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It’s Easy To Get Scammed With Online Home Based Business Opportunities!

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Article by Chandra Nash

With the economy the way it is today everyone is searching online to find methods to make money online or set up a home based business. Unfortunately there are so many folks online who are ready to take you for a ride. There are scammers who are out to take all you have and won’t have mercy for you at all.

In looking for a legitimate work at home business you should watch out for companies that are just looking to line their pockets with your money. You have these companies that ask you to pay to work for them. Why would you have to pay to work for a business that is advertising for individuals to work for them? That’s a red flag in my book right there. The company should be paying you because you are doing work for them and most importantly they hired you.

I have come across businesses that have given the wrong contact information. Once again RED FLAG!!!! In my case I have come across businesses with these counterfeit post office box numbers. If they don’t have a physical street address, be very leery of it!!!! I have made that mistake in my ventures into starting a business. Also I have signed up with companies that have given my email address to other companies or whatever the case may be, that have flooded my email box with advertisements for what they are trying to sale. A reputable business will have their real contact information on their website. You can do a search and check to see if the address matches with the company name.

I often speculated why anyone with a legitimate business would have other business links on their website. That got me to thinking if I was looking to have people sign up with my corporation I wouldn’t want another business link that’s in competition with me on my website, blog or whatever the case may be. To me that is defeating the purpose!!!! Don’t you THINK…..DAH!!!!

Be careful about not enough information on the sites you are looking over. They have no information about what it is they do or what it is they want you to do. They just have a link for you to click on so that you can join and once you’re in then you find out what the method is to their business. I got caught up with these types of businesses a few times. A legitimate corporation will explain everything in detail on their website.

I have also made the mistake of looking at websites that give other websites the thumbs up, and go on and on about how they made their wealth making cash with them. You can get caught up with that hype too. I could just slap myself when I think about all the money I’ve lost and not to mention my time.

Some of the infomercials you see on television are a sham. Which I think is a shame and a waste of money. They have you to believe just because they are on TV they are all that and a bag of chips. NOT!!!! You got crooks on TV too. They tell you Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America and what have you endorse what they are selling and it’s a bold face lie.

Listen everyone, when choosing a work at home opportunity I can’t say this enough please, please, please verify with the Better Business Bureau, search out the corporation you are interested in to make sure you are not being swindled. Go with your gut feelings because most of the time you are right…..

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