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Making Money Online With Squidoo

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There are hundreds of different websites that you can start a free web presence with. The majority of these will not pay you and the even more will not allow you to link to your own content no matter how relevant it is to the page you are creating. Squidoo which you can find by going to squidoo.com or searching Google has an ad revenue sharing program and allows you to link to your other squidoo pages as well as any other websites, blogs, or pages you might have. This means that you can earn money online with squidoo in several ways. The important thing to do before you begin trying to make money is get a taste for creating squidoo lenses. If you want to succeed with squidoo you will need plenty of practice. It is also helpful to read the top hundred lenses in whatever niche you enjoy writing about. As you read all of these you can see which ones are getting the most reader interaction by the number of comments the lenses have. Pay attention to the modules these top squidoo creators are using and try to implement their ideas on your squidoo pages.

There are many different ways to earn money by creating squidoo lenses. The most basic way to create an income is by creating lenses and taking advantage of the ad revenue sharing program. This means when the traffic you get clicks on the Google adsense ads or other ads rather than squidoo taking all the profit they are willing to split it. This is not the only way to make money with squidoo. If you sign up for clickbank.com you can pick a few products make some lenses about them and put your click bank affiliate links. When traffic clicks the link you put to the squidoo page and purchases whatever project you market you get paid a commission. Now you can also earn money by marketing your other websites with squidoo lenses. I personally be sure to link to a couple of my websites from the squidoo lenses I create. These links help my websites rank better in Google and increase my online income.

The problem with squidoo lenses is they need the same internet marketing that all websites need before they succeed. It is important to create many lenses making sure to link them all together. This will help increase their popularity within squidoo and Google. Treat the squidoo lenses like your other websites and blogs. Write articles and submit them to article directories making sure to link to your squidoo lenses in the resource box. Make sure to submit all your lenses to the popular social bookmarking websites such as digg.com and stumbleupon.com. You can also put the squidoo lens URL in the URL box when commenting on blogs. There are many ways to build links to your lenses and as you do you will rank higher and higher in Google and start making more money. Find a good balance between lens creation and lens marketing making sure to spend plenty of time doing both.

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