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Internal Factors Of Ranging – Find Out More About It!

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All factors influencing position of a site in issue of search system, it is possible to divide on external and internal. Internal factors of ranging are what are under the control of the owner of a web site (the text, registration etc.).

Text registration of web pages.

1. Text volume on page.

Searchers appreciate the sites rich with the information contents. Generally it is necessary to aspire to increase in text filling of a site.

It is necessary to consider as the optimum the pages containing 500-3000 words or 2-20 KB of the text (from 2 to 20 thousand symbols).

The page consisting only from several offers has less chance to get in the top of search systems.

Besides, bigger quantity of the text on page increases visibility of page in search systems at the expense of rare or casual search phrases that in certain cases can give quite good inflow of visitors.

2. Number of keywords on page.

Keywords (phrases) should meet in the text at least 3-4 times. The top border depends on page total amount – the more total amount, the more repetitions it is possible to make.

Separately it is necessary to consider a situation with search phrases that is word-combinations from several keywords. The best results are observed, if the phrase meets in the text some times as a phrase (i.e. all words together in the necessary order), but also, words from a phrase come across in the text some times one by one. Also there should be some distinction (misbalance) between numbers of entries of each of the words constituting a phrase.

Let’s consider a situation on an example. Let’s say, we optimize page under a phrase “dvd player”. The good variant – a phrase “dvd player” meets in the text 10 times, except that, the word “dvd” meets separately 7 more times, a word “player” 5 more times. All figures in an example are conditional, but well show the general idea.

3. Density of keywords.

The keyword density on page shows relative frequency of the content of a word in the text. The density is measured in percentage. For example, if the set word has met 5 times on page from 100 words the density of this word is equal 5 %. Too low density will lead to that the search system will not give due significance to this word. Too high density is capable to include a spam-filter of search system (the page will be artificial lowered in results of search because of excessively frequent use of a key phrase).

Optimum it is considered density of the key text of 5-7 %. In case of the phrases consisting of several words, it is necessary to count total density of all keywords constituting a phrase and to be convinced that it keeps within the indicated limits.

Practice shows that the density of the key text more than 7-8 % though does not lead to any negative consequences, but also in most cases has no special sense.

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