modify any and all files adding whatever I want. The there is also ten times the amount of add ons for wordpress compared to blogger, but without knowledge of how to upload and adapt the add on to your blog all of this is worthless.

Now to place adsense on your blogger blog there are two ways which you can proceed. Before you begin either of these you will need to create an adsense account which means giving Google your bank account and social security information. Do not worry about fraud Google is one of the most trusted companies on the net. Once you have your adsense account go to your blogger dashboard where you can see the title of your blog and click on optimize. Blogger will ask you questions about where you would like the ads placed on your website. The second way to add adsense on your blog is going into your adsense account and creating an add. Once your ad is created they will give you the HTML all you need to do is add a text/html module to your blog and place the html inside.

Adding adsense to wordpress on the other hand is a little more difficult. I have found a way which beginners can add ads, but for the more experienced user they will be able to place adsense wherever they would like. The first way is the same as blogger you will need to go into your adsense account and create an ad. If you are planning on placing the ad in the sidebar of your blog then a medium box style ad will work fine. If you are wanting a banner above your posts then stick with the banner style ads. Create your ad then copy the HTML which adsense gives you after your ads creation. Head over to your wordpress dashboard and add a HTML module then paste the ad’s html within the module. View your blog to make sure it turned out like you wanted.

The final way to add Google Adsense to your blog is by actually modifying the php files. This can be done either using a local editor or using the wordpress dashboard itself. I will explain how to modify your wordpress files so you can add Google adsense. First go to your wordpress dashboard then appearance then click on editor. Make sure you are editing the theme which you are using. You can put the ad anywhere you want, but before you modify any page you must go to file zilla and set the file permissions for the page to readable, writable, and executable. Once you have done this you can modify the page however you want then click update on the bottom of the editor. Now the problem is every theme is different so you will need to test out different places for the ads. If you want the ad on your main template select “main index template” and add the code. Update it and see where you placed the ad by looking at the page. Personally I like adding the adsense code above posts. I also like modifying the “single post” file placing the adsense ad in the same position that I did with the main index. This will make the ad stay in the same position when a visitor clicks on one of your posts.

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