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Site Indexation – Is Very Important Step Into Site Development.

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Before the site will appear in results of search, it should be indexed by search system. Indexation means that the search robot has visited your site, has analyzed it and has brought the information in a database of search system.

If some page is brought in an index of the searcher it can be shown in results of search.

The majority of sites of the average size (containing some tens or hundreds pages) usually have no problems with correct indexation by search systems. However, there are a number of the moments, which should be considered at work on a site.

The search system can learn about the newly founded site with two ways:

– Manual addition of the address of a site through the corresponding form of search system. In this case you inform search system on a new site and its address gets to turn on indexation. It is necessary to add only main page of a site, the others will be found by the search robot under references;

– To grant the search robot independently to find your site. If on your new resource there is some reference from another site, already indexed by search system, the search robot will visit and index your site itself. In most cases it is recommended to use this variant that is to receive some external references to a site and simply to wait robot arrival. Manual addition of a site can even extend a robot waiting time.

Time necessary for site indexation constitutes, as a rule, from 2-3 days till 2 weeks, depending on search system.

Try to make a site friendly for search robots. For this purpose consider following factors:

– Try, that any pages of your site were accessible under references from main page no more than for 3 transitions. If the structure of a site does not suppose of it, make a so-called sitemap, which will allow executing the indicated rule;

– Do not repeat widespread errors. Identifiers of sessions hinder indexation. If you use navigation through scripts necessarily duplicate references in the usual image – search systems are not able to read scripts;

– Remember that search systems index no more than 100-200 KB of the text on page. For pages of bigger volume there will be indexed only a page beginning (the first 100-200 KB). From this follows the rule – do not use page in the size more than 100 KB if want that they were indexed completely.

Databases of search systems are constantly updated, records in base can be exposed to changes, disappear and appear again, therefore the number of indexed pages of your site can periodically vary.

One of the most frequent reasons of disappearance of page of an index is inaccessibility of a server that is the search robot at attempt of indexation of a site could not get access to it. After restoration of working capacity of a server the site should appear in an index again after a while.

It is necessary to notice also that the more external references your site has, the faster will be its re-indexation.

To trace process of indexation of a site it is possible by means of the analysis of broad files of a server in which is registered all visits of search robots.

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