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How Work From Home Dads Earn Passive Income Streams Online With HubPages

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HubPages is a website that allows users to create pages (hubs) on specific topics and generate passive income streams by placing advertisements on those pages. So, for example, if you wanted to generate large profits with HubPages, you would build a new page on “the best mountain bike bicycles” and then include Google AdSense or Amazon affiliate banners. Anyone that has an Internet connection and can write decent English has what it takes to earn money with HubPages. How much you generate is entirely up to you. The more Hubs you create and the higher in quality they are, the more income you will create. Let’s get started.

Before you start reading this article, you will need to head over to HubPages and sign up for an account. I’d also recommend you read the rules on their website. They’re very strict in penalizing anyone that doesn’t follow them, so don’t just expect to sign up and spam the whole place hoping you’ll earn extreme wealth in the process. Using duplicate content (even if you wrote it and published it on another site) is something else you need to pay attention to. Pages with duplicate content will get a very low HubScore and will most likely be deleted/disabled.

There are two approaches you can follow to generate money online using HubPages. You can either use it to make cash flow directly, or you can use it to generate big profits indirectly. We’ll start with the later first.You can generate passive income indirectly through HubPages by creating Hubs to drive traffic to your other websites that offer services or sell a product. For instance, if you have a website that offers link building services, then you could create a page related that offers some awesome SEO tips and then include a link to your own site at the bottom of the Hub telling people to check out your website if they’re looking for a link building service.

The other way to make income from HubPages would be to use it to build links to your existing sites. This will help you improve your search engine rankings which will ultimately generate cash. So you could build a Hub that reviews a certain ice skate and then put a link back to your website that has reviews for other ice skates as well.The second method to generate streams of income we’re going to talk about is cashing in directly using your Hubs. The good folks over at HubPages make it very easy for you to generate online cash using their platform. The three main ways you will earn income directly from your Hubs are:

• AdSense
• Amazon/eBay Modules
Affiliate Marketing

Creating cash flow with AdSense on HubPages is pretty simple. Just sign up for an AdSense account if you don’t have one and place the ads on your pages. That’s all there is to it. Now obviously you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You won’t be getting 100% of the revenue you make from your Hubs, almost half of it will go to them.The Amazon/eBay affiliate modules are similar to AdSense. You just sign up for an account with either eBay/Amazon and they give you a unique link that you can use to promote their products in exchange for a small commission. For example, if you have a Hub with the “top 10 best movies of all time”, you could include a link to each movie’s DVD on Amazon and every time someone clicked that link and bought the DVD you’d get a small share of the sale.

The final way to generate huge profits with HubPages is affiliate marketing. You can promote various products/services by signing up to their affiliate programs. There are also sites like Clickbank that have a huge marketplace full of eBooks/software you can promote by just placing a banner/link on your hub.Those are some of the most popular and best ways of earning cash streams with HubPages, keep in mind that you must treat this like a business if you want to succeed. Don’t expect any overnight riches. It will take hard work and dedication earn huge profits with HubPages.

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