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Optimizing Your Old Posts To Increase Their Attendance.

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Now many bloggers try to write new posts as often as possible. But the problem is that this results in losing quality as usual and correspondently readers can find another blog to read. From my point of view they’d better take a somewhat different strategy. I mean that they should write less but with much higher quality. I’d like to help you to optimize your posts and correspondently attract more new readers while keeping present ones.

It is important to remember that changing links inside of your blog can appear to be rather an effective solution for increasing popularity of your blog. So it’s advisable to do this from the very beginning. By the way it won’t be difficult to do especially if your blog has the only one topic.

I’m sure that while doing your best to improve your blogging you’ll find many new things closely connected with SEO optimization. In fact new technologies are everywhere you should apply them all on time without delay. Now let’s get back to details. So I advise you to start filling your old posts with appropriate key phrases. But this should not alter positions considerably otherwise search engines might react in the negative manner.

If you can not find key phrases to insert them into the text, then you can simply overwrite new posts, taking into account all aspects of SEO optimization. The new articles will be indexed by search engines much better than the old ones I’m sure.

If possible, it would be a good way to reanimate posts by uniting them in certain series of posts. Thus there will be a chain of posts, related both to the logical level, and the physical one correspondently. An excellent way of your blog resuscitation is to create the hottest posts on any topic. For example you can place a sidebar with TOP10 positions of some specific subjects. It’s going to be interesting for readers.

By the way if you use WordPress then you can use an additional plug-in WordPress. This will be effective for related topic posts. If you use a different engine, you can do this operation independently, introducing links to news articles each time.

In that sidebar mentioned above you can use a block of “essential reading” in which links to the most interesting articles will be displayed. And since this unit is located in the sidebar, it will be visible to your audience on any page. Thus, sooner or later, readers will pass on these links. In fact there are many other ways to bring your posts back to life. For example you can advertise them on forums or making link exchangers. I hope that all of this mentioned above will greatly help you with your blogging.

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